When the Love within speaks …
This is what participants have written about our programs.

Amanda came October 2019…..
“I can’t get over how amazing the whole experience was! I feel like a new person and my hubby has noticed… my mum thinks i have joined a cult haha… i told her i did! The cult of life! Haha. Thank you for connecting me with so many beautiful souls!
It’s been a while since i smiled and laughed. I’m finding my laughter is contagious and my close friends and brother laugh along with me which makes me so much happier! I have also been dancing and singing around our home… something i haven’t done in years… and when i couldn’t think of words to sing i exercised my vocal cords and hit a high pitch note that i have NEVER been able to reach! It rings through my whole being! Without much effort! It’s my vibration and i love it! My neighbours may not haha
I look forward to observing how i grow as i face the situations in my life.
Oh and i have bragged about HEARTLAND to at least 10 people already! Haha. And i will do so at every opertunity.
Thank you and Trudy and your HEARTLAND family from the very bottom of my soul! 

Liz came in September 2019…..
I am very pleased to let you know that your beautiful words, energy, good humour and time were deeply valued by me. 
I’ve have incorporated the morning spiritual time into my day and spend the 3mins in the morning, 1min at lunch time and another 3mins in the evening sending love and gratitude to myself and others.
It’s a little addictive actually and this is coming from a non-addictive personality type!
I get a lot of comfort and insight from these practises and to be honest it satisfied what I was looking for coming to Heartland. So thank you for this. 

Holly also came September 2019……
What an absolutely wonderful 5 days at Heartland Retreat. I can’t recommend this place enough for anyone who is feeling lost, anxious or not dealing with the overwhelm of life (hello most of the population). Fully catered, art classes, yoga, tai chi, meditation, self empowerment discussions and dolphin feeding are just some of the activities you can or can’t participate in. Most importantly it was an excellent reminder as to why we all need to be kinder to ourselves and everyone awareness.

Thank you once again for an amazing few days at Heartland. I know I will return.

Tracie flew from interstate in May 2018……
I would like to thank you and Trudi for the amazing experience at Heartland. Thanks to you all les for a truly amazing time of love laughter and beautiful magical learnings!
Heartland is a loving healing mystical experience that will be in my memory every day of my life x

Debra came to Heartland in May 2018…..
Thank you so so much for opening your heart, home and giving so much of your time and yourselves to us. It was an absolutely beautiful time for me and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with one and all. Blessings to all.

Irene (a repeat visitor) also came in May 2018. She wrote to us……
Thank you dear Les and Trudy for opening your heart and your home, it really made us feel loved, and there was so much laughter and joy. An unforgettable time. Thanks to all at Heartland. With much love

Michelle hails from South Australia. In May 2018 she wrote……
Thank you for sharing………your wealth of knowledge and teachings on how to love one and other and help make the world a better place to co-exist.
Love and Blessing to you and every one, Animals also at Heartland

Sarita came May 2018….
Thanks to all at Heartland for a beautiful healing week. I can see the sky again !!!
The painting (by Trudi which I bought there) is a constant reminder of the time spent with such gorgeous people xxx
Our group photo will have a place in my home also…… I love it !!!! But most of all you all have a place in my heart
Much love to you all xx

Sheila came locally from the Sunshine Coast in May 2018….
Thanks Les and everyone for a fantastic week!

Alexandra came in November 2016 but wrote in May 2018…..
Hi Les
I wanted to wish you all the best….. and thank you for my stay at Heartland……and thank you for your advice which has helped change my life.

Toni came in April 2018. In May she wrote……
I was at the last retreat. The food is sensational; the meditations; the Kahuna massage; feeding the Dolphins; finding I had not lost my creativity. All thanks to Les and Trudi. Quite a transformational week – never to be forgotten. Thank you Les. Wish I could be there with you all. Lots of love Toni xxx

Connie wrote in Facebook May 2018……
”Amazing spiritual retreat if you’re in need of rest and repair “

Ruth wrote in April 2018…..
Dear Les and Trudi,
I want to thank you so much for your continued support over the years. My visit to Heartland was life changing and helped me to understand life and all of its journeys.

Kath wrote in April 2018…..
Thank you Thank you Thank you…My short stay at Heartland has renewed my will to move forward in this life. I just wish EVERYONE could have the chance to experience it. A truly magical place. Heartland will never die, it will just transform, as we all do, and the lessons will continue on down through the ages…through the hearts and souls of those who were there, and through the never ending legacy of the awe-inspiring, loving, spirits responsible for its creation…Les and Trudi Dyer. Much love

Robi visited April 2018….
Les and Trudi, Thank you for my insight , my positive outlook since being at your retreat this last week
I gained so much knowledge from my retreat….. Thank-You ……

Tania came from Tasmania in April 2018
Thanks for a truly amazing 5 days. I have come away with a better outlook on life and myself. Your home was beautiful, peaceful and safe and I can’t not mention the pool which was awesome . Thank you so much Les and Trudi for the best experience ever! Love and blessings

In April 2018 we received this email…..
Dear Les,
Thanks you sooo much for one of the most enjoyable and tranformational 5 days at Heartlands. I was less than “whole” on my arrival and even a little apprehensive as to whether I would get on with people I didn’t know (having lived by myself for nigh on 30 years). Each day in every way I responded to not only your deep and meaningful (and often “fun”) get togethers each day, it was the beautiful people around me, the caring and sharing, the laughs we had and not to forget, the magnificent meals which kept on getting better and better. Thank you (and Trudi) for the hospitality and love extended to all of us. I will always be grateful. Namaste

Nat came from Sydney in September 2017…..
Heartland Retreat is an exceptional place, I could not recommend it highly enough. Having worked in a high pressure, performance driven industry for 20yrs, with no time to rest and recharge I was close to being completely burnt out. Both my work and my personal life were suffering. I took a week out to stop and take a step back and this is when I came across Heartland. Les and Trudi are welcoming and supportive without being intrusive. If you just need some space to relax you can simply take the time to do so in a peaceful environment. If you want some guidance in any area of your life, Les has a wealth of personal experience and an extensive knowledge of healing processes gained from a wide array of varied cultural and spiritual learnings. There is no bias to any one religion, more a deep understanding that we can often find the answers we are searching for from within. He is excellent at helping others find their inner strength. I can envisage nothing but positive experiences for anyone who visits. Enjoy.

Helen came from Brisbane in September 2017
Just want to say thankyou for all your help. I had a wonderful stay at heartland. I would give it 10 out of 10. I learnt so much about myself. I will try to cook your fabulous meals now so I can become a healthier me. Thankyou for being such beautiful people

Cynthya has been several times……..
15 years ago I had lost my path.
A teacher and his angel came to town and ran a workshop which synchronicity got me to.
He pushed my buttons and ripped away the layers ego had wrapped around me.
His support and teachings got me back on my path.
Two very dear kindred friends, family beyond time.
Deepest love and gratitude to Les & Trudi Dyer of Heartland Retreat.
Right here in Queensland.
Treat yourself, visit, learn, be pampered and reawaken.

Patrick visited in September 2017…..
I thank you and Trudy for a really wonderful few days.
There are so many things I appreciated about the time there . Your first address to us was a very rewarding experience for me. Loved it and challenged by it.
I really appreciated Trudi’s love and care with the two art sessions. I found. The time there was wonderful
Great massage, great yoga. Absolutely fantastic food all week. And same for accommodation. Most important I have both lost weight and modified my diet!!!
Most importantly I have found a new level of peace as a result of the focus provided by the few days at Heartland.
All in all for me I am very satisfied, thank you both for your love, peace and joy.

Susie came in May 2016…..
I’m very grateful for my experience at Heartland & for meeting you both. The time there has certainly changed my perspective so much. Thank you once again! I hope you’re both well! Big love,

Kim came in July 2016…..
you’re both such a gift to us all

Scott came in June 2016…..
Just wanted to say hi and let you know that i think you’re an amazing bloke and the week i spent at heartland was great….listening to you speak and hearing the things you had to say was life changing. It still blows me away now – thanks for everything….

Wendy came in June 2016…..
I had a lovely week with you all. Thank you for assisting me on my journey. I felt loved, nurtured and safe.

Josephine came June 2016…….
Thank you and all others who helped make my journey to Heartland so memorable. I had no expectations when
I arrived – this is the very first thing I learned – open mind open heart – ready to meet challenges. And I met so many
wonderful people who all had an individual reason to be there as I did.
There is nothing that I could attempt to tell you was the highlight of my week – every new activity blended so beautifully
with what came next.
I now have a totally magnificent 360 degree view of grief and have a happy heart once more. One day I shall return to your uplifting energy high on the hills at Chatsworth. Love and light, Josephine.

Susie (from Sydney) wrote in February 2016…….
You helped me heal after difficult losses and you supported me through numerous excursions of self doubt and self sabotage. Your kindness, your love and your constant lessons of positivity and belief have guided me and guide me still. I’m still journeying on but always with you guys in my heart – THANK YOU

Melissa wrote in January 2016…….
I had many wonderful revelations after my retreat at heartland – love how everything heals when the time is right and the person is ready…..

Tracey wrote in January 2016…….
The highlight of the year was definitely Heartland retreat. It changed my life completely. I often reflect back and think how much I learnt and grew as a person. I am certainly much stronger and have peace in my life……….

Lyla wrote in December 2015……
I want to thank you for your part in my transition………I am so blessed to have found heartland and am forever grateful for your Wisdom and……teachings……..

June wrote in December 2015…….
Thankyou for the fondest memories I have of my healing journey. I always want to come back as your home was the most peaceful and magical place………

Love always June.

Sandy wrote in November 2015……
Initially I was unsure because I knew that I was stepping out of my comfort zone. After a day I started to feel comfortable and safe. One of my issues is trust as you know. I found that being at your retreat was like being in a protective bubble. Also the food was delicious. I am putting into practice the tools that I learned………

Christine came in October 2015…….
Thank you for a wonderful week at Heartlands. I commend you and Trudi on the wonderful food that was served to us all it was delicious. The whole atmosphere at Heartland has a beautiful vibe. There is a divine spirit that lives in every corner Again I thank you and Trudi from the bottom of my heart for giving me a wonderful experience……..

Lyla came in October 2015…….
I want to thank you for the most amazing tranquil revitalizing experience at Heartland……you give time to everyone, always joyful, full of love and life………Heartland is such a blessing for all that need guidance in any area of their life’s journey. By the end of the retreat we all felt Vibrant, Blessed and Powerful as we were all leaving…. a little sad to leave… but ready for our journey ahead ……
Thank you to all your amazing staff we always felt welcome, every assistance was given to make our stay comfortable and the food and accommodation was fantastic … home away from home…….

Diane came in October 2015…….
I just want to say a huge thank you for everything last week……..The retreat truly exceeded my expectations and more. Last week was the best experience of my life and I have had a huge shift in my life and finally at peace within myself.Thank you for the love you showed to us all. I learnt more in a week than I have in a lifetime – it has given me hope, inspiration and a new direction in life.
Once again thank you thank you thank you

Janet came in August 2015…….
How wonderful you all are at Heartland. I cannot express my admiration for you enough. I arrived at Heartland a shell of a person and left feeling whole again. My one request/suggestion is to publish a cook book. I believe it would be a best seller. The meals were extraordinary………Kindest regards and love always


Louise came from Adelaide in August 2015, her second visit……..
You have helped me more than you will ever know…….

Kylie wrote in August 2015……
I came to your retreat……and have very fond memories of the experience! I hold the belief that one aspect of my life was changed for ever in a very positive way as a result of….Heartland.. I am forever grateful to you for this!

Rebecca came in August 2015…..
Thank you so much for a wonderful week. It was such an amazing experience……thank you for everything, I feel privileged to have met you. I think Heartland is amazing…….

David came in August 2015……
I had a great time at Heartland and have returned home with a whole new perspective on life. Even my diet has been affected after becoming pretty comfortable with the delicious vegetarian spread we enjoyed during our stay. I had much fun with the group and made many lifelong friends………Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Cat came back in July 2015……
thank you for such an enlightening and loving experience……..how grateful am I to have followed my instinct to revisit you this year…I am wishing some brochures to hand out on my way down as I have been recommending the retreat to my friends
Thank you again to you, Trudi and Trudy and all the staff……..

Justine came in July 2015…..
Your consideration for people’s feelings and genuine love for your fellow man were something I’d never seen before….. Thanks so much for the advice you gave me. I’ve put it into practice and have found much more love in my reality…….

Cassie came in July 2015…..
Thank you! I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to the Family at Heartland. I also would like to say thank you to you all for the honesty, love, support, laughter, tears, joy and happiness I shared with each of you. Cassie (Hugs and Hugs and maybe a couple more Hugs)

Jenni wrote…….
I am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to have visited Heartland and experienced such a warm, spiritual and life finding experience……You are exceptional people who have offered so much to so many people and being one of them I am forever grateful.

May 2014
Hi Les,

You & Trudy are a true blessing to everyone you touch & I am truly grateful for both of you being in my life.

Love always,

Jenny J Sydney, Australia

June 2014
It started out as a present for my birthday but I gained a whole new perspective on my inner self.

Now I feel on top of the world, every morning…….everything around us has changed, we have become closer, like we used to be. I’m truly grateful that I met both of you, and can’t thank you enough for helping me find my inner child. I am planning to come to Heartland again and bring heaps of my friends!

Niki, Darwin

June 2014
I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for the time I spent at Heartland recently. It was a beautiful emotional, mental and spiritual experience and I have carried the memories with me since. Everything about my experience was so gentle, honest, loving and encouraging, as were you both and the lovely women I got to share it with. Even when I was dealing with the tough stuff, I never felt judged, overwhelmed, scared or like I wanted to run the other way! The support from both of you and the love of your kitchen staff really helped me to turn my life around in 5 days!! I have never seen food have so much love literally wafting out of it. The joy and kindness your kitchen staff showed to everyone and each other, the love they obviously have for preparing good, healthy meals for people was so evident. I could taste the love in absolutely everything – that was quite a remarkable experience in itself and has certainly made me more mindful in my own kitchen now. Thank you again for opening up your beautiful home to me and for all the knowledge and experiences you offered and shared. I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks!

Fiona, Australia.

June 2014
Hi Les

Thank you for such a great week at Heartland. I greatly appreciate and value all the insightful tuition and wisdom that you kindly shared with us all. You are a great inspiration to me and have re ignited; my previously dull flame; to be someone who gives love to others , no matter what they do.

You have also allowed me to see life from a greater perspective which is a far more productive way of being.

I feel spiritually replenished at a core level. What a wonderful man you are.

Thank you very much


June 2014
I’ve been a bit slack on the computer since coming back from heartland, something about enjoying my life, living in the moment and doing what I love each day has got a hold of me and the computer doesn’t seem so important anymore!!

Well once again, I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful experience. It has opened my eyes to seeing things in a different perspective for sure! And a special thank you to Trudi for making such a pretty painting – it really is a ‘joy’ to look at it and it makes me smile thinking about heartland, love, happiness and this incredible journey were all on!

Have a fantastic day

Take care and keep spreading your kindness and love, it is a real treasure in this world.

Cheers, Sam.

June 2014
Best place on earth xx love it

Lisa Fletcher

June 2014
Spent two wonderful healing weeks at this beautiful retreat.my life will never be the same again.love you Les

Denise Spencer

June 2014
It was a fantastic retreat, something I will remember for all time

Thank you again for your warmth and caring whilst we were there. I will be spreading the word about Heartland!

Kindest Regards

Samantha Spyrou

June 2014
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of the help that you have both provided over the years. It has been so wonderful knowing that there is a safe, healthy, happy place to retreat to when things get rough.

Connie, North Qld.

June 2014
You are my angel of common sense and good learning Les, you always have the right information to pass to me and I always choose to open and read at just the time that I need the exact advice you are sending me.
Thanks les, you’re an angel

Charlie, New York, USA

June 2014
Dear Les,

A big heartful thank you for a wonderful week on retreat at ‘Heartland’.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time of soulful sharing, tears of joy and connecting again in sacred community.

Blessed to feel a connection with new friends ,

Warm hug, Namaste, Heather

June 2014
I would like to thank u for a beautiful experience, we are blessed. Hugs to all, love and blessings ,


June 2014
Dear Les,

Thank you so much – you have changed my life and for the better.

Love to you and all the other wonderful people up there. xxxx

Kindest regards

Sussan, Stanthorpe, Qld,

July 2014
I’m writing to say thankyou for your beautiful generosity over the last week. I can only feel positive about this…..Thankyou again so much for your kindness and love over the week.


July 2014
Thankyou for the beautiful opportunity to come to Heartland and to heal and to have peace with myself.

I have absorbed as much as possible in the last 5 days.

You truly are a wealth of information and someone I hold in the highest regard.

Trudi you are like an angel that makes us all feel warm and safe.

I can’t thankyou both enough for this experience and for opening your heart and home to me.

Ive learnt to slow down, appreciate life as a gift and also have a new perspective on the way I eat and exercise.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

I feel alive!!


Jo came in March 2014 and wrote to us…..
Thank you Les and Trudi for a wonderful week of learning and loving. I have come back home as a more positive and happier person and feel like I can achieve anything.

Katya wrote us in March 2014….
Wow, I have known you for about 20 years now!

And although I disappear and reappear at various times, you are never far from my thoughts, and are always in my heart, as you have shared so many invaluable teachings and given me so much support when I needed it most.

Tracey came in March 2014 and later wrote……
I would like to thank you both for sharing your beautiful retreat. I had no idea what to expect but I found myself embarking on a very emotional journey. It was challenging. The words ‘life-changing’ are overused in our society but I can honestly say that this experience has truly changed my life, my outlook, my thoughts and perceptions. I felt nurtured, nourished, valued and truly loved. I came to you hurt, angry and cynical. I won’t pretend that everything is now rosy, but I feel that I am on a path that will help me heal. I met some amazing people and shared some incredible experiences that I will carry with me. To say thank you seems inadequate. Namaste,


One guest (name withheld) came in March 2014 and wrote……
I just wanted to write to you to express my gratitude. I never expected much from this retreat to be honest. It was this or hospital after deciding again in the past few weeks to take my own life. I don’t know what has happened here in these past 3 to 4 days. In the fullness of time I may be able to analyse it better and see, but something wonderful has happened.

I don’t know if it is the mere thought that a place like this exists, created by people who care enough about others to share it with them. I don’t know of it has been working with the many beautiful people here who are all healing in one way or another and being inspired by their courage. I don’t know if it is has been the teachings of Les, teachings which give me hope I can rewrite my own “programs” and live a better future. I don’t know if it is all the love and warmth I feel in this place, just it’s positive energy. Maybe it is the fact that I seem to have finally mastered the ability to meditate, even a little, to find some inner peace through your guided recordings. Maybe it is that I have finally been able to connect, at will, with my hurt inner child and hold her, comfort her. Maybe a combination of all of these things and more. All I do know right now is that a switch has been flicked in me here in this place. One that has me thinking differently, from a different prospective. I have been working hard for many years to try and flick that switch, it has happened here, this week.

Maybe it’s all the hard work I have done before I come as well, combined with the wondrous feelings, discoveries I have made here and the love shared in this place. Mere words cannot express how grateful I am the this place was created by you and that I was led here right at this moment in my life.

I know I have a way to go in rebuilding my life now, I have some more healing to do but I will now be healing from a positive place, one where I can feel love and compassion for myself, one where I can embrace life and see the joy in it desire any hardships I face – I will certainly not be trying to heal from the negative space I was in when I arrived.

So thank you both, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Maree came in February 2014………
Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful week. It was like sharing with family and friends.

I loved the diversity of the week and the very informal way it was run.

It has certainly helped me in many ways. I am more accepting and much calmer.

Thanks again


Mandy from Sydney wrote in February 2014….
I feel it’s my second home in Australia……. I’ve been to heartland 3 times now, and each time i visit, it’s just bliss, Les and Trudy and the rest of the team are beautiful people.

Denise has come twice in 2014……and has written…..
I have just be blessed with 2×5 day, separate journeys at Heartlands. In my life I have made some pretty good decisions, well, of all my decisions this has got to be top 5 of my decisions that have totally changed my life . I will be forever grateful to Les for helping me have a more beautiful understanding of what love on every level, right to the depths of my heart and soul can do with gratefulness and being thankful for all that is, has and can be in my life. The Heartlands Retreat is one of the best journeys you can have and your life will be transformed to a place of enlightenment that you will never be able to believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you Les and Trudi.”

Alice came January 2014…..
Thank you again for an amazing week and going the extra mile……

I appreciate everything you have done for me and am sure more wisdom will continue to unfold over the coming weeks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With much appreciation, love, hugs and light,


Melinda came during 2013…..
Thank you for being YOU – please create some clones.

Andrew also came in 2013…..
Thank you for all you be and do. You make a difference to so many people, day in day out, touching lives unto the outer reaches of the solar system and beyond, like ripples on a pond.

You have made a difference to me and for that I am truly thankful.

Mandy wrote on Facebook……
Blessings to you and Trudi. I love your humor, your lessons and everything you talk about, because it comes from the very heart of you, or soul…..Most of us, have met you and your family, and know everything that you say is not to be taken as gospel, it’s like take what resonates with you and leave the other bits to contemplate or work on, because sometimes we aren’t at that stage of acceptance……

Chris came back from NSW to be at Heartland in November 2013….
THANK YOU for being such an inspirational part of my life. Over the years you have always been there when I have been struggling on this journey.

You have always lived with ‘the spirit’ in your heart , thank you for teaching me that..even though I do forget at times!!!

Helen came October 2013……
Back home almost a week now, I have thought of little else but the amazing time I spent at Heartland. This place is so perfectly named it sends shivers down my back. For me it truly is a place where my heart did open and I found a peace and joy I didn’t know I could feel.
Since being home I have talked of little else also to my friends, my son and anybody else who will listen. My hairdresser will probably get to hear all about it today when I go for my appointment.
Finding the words to express my gratitude is difficult. Saying THANKYOU just doesn’t seem enough. I hope to express my gratitude by living as much as I can in a loving way and keeping my awareness on continuing to spread the message of Heartland to others that we are not what we seem to be ( our faces our bodies, our jobs etc.) We are LOVE!

Fliss came October 2013…….
Hi Les & Trudi

I haven’t stopped telling family & friends about Heartland & the two of you. I have never in my life met two people I had so little time with who left me feeling so loved. You have touched my life in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I myself am calmer, taking longer to react, thinking before speaking & generally happy, living in the now. When I feel my mind racing I chant to myself & find myself calming down. Everything seems a lot easier.

I have been thinking & praying for you both.

Please thank Wayne & the girls for taking such good care of our food intake!

Looking forward to keeping in touch.


Fliss xx

Kylie came September 2013…..
I had the absolute pleasure of coming to Heartland Retreat a few weeks ago.
My mission was to relax, to start finding out who I was and to determine the life I wanted to lead and what that would look like.
I received SO much more from my week at Heartland, then ever expected. The friendships, the stories, the chanting and dancing all made for a week I will never forget. The fabulous food, willingness to share and be part of my journey is something that Heartland is outstandingly so committed too, that I would love to think that I can make a trip to Heartland on an annual basis. An annual refresh, recharge and refocus is something I think everyone could do with.

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I felt completely in awe of the comforts and generosity of Heartland.

May your efforts to bring such joy, simplicity and rejuvenation to others like me, lasts for many more years to come.

Wishing you all the very best,



Terry came September 2013…..
Just a quick note to thank you for allowing me to spend the week with you both it was such an honor, you both are amazing people and I feel blessed to have met you I also thank you for helping me see things from a different perspective you have helped me get in touch with feelings I have not felt for myself and others in a long long time, if at all.

Claire wrote 30/9/13….
I can’t thank you enough for changing my life…..

In September 2013 Sophia wrote…..
We often remember Les & Trudy and smile with a total feeling of soft peace & love

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou



Diane commented on our August 2013 Newcastle ‘outreach’ program….
There is no doubt at all that all thoroughly enjoyed it & more importantly it will give birth to new perspectives. A couple of them said it blew their mind. They were gob smacked would probably be more accurate.

All talking at work & telling those that asked what an amazing weekend it was & they did not want it to end & neither did I.

Lots of Love always & deepest appreciation for your sharing & guidance.

Gail has come from NSW several times. In August 2013 she wrote…..
I just loved the workshops and got such a lot of peace and calm from participating.

Thank you for everything. Perspective is everything!!!

With much love and gratitude

Gail xxx

Lucia had limited English but wrote……
Thank you so much for the retreat!

I returned to the life with a different vision and feeling infinite love, peace and gratitude.

Narelle wrote in August 2013….
Hi,thank-u for opening up your home and your hearts. I feel I’m a better person and have a understanding of what my life’s journey is to be. I thank u for that and feel so blessed to have met u and u both will always play a huge part in my journey. Enjoy life and have beautiful days. xo

Bianka returned in August 2013….
Thank you for a wonderful week at Heartland. I felt I gained so much from being there.

Robyn came in August 2013…..
Thank You -Les & Trudi for your Love & Support .I’d just like to share my Feelings

As my Friends & I drove down your driveway -from Heartland -I could feel a weight lifted from my shoulders -I now know that I will be able to “handle” what has been placed in front of me …….

Moira came from NSW in August 2013 (her second annual visit)….
Les and Trudi

Thank you for the wonderful retreat. We think we enjoyed it even more this year than last year. I hope we can keep on coming annually for quite a while.I loved the new additions, particularly the percussion night, the chakra dance that Trudi did with us, the channelling of Mordechai even though I missed it but will enjoy reading the book. I did quite a lot of journalling which I found very useful as I came up with some new insights.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into maintaining the property and for what you both do to keep is such a spiritual experience.

It was great fun to do the art with Trudi. She is a very good teacher. The mantras and meditation were lovely Wayne’s food was gorgeous. The Tai Chi was amazing with Rob and I think he will be hard to replace. I loved walking around your property and just enjoying the peaceful feel of it. It’s a bit of heaven on earth so thank you both for offering it to the world. :Love and Light for ever


Kerry has been many times. In August 2013 she wrote…..
Thank you to you and Trudy and everyone at heartland that makes our time there such an incredible experience, for mind, body and soul. Spending time at Heartland helps me to grow spiritually. I am so grateful and want to spread the word about your amazing place. I have to say it does not matter how much time I spend there every time Im there I learn something new that helps my spiritual growth.

So Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou



Michelle wrote about our August 2013 Meditation weekend…..
Thanks for a lovely weekend at your beautiful retreat.

A very special place to relax, unwind and take a break from the usual pressures of life.

Lots of laughter, interesting conversation and great food.

I will be back.


Graham also came to the Meditation weekend…..
Good morning Les,
Thank you for a wonderful weekend of engagement, enlightenment and meditation. The sanctuary of Heartland is a special place and to share that experience with a diverse group of new friends, creates a bond of oneness.
With Many Kind Thoughts

And so did Ellie…..

An absolutely magic weekend. Scrumptious vegetarian food, a variety of interesting and powerful meditation techniques, the company of like minded people and of course the love and care of Les and Trudi. All this at such an affordable price. I highly recommend it.

Love and light


And so did Mara……
The meditation weekend gave me the opportunity to have time out, relax, see things from a fresh perspective, meet new and interesting people, and above all to reconnect to myself. It enabled me to hit a reset button if you like and commit to my health and well being…again….with renewed energy and love. I have so many more tools to help me achieve this. I have been recommending Heartland Retreat and all it has to offer. Thank you.

Heather has been many times. Her email after the August 2013 Meditation retreat said…..
Hello Les

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to yourself and the whole Heartland team for the awesome meditation weekend I recently attended.

The meditations were amazing and despite having enjoyed the benefits of meditating for many years, this weekend took my experience to a whole new level.

The food was absolutely delicious (as always) and the rooms were warm, cosy and comfortable – I always get the best night’s sleep at Heartland.

I’m looking forward to visiting again very soon, to soak up more of the revitalising energy and relax in the calm, peaceful atmosphere.

Keep spreading the word and holding the space.



In August 2013, Jenni wrote…..
I have been many times to retreats run by Les and Trudi and always come away revitalised and calmer.

Sue wrote about an August Meditation weekend….
A nurturing weekend for yourSELF! In beautiful surroundings you are cared for lovingly, allowing you time to be still and to venture within, learning age old methods of meditation to assist in that journey. For me it was a wondrous gift. Thankyou Les and Trudy, with much love,


And so did Helen…..
Hi Les I would like to say how much I enjoyed your meditation weekend. I love to meditate to maintain my calm and peaceful lifestyle. It was interesting and refreshing to learn other ways to meditate. I would recommend this weekend to both new & experienced meditation fans . Thank you for the opportunity to join you at beautiful Heartland.

Hugs Helen

Patricia has been a few times….
I really cannot thank yourself and Trudi enough for having Heartland for us to go to!

Charlie who has been twice lives in the Middle East……
I think that it is amazing that some of the things I learnt from you and Trudi and heartland are
only just becoming realizations now.. one year on!
It’s the retreat that just keeps giving!

Lots of Love and Laughter xo

David, an interstate Australian business leader, wrote….
I am truly blessed for having met you and having spent time with you. I will forever be grateful and give thanks for that. The inner strength you have guided me to over the years is a true blessing. Even though I don’t see you often I do reflect on my time with you and talk about it with others.
Love and Blessings


Kat came in November 2012; and later wrote…….
I attended your amazing 5 day renewal program back in November and absolutely loved it.
I have been using many of the techniques you taught us and I think of you often.


Jennifer visited late 2012.
Dear Les and Trudy, I have a big thankyou to you both as my life has changed so much for the better since spending my 5 day retreat with you both. Trudy I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful gift you gave me of painting. When I came home all I could do was paint and I had to paint everyday. I have sent you two pics of my latest painting to show you what I am doing and how far I have come over the last few months. My love to you both and once again Thankyou so much for the gift you gave me.
Love and light to you all


Lou came late 2012.
My perspective and attitude have remained fresh since last week , life is wonderful and I count my blessings several times daily , thank you thank you!
I now have a clear head and happy heart, bless you both for your love and connection . I am setting off on a new journey today, a little frightening but I will be fine . Thank you for encouraging me to be me, I’m not bad after all!
With love and grace,


Nicole came from Sydney in October 2012…
Hey Les and Trudi
I had a wonderful time and I am so grateful for my time there and for you both. You both give so much of yourselves and your time.It was a fantastic experience. And thanks to Oliver i am looking into getting some more horse therapy!

Connie also came in October 2012….
I’m still feeling amazing – and seem to be getting better and better every day. I feel so happy and grateful that I could burst!
Thank you for helping me to get to this beautiful new place.
Love and light


Jo came late 2012….
Thankyou for the wonderful few days I enjoyed at Heartland recently. It was just what I needed.
I really appreciate your wisdom and kindness. I felt very rested and happy when I left the retreat and those feelings are still around which is great.
I’ve applied many of the learnings already and I’m seeing some very positive outcomes as a result. Thanks also for Trudi’s brilliant art workshops – I really hope to see you all again in the not-too-distant future.


Connie came September 2012….
Thanks again for such a wonderful break. I enjoyed myself immensely and now feel ready to start a brand new phase of my life.
My new affirmation is:
Loved and whole, happy and free
I am complete, and I choose to ‘be’

Julie came October 2012…
Been singing your praises loud & clear!
Thanks for 5 days where I was able to make quantum leaps!
Love & Delight

Julie x

Sandra came from South Australia….
All of my being thanks you for the truly beautiful gifts you have given with so much love.
Thankyou Les for sharing your wisdom and profound teachings. Thankyou for your insights and giving me the key to healing my relationships. Thankyou for the key for changing negative programs playing over and over in my mind. Thankyou to both of you for sharing your love. I have experienced myself truly laugh, smile and feel love. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou,

Love Sandra (SA)

Diana came from New Zealand……….
Dear Les & Trudi
Thankyou so much for opening your home and hearts to me during my stay at Heartland. The care, love and energy you shared with all of us will stay with me forever. Les, your stories were inspirational, funny, true, profound, and meaningful – and your laughter, infectious. Trudi, thankyou so much for sharing your passion for art and enabling me to see that I can express myself easily through this medium. Your very gentle and sweet nature shines through every day – and combined with Les’s exuberance, your loving family and wonderful helpers, the beautiful food, inner sanctum and library, the animals, birds, plants, sculptures and everything else that makes up Heartland….it is the strong, positive, loving energy of Spirit working through both of you that I carry with me back to New Zealand. Love and blessings to you both,

Diana (NZ)

Jeanene came September 2012…..
I had an absolutely awesome time at Heartland, and I have so many great things to share with everyone.
I will be spreading the word about Heartland to everyone I can because you guys are just what this world needs. Unfortunately there are not more people out there like you guys…
The whole experience has been life changing so I have to thank the Universe for allowing me to go there at this time in my life. I can honestly say that I am truly Happy & at peace with everything in my life, for the very first time in my 46 yrs…..
Blessings to you all


Genevieve came in October 2012….
Thank you once more for a wonderful retreat. I think that the group of women of which I was fortunate enough to be part of ~ I’d call the “cross-roads group” because we all felt that we were in a cross-road of some kind, meeting a fork in the road of life so to speak, needing guidance and insight to move forward.
I am going back to work rejuvenated and relaxed, full of positive vibrant energies, and well topped up with ‘hug credits’ which will sustain me in my work environment…..

One person who wished to remain anonymous wrote….
I want to say a big thank you to both you and Les for opening your hearts and sharing your love and wisdom with me. Heartland has changed my life! I feel such love, peace and joy everyday.
Words are cannot adequately describe the gratitude and love I feel – so I will simply say “Thank you”.

Rosemary added….
Thank you for the work and time you and Trudi give to others. You are two beautiful souls and I feel blessed to know you both.

AnnaMaria came in September 2012…..
Oh how I miss Heartland.
I have to tell you when I arrived home and when I went back to work on the Monday I felt so different.
I can describe it as pure inner peace! I felt no negativity inside me, I felt so warm, humble and loving and peaceful, I really felt complete. I don’t think I have ever experienced this inner peace quite like this before.

Sandra came early October 2012…
I really enjoyed staying at your retreat. I have my carved Om on my desk as a reminder.
I am working on changing my perception and the way I view my world as well reminding myself to be grateful for the gifts in my life.

Graham came September 2012….
Les, Trudi and the Heartland family
Thank you for the wonderful experience of Heartland. The week of reflection, relaxation and spiritual engagement is inspiring and has illuminated my path to self discovery. Since returning from Heartland I have been in a state of blissful contentment and have trouble keeping a smile off my face. Technique’s learnt and changed perspectives during the week’s retreat, combined with ongoing reading have given me the confidence to know who I am and an ability to tap into the love within.
Yes it really is a “bran nue dae”, namaste and best wishes


Jenny visited in September 2012….
Thank you for your warmth, generosity and extraordinary hospitality. For the 5 days it was indeed a home away from home….and without the distractions of home here, family, work etc it provided a wonderful opportunity to experience more deeply my internal beingness.
The food, the artwork, the talks, meditations, humour….all of it contributed to an environment where the soul felt nurtured. God’s blessings to all of you.

Michelle came in August 2012…..
Thankyou for the way you have opened my eyes to know I am truly loved.
My inner truth is shining brightly as my perception has been altered.
Trudi, I was blessed to share time in the Art Shed with you.
Les, I have awakened to see my inner truth – thankyou both.

Michelle, Country Victoria.

Diane came from NSW in August 2012….
It was a privilege to be part of Heartlands for 2 weeks and being in a team of friendly and like-minded people.
You, Trudi and Nicholas, do a wondeful job there and long may it continue.
I thank you for your kind hospitality – I feel refreshed and ready to make some changes in my life.
Kindest regards


Moira came from NSW in August 2012, too….
I have been telling everyone about the retreat. Yesterday I got up in church and lit a candle of joy and told them about the retreat and how your philosophy was much like Unitarianism in that you don’t accept any dogma but value all religions and philosophies for what they can teach you and that Love is your only creed – thankyou for everything!

Bronwyn came in August 2012 and later wrote….
Just a note to say i really enjoyed my time at Heartland, it was a very special time for me thankyou .
i was so glad to spend my time with such lovely people. I am practising my 3 minutes every day, and am feeling better about things – – thankyou so much for the wonderful work you do – it’s good to be alive regards


Allan came from far north west Queensland in August 2012……
Thank you so much. The time we have spent together is so precious…
Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Naomi came in 2012 and later wrote….
I remember my week with you last year- what a gift!

Jenni came August 2012….
I feel I have made some very substantial steps forward, many thanks to you and heartland.
Kindest regards to all


Doreen came from southern NSW in August 2012…
First of all I want to say I still miss Heartland and the special time we had there together, and I mss you all and the special love you all brought to my life both in that week, and since then it continues on xox

Margo visited Heartland August 2012….
I have to acknowledge how beautiful is the love you share.
I am happy to know that even in the moments of loneliness, guilt or grief I experience in my life, I discover more and more that we are love beings, and therefore find just amazing how I can call out to our universe, and be reassured whenever I ask.
It’s like growing a plant of wisdom, so hard to do, yet so fulfilling, and for that I feel I need to acknowledge that to you as well.
Cheers, and many good wished to you!!

Moira came from Adelaide in July 2012…..
A big thank you for all your work putting together the week I have just experienced. I have been to a few retreats over the past 30 years but never one that was in such beautiful surroundings and with so much variety of occupations to choose from. The accommodation, food, comfort could not be bettered. However, the loving kindness in which you two offered yourselves in every way to make us happy and comfortable was what impressed me most Blessings as you two would say


Lyndsie came in July 2012…..
I feel Heartland has really impacted on my life and have recommended the retreat to many of my friends.

Chris came in July 2012…..
It’s been 2 weeks since my life- changing week @ heartland . Every day i have felt blessed- I feel so wonderfully well, my soul feels alive and my heart very peaceful . I have had so many people say I look different!!! I was hoping they meant I look like Elle McPherson , but unfortunately they didn’t !!!!! I had my monthly treatment today, the nurses @ oncology unit also made comment about how well I look……and my haemoglobin has gone up! They were all very interested in my week at heartland
Thank you for all your love and support

Much love Chris

Dallas came for her second visit in July 2012….
Thank you again for just being. This, my second visit, is having the most profound affect on my life. I have become so much more present and am really taking the time to think about perception and am spending time (mentally) walking around situations and asking myself what would love do now? I can’t thank you enough for what was an amazing 5 days. I feel the music has come alive in my body and really feel it is here to stay now. Les your insights and the love you show to all is outstanding. Trudi your calm beautiful creative nature oozes into your work and your art guidance. I now believe I am an artist (although not quite to your level). I thank you also for the glorious artwork of yours that I now admire daily…my piece of Heartland.

In July 2012, Beverley wrote…..
Thank you, once again, for the spiritual gifts you bestow. For me, they are an infinite treasure to be shared.

Karen also came for her second visit in July 2012……
With sincere gratitude I would like to say that my 2nd visit to Heartland Retreat was even more of a blessing than my first..

Upon my arrival, I was quite fragile from my car accident and somewhat a little lost after allowing life’s challenge’s to get the better of me.

After 5 days of what I can only call Bliss, I left the retreat with a Body well on the way to Healing after being Nourished and Nutured with Unconditional love.
A Mind full of Clarity, an Open Heart, with so much Love and Light, and my Soul with a real sense of Inner Calmness.

Thankyou les for sharing your life experiences with everyone. This truly allows us to sit with, acknowledge, and accept our own truths, ready to embrace life from a different perspective.

In turn I know that my spirit is ready to fly and may all my new founds friends, who I spent valuable and special times with at Heartland also Let their spirits fly high and enjoy Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness in their lives.
Love & Blessings Always

Karen J – Brisbane.

Chris came in July 2012 from Newcastle…..
Words cannot express my gratitude for the most joyous, loving and compassionate week at Heartland. To be immersed in such loving & healing energy was the best gift. I was so blessed to be able to share the week with very loving and beautiful people all of whom touched my heart and spirit. My heart is still singing and my spirit still dancing !!!
thank you Les for your divine wisdom and humour and thank you Trudi for your loving encouragement during the art lessons.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said……I’ll be back !!
Charlie, living in the Middle East, visited early 2012…..

i wanted to thank you for helping me to achieve a lot of the goals that I NEEDED to achieve for my mental state before I turned 30… so THANK YOU WITH BIG HUGS AND KISSES!

Joanne visited July 2012…..
Many thanks for creating such a beautiful retreat. Coming to heartland was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I feel totally blessed to meet you both. Thank you for your kindness and sincere compassion.
The whole group of people at the retreat were all amazing all with beautiful spirits with so much to share. I am so glad I met you all!
I have come back home and I feel so much lighter, calmer and overall a much greater sense of peace. I have so much more energy and my spirit has been energised!
I will be spreading the word of how fabulous you both are and what heartland can offer
Take care and many thanks

Helen came early July 2012….
I just want you to know that the week that I spent with you at heartlands was a wonderful experience. You were so right, there were no immediate bells and whistles but I am now in a great place in my life- I am just so content with myself and others (most of the time). I am loving my job, enjoying living by myself and just getting on with life..
Thankyou again.

Tony wrote…..
I feel that great sense of peace and presence I found at heartland – I will see u again one day..
Much love, I hope ur lives are wonderful.

Kerry has come regularly from North Queensland…..
Thankyou Les Trudy and everyone at heartland. Coming to your beautiful place and learning your knowlege has hastened my wanting to find inner peace and awareness and I don’t feel so helpless anymore going around and around in circles. Thankyou

Kate came in June 2012….
Dear Les, Trudi, Nicholas, Will, Calves and Donkey’s, in fact everyone and everything at Heartland,
Thank you all so much for giving Kate such a wonderful Heartland experience, she absolutely loved it and has come back with a smile on her face that I haven’t seen for a long time. She is so much more open to so many things after her visit to you all, she had been resistant to coming previously but the timing was of course perfect for her.
Seriously, Les you did wonders with her, she is so much more confident, anxiety has all but disappeared and if it starts to reappear she feels that she has the tools to deal with it.
Her ankle, she no longer sees as an issue, something her naturopath, and her psychologist have been trying to help her with for a long time. She is even strutting around in heels again, (not ridiculously high ones of course, that’s not Kate) something she hasn’t done in so long, she is feeling a lot better about herself generally and her options for the future.

Catherine has been before. She wrote……
Love to you both!!!
And my approval for your enterprise, your way-of-living, your support of so many!
And my gratitude for your teachings, and cooking, and courses you offer.
And, my looking-forward-to-revisiting when we can.
And, my admiration for your roles at the front of the new wave of conscious evolution.

Simon from Southern NSW has come many times. He reflects on his first visit…..
That was a day that changed my life, because you gave me the gift of unconditional love and told me that I was already whole. That was also the start of my awakening into a spiritual consciousness. There have been times when I have loved you, trusted you, believed you, and other times when I have not. I realise now that you are always a reflection of how I feel about myself..

LOve Always, Simon

Some of the letters we received during the first few months of 2012…..
Dear Trudi and Les,

You have created such a wonderful sanctuary at Heartland and I am so grateful to have experienced a magnificent week there.

Your kindness, love and compassion is truly infectious – and I have not enough words to fully convey how many wonderful experiences I had during my visit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lots of love,

C. N. (Mackay)

Well, it’s been a while now since my amazing week with you guys, and I’m already trying to plan another retreat with you…..


Hi Les & Trudi

Thank you for allowing me to stay at your beautiful Heartland!

I am already spreading the word

Fran, Yeppoon.

Thank you both for giving us both the most wonderful experience during our stay at Heartland. We have been telling our friends what an awesome place you have and how the week there has affected us in such a positive way. Hoping we can all come back in the near future. I will be telling everyone at work what a great experience it was and would recommend your retreat to everyone.
God bless,

Kath & Ida

Thank you so much for your common-sense and humor. I love your outlook. It is easy to get a little swept along with the hype sometimes. I pray for change as more and more of us get more and more conscious, and your work in the world is no small part of that shift.

Much Love, Ella

Mid to late 2011 Heartland enjoyed many full houses, and many very happy guests.
People came from every state of Australia, the US, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands….
Here’s a sample of some of their messages to us over that time…..

I have returned home with a renewed sense of my spiritual self and some more tools to stay the course in my soul’s journey. Navigating grief is more peaceful and I feel more able to let go of that which no longer serves me and to embrace my greatness. Les your counsel and group practice has been motivating, loving and helpful in offering opportunity for me to see more of who I am. Trudi your gentleness and creativity has re-opened my heart, mind and soul to the gentleness and creativity that resides within me.

Fiona, Qld

Hi Les & Trudi
I want to thank you both for opening your home and heart to myself and others.
My spirit was certainly renewed and I have regained that calmness within myself again.
The food was amazing and nurturing, I have continued eating this way at home, as It really inspired me.
I will definitely be back…..


My time at heartland has made a huge difference already in helping me to awaken to the truth. Love is all there is and peace is possible if we could just let go of all the illusions in life. I love you and Trudy like my family even though we don’t see each other often. I carry you in my heart always.


My time at your centre 2 years ago was THE BEST and the love I felt was EVEN BETTER.

Vonnie, NSW

I enjoyed my stay with you very much.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


It’s been 6 weeks since my return from Heartlands, and I wanted to say a belated Big Thank you for the Wonderful Week I spent with you all.
From the very first morning, being woken up with Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah to the kindness of Les and Trudi and delightful food from Viv and the forever joyful Nicholas and of course Will the dog, my companion who waited and walked back with me on my afternoon walks.
I have learnt so much from you both in ways I can’t explain. The singing was a delight (I’ve missed it), the Meditations the Mantras the insightful talks from Les to name but a few. Since returning home I’m still feeling the effects that I hope will continue to see me through on my own journey, and the decisions I need to make in the next chapter of my own life.
My fellow Heartlanders were strangers when we met but by the first afternoon I felt that I’d known them all my life (quite remarkable). Trudi’s gentle encouragement that flowed through us all in Artland every afternoon was so much fun, and my suitcase bulging with all my handmade pride and joy pieces will be with me for the rest of my life.
I hope to be back soon to my new family for some more fun and joy and love

Namaste – Debra

“Heartland is just that… a land full of heart! Les and Trudi’s energy is so warm and loving that you just don’t want to leave. The loving environment assisted me to connect fully with myself, allowing for such clarity and vision for my future. I received all that I hoped for and more out of my retreat at Heartland. I would recommend a stay at Heartland to anyone who wants to get closer to the truth of who they are.”
Thank you Les, Trudi and staff

Love Zinah, Victoria

I just wanted to thank you all for your warm love, light and energy. Each and every one of you touched me in a very special way.
Les, Trudy, thank for your gift of Heartland and Art land… what a beautiful experience.
Thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Peter, United States

I was recently there for your healing retreat September 2011 and I must say I’m loving myself and others a whole lot more. I am thanking the Lord every morning I wake for the air I breathe, for the sun that shines, for the wind that cools me down and for the food I eat. Before your retreat I seemed to be on auto pilot and never appreciated my existence, now I certainly do. I am more calmer with my children and in return they are giving me more love than ever before. U have passed onto me your words of wisdom and I’m now passing it on too, how good does this feel. Again, thankyou so much – each day that passes I am “Happier”.


May you both be continually blessed with an abundance of good health, good friends, happiness, prosperity and whatever else you have on your Bucket / Wish List!
I truly am grateful for the time I spent at Heartlands with you both.

Namaste Willow

Heartland provided a safe space for me to look within and rediscover myself. The absolute joy for me was spending time and connecting with new friends to share stories, laugh, cry and explore the challenges of our lives together. I will forever value such a supportive environment! I have learned to notice the beauty in every day and to give thanks to those I have in my life. Les, your guidance was simple but has made such a significant difference to how I view my situation and my personal (daily) vision. I thank you both for creating a place and space that enabled me to gain insights and make discoveries about myself at my own pace.
I have already spread the word about Heartland and my experiences amongst colleagues and friends. I hope to make an annual trip to see you.
Warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks,


When I first arrived at Heartland, we had a chat and I mentioned that the one most important thing for me was that I would have a greater appreciation of what and who I had in my life! It was about me opening up to the ‘places’ where Heartland could or would take me. I decided that it would have been silly for me to go to Heartland with any other frame of mind. So off I went to the most magnificent retreat I could have ever expected. The people were wonderful. The food (please thank Viv) was superb. But most importantly, the ‘places’ that Heartland took me were challenging, tiring, rewarding, exhilarating and most of all loving.
I learned a love that is deeper than the deepest ocean. A love that is warmer than a mothers hug. A love that is clearer than the clearest water. A love that is happier than an innocent child’s giggle. A love that is brighter than the brightest day.
Each day I wake, I thank God for what I have in my lucky life Les. I thank God for all my amazing family & friends. I thank God for Heartland, for you, Trudy & Nicholas. The words below you hear every day so please read them very slowly..
‘Thank you and God bless you’
kind regards


Because of my stay at Heartland I now have found my inner strength once again and am grateful for that opportunity.

Sincerely Helga

Thank you so much for such a wonderful time at Heartland. I learnt so much and had such fun, and I came home with a different perspective on things.
Thank you for being such a beautiful family and for spreading your love, light and wisdom. I’m already looking forward to coming again next year!
Wishing you health, peace and happiness always.
Love & blessings,


Dear Les and Trudi,
I just wanted to write and thank you so much for an amazing and fullfilling week at heartland.
Whilst there, I truly felt an inner peace that I was craving and looking at my perspective of the things in my life. Since being home and certainly having challenges with my family’s health, I felt better equipped to take things in my stride and also focus on making time for meditation in my life. There is still lots work to do but hopefully I am on my way to finding that inner strength I am looking for. I enjoyed the time with you Trudi and enjoy my Artwork that came home with me and when I look at it this reminds me of my amazing time away.I thank you both so much, I hope to see you again and would and have been recommending Heartland to my dearest friends.

Love Michelle

Haidee came in July 2011
Heartland was the most amazing experience and I have definitely told friends/family of my amazing week and how highly recommended Heartland is for its self help and healing, relaxation and amazing atmosphere not felt anywhere else!
I hope to see you again soon, and my deepest thanks from the bottom of my heart for the love and guidance (and amazing food) – it will always be remembered.

Love and blessings, Haidee xx

Vivien also came in July 2011
I can honestly say I felt like a new person. The time spent at Heartlands was perfect in every way, I loved every single minute of it and will definitely be visiting you again to refresh and gain some more inspiration. Thankyou to you all for making my stay a magical experience. I have told everyone about Heartlands and they all said I looked absolutely radiant!!

Paola came in June 2011
Thank so much for the wonderful time that I had at the retreat.
So many sweet memories even though it was only a few days, it shows that quality is far better that quantity.

Debbie spent a week with us in June 2011
Just thought I would let you know that Lee and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your retreat. I am still on a high from the experience.
Thanking you again.


Sheila wrote to us…..
You were a changing point in my life and I am now on a very different journey. Many thanks.

Love Sheila

Narelle and Paula came in May 2011. Narelle wrote…
Thanks also for an enlightening and soul reaching 5 days. I have honestly never felt so good. You and Trudi are both amazing people and I am so grateful to you for your help, understanding and guidance. I will never forget my time at Heartland.

Kindest regards Narelle

Margaret came for 5 days in May 2011.
You advertise in your brochure – “Are you searching for inner peace? Do you need support to heal or space to de-stress and refocus?”
Those were the words which stood out for me, and the reason I visited Heartland, together with my friend Lorraine. I would like to thank you both personally, for the wonderful experience, and assure you that what you are attempting to do is, in my opinion, something VERY WORTHWHILE and no doubt rewarding. I am very happy that we had a small group, as it would have been harder for me personally – to achieve the above aims – and I am confident that with your help and gracious support, I certainly can feel the benefit.
I would like to congratulate you on the welcoming and pleasant surroundings, the healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, the uplifting music, as well as the chance to meet with the professional visiting team which you have available. It is with pleasure that I shall pass on my recommendation to many friends and relatives to visit you in the near future.
God’s richest blessings in your work,


Lorraine also came in May 2011
Hello Les and Trudi,
Well I am home and trying to put into practice all the things that I learnt on my stay with you.
I did really enjoy it, even though I came with a closed mind, thinking I am ok, but found out a few things about myself that should help me live a more fruitful and happy life, so for that a big THANK YOU.
I am spreading the word to those who I think could benefit from a stay with you.
I do feel like a different person and look at a lot of things in my life with a greater understanding since my lovely stay with you both, You WILL see me again.
Love and happiness always.


Natale came and stayed with us Easter 2011….
Hi Les and Trudi,
I have just come down from the Heartland cloud and hit my reality. Many Thanks to you both and all your great people for the wonderful 5 days over Easter.


Debbie came in April 2011. She wrote….
I am very thankful to have met you and experienced the amazing retreat you have created at Heartland. You have created a wonderful place — a peaceful, warm, caring space where guests can explore their inner world and see things with a new perspective that will empower them to recognise and share their gifts. Living in each moment with awareness, mindfulness and gratitude. You have helped me create a vision for my life that I can embrace and I will always remember your kindness, warm welcome and hugs.
I’ve returned home with my pieces of art, a peaceful heart and renewed spirit. Thank you.
Best Wishes


Deborah also came in April 2011.
Dear Les & Trudi,

Thank you so much for the wonderful 5 days I spent with you both at your lovely retreat.
I had a very enlightening time, met some more wonderful people and learned so much more, returning home feeling totally relaxed and rested. I’m just trying now to hold onto that wonderful feeling as I return to the (un)real world and back to work.
However, I most definitely will return in the future for further enlightenment.
Thank you to both of you for allowing people like me to have the opportunity to experience what you both believe in and for providing just the most perfect setting to achieve this.
My best wishes


Jill came in February 2011….
I went to Heartland in February 2011 for some R and R, a bit of meditation and massage. However, I came away with so much more than I expected.
Heartland is a homely retreat, well run, friendly and everyone is so helpful and supportive. The spiritual teachings and meditations given to us by Les were amazing. He loves what he does and is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. You can always get him to relate past anecdotes—-he is the most superb story teller.
Trudi is so artistically creative. I felt I had no artistic ability at all but came away from Heartland with painting of a sunset I painted myself and it looks pretty good to me !! Trudi also helped us with a collage and hebel block sculpting.
The kitchen provided us with wonderfully tasteful vegetarian meals especially lunch outside
For a week of spiritual upliftment go to Heartland and pamper the body and soul


Cheryl came in March 2011
I just wanted to thank you and Trudi and the gang at Heartland for the terrific week spent there. Over this week I have been noticing, thanking and changing my perspective, and I must say I’m feeling so much. So thank you for putting me back together, now my next trick is to maintain it.

Misty came from interstate in March 2011….
Hi Les and Trudi,
Thank you so much for everything.. I was on such a high after leaving Heartland
This week has completely changed my life in so many ways. I am still on a high. I have been talking about Heartland all day at work and I will definitely be back to visit in the near future. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, you both have made an incredible impact on my life.

Christophe visited from France….
“I did not choose Heartland, it chose me like by accident, and now I understand why, I needed to reconnect with myself, I did not realise I was so disconnected. Heartland is an Amazing lesson of love, a great guide to find the inner within me. Almost Magic with no mystic. I fly like a bird and feel lighter somehow.
Quote “ heartland does what it says”
Many thanks for Les, Trudi and all the team, for the spectacular experience and sharing their knowledge.”

Christophe Cohen

Sally wrote to us…
Dear Les and Trudi,
Thank you both so much for the wonderful experience that was my week at Heartland Retreat. I enjoyed myself and learned so much. I feel like I found a new me (or the true me) in many ways. I felt so good at the end of the week, that I’ve adopted some Heartland-inspired elements into my daily routine back home. The effect these new habits have had on my health and mood are amazing!

For instance, before Heartland I was NOT a morning person at all. Desperately tired every morning, on a work day I’d stay in bed as long as possible and then rush, barely eating any breakfast; on a day off I’d often find myself unable to really get moving until midday. NOW, I’m getting up earlier (to the sound of a singing alarm I recorded) and preparing some fresh watermelon juice before going for a pre-breakfast walk around the block. When I’m not working, I am loosely following a schedule inspired by Heartland, but in true Heartland style I’m following “ish time”. Basically, I’m managing to fit in some exercise, healthy meals, some meditation and some art most days. I am feeling very inspired again about my art! (I’ll let you know when I’ve loaded my QLD images to Flickr.)

I’d really like to complement you all on the amazing food and accommodation. All the small creative touches throughout the cottage and the gardens made it such a restful, magical place to explore and relax. The imaginative, delicious menu has inspired me to cook healthier food because I was able to notice a definite improvement in how I felt over the week.

I also want to thank Will for bounding over for a pat after my early morning read of Og Mandino before you, Les, came around with your bell. That was the most animated I’d seen Will the whole time, and his support warmed my heart.
Thanks so much again.
Best wishes,

Cynthya has visited Heartland several times. In March 2011 she wrote….
Hi Les and Trudi…
How fantastically blissful it was to be in the embrace of the Heartland home, it is difficult to find words to express the depth of my gratitude. My soul was long overdue for the nurturing embrace that she received, and the hugs!!!!! so Divine.
Love always


Jenni M wrote…..
My last few years have been most challenging as we all experience at some time in our lives. I was gifted the opportunity to take a much needed break. Heartland is a beautiful healing retreat in QLD. Thankyou Les and Trudi for your care and kindness. My soul and energy is back and ready for another year of doing what I love

Margaret came January 2011. Later she wrote to us….
Dear Les and Trudi,
Thank you so much for making my stay at Heartland possible. It has been a real turning point in my life, and I intend coming back again, probably next year. I came home with a new lease of life! Before I went, I spent all morning on the computer, living everyone else’s life and not my own. Then I’d have a sleep after lunch, and start watching TV about 4.30. Now I make a list in the morning and tick off what I have done during the day. It sure makes me feel good to get things done that I haven’t done in a long time. A simple thing like making my bed every morning brings me joy! And no computer until late afternoon!
One thing about feeling sick, you feel so grateful when you’re better!
I just had to go and buy Susan Boyle’s album “I Dreamed a Dream”, as I couldn’t get “How Great Thou Art” out of my head all the way home and for days afterwards. I have always felt close to God, but felt even closer after Heartland.
Anyway, thanks again, for all the love and support I received during my stay. God bless you both. You are truly beautiful people!


Steve came in September 2010
I want to thank you both for the wonderful time I had at Heartland.

I have learnt so much in my short stay; it has inspired and changed my life for the better.

Thankyou so much,

Steve, South Australia

In September 2010, Shaleen wrote:
Hello dearest Les and Trudy and all the Heartland folk!
Oh- just watching the Heartland You Tube piece made me ‘homesick’ for that ‘peace that passeth all understanding’ that is Heartland.

Jane visited from Brisbane in September 2010…..
It has been a week since we visited and everyday I feel peace and love emanating from within my being. I have reflected on much and know that my experience at Heartland helped me to reconnect to my source as well as lift the veil on some of my illusions. (Another layer of the onion!) Thank you for the lessons and kind words of wisdom. (I am doing the temple meditation daily and it is helping me immensely.)

Trudi – I must let you know that when my daughter, Poppy, age 3 saw my painting her words were: “Mummy I love your picture!” She had to put it up in her bedroom and everytime I see it, I am filled with joy, (tears – good ones) and beautiful memories. Thank you.

Everything was WONDERFUL. Can you also pass on my gratitude to all at Heartland who made the weekend so magical – they are all amazing!

I hope to visit again next year and will definitely pass on your flyers to those I meet.

Thank you again for everything,
Love and Brightest Blessings,


Carol also came from Brisbane in September 2010….
What a wonderful weekend we shared with you all
The delicious fresh healthy food was always delightful
The company, the talks, the meditations were life changing
I can’t thank you all enough and particularly Les for your wonderful knowledge and healing.

Trudy for teaching us some art secrets
I would not have believed that I could learn and grow so much in just 1 weekend
I am looking forward to coming back for 1 week next time
Love & Light to you all ,


Rose visited in September 2010 for 12 days from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs….
What a relief that there are actually people like you guys still in existence! There are no words I could adequately choose to describe how grateful we both are for the opportunity for Rose to have spent the past 12 days with you. So simply Thank You.

We are both ready to embrace positive change in our lives, as individuals and as a couple.

Karen also came from SE Qld in September 2010.
Dear Les and Trudi,
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the fantastic time I had with all involved at the retreat.

Firstly to Les, thank you so much for the valued gift of your meditations. I did not realise how much I needed those three days to bring me back to within and to feel the deep sense of peace I felt during my time and for a long time after leaving the retreat. The chanting was wonderful and always tends to fill my heart with such loving vibrations Thank you for being you and for what you give to so many. I cannot wait to come again and hopefully for longer next time and maybe do another wonderful psychological meditation. That was eye opening. Once again Les, thank you for the gifts that you give.

Secondly to Trudi, thank you for the time we also spent. Thanks for the painting. Actually everyone I showed really liked it and that is saying something as usually I cannot even draw a stick man. So you can imagine my “ego” when they said my painting was great. Thanks also for the wonderful scones. They were a treat. I also look forward to seeing you when we come again and hope next time to spend more time with you.

Thirdly to Bev and Janet, thanks so much for the wonderful meals. The eggplant surprise was the best thing I have tasted for a long time. Thank you all as I know that the food was planned by all to be enjoyed and enjoyed it was.

In love and light,

Karen xxoo

Helen arrived in September 2010 from NSW….
I want to thank you for an amazing 5 days. It was wonderful to be a part of the whole experience. I cannot believe how comfortable and comforting it was, right from the moment I arrived. I am still feeling the inner glow that I left with.

Thankyou also for sharing the tools which I can put into practice in my life.

I have already gained more peace of mind.

Thanks again,

Love Helen

Terry, from Sydney, came in October 2010….
Hi Les & Trudi

A very belated thank you for a wonderful 5 days with you @ Heartland early October – it was beautiful & wonderful and rejuvenated my soul.

Jane came in October 2010….
Dear Les, Trudi and all at Heartland,

Thankyou all so much for such a wonderful, caring, fun, creative scrumptious and cleansing week with you. It was all and more than I had hoped for and I truly thank you. I have given your name to many already and I really hope that they will all go for a week of what I got and anything else they need or you can dish up. I have listened to the meditation tapes and enjoyed the journey they have inspired so thanks for that too. Love and hugs to you all


Jo flew up to Heartland in October 2010….
Dear Les and Trudi

Thank you!! I am so grateful to everyone at Heartland and I thank you for the most amazing time I had.

With much love and gratitude,


Heather came to Heartland in August 2010….
A huge thank you to Les, Trudi and all the team at Heartland Retreat for the amazing space you have created to allow all those who visit the love, support and wisdom to grow and embrace the magic of who they are. I spent 5 days of pure magic enjoying the delicious, healthy food, spiritual re-connection and getting back in touch with my creativity. I arrived stressed and tired from years of running a busy demanding business and left relaxed and at peace with who I am and the future direction of my life and business ventures.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I will be back again and again.

Much love to you all.


Helen also came in August 2010. She wrote:
I often think of the time I spent with you all at heartland with great pleasure…..

I will be back next year for sure.,,,

love & hugs Helen

CY came in June 2010; and later wrote to us….
Hi Les & Trudi,

Well its almost two months since I spent that amazing week with you both and I feel so different and moved so far from the person I was when I was at Heartland.

I am so much more self aware than ever before and when i notice myself falling back into old patterns i quickly shake myself out of it.

Since my return to work i am really enjoying what i am doing. this excitement and re-energizing of life is flowing into so many areas of my life. My acting is having many opportunities to flourish this month and i have 4 projects on the go.

Im not finding the time to meditate very often but i do play your healing garden every night as i go to bed, i may not get to hear the whole thing but i know it is still doing me good as i feel so much better when i do as to when i dont, but think ive only missed out on one or two nights.

Ive also done something different in that i have given myself permission to be the best i can be. Its definitely making inroads into the self worth/self love area but i know this is where i need to concentrate some efforts to move my excess weight, but i know this will come as i am kinder to myself each day, a little bit more.

I sing more freely and readily since ive come back and willingly say to people i am a singer. Ive done a bit of drawing since ive come back more colour swirls than anything else and have drawn and cut out words of promise or positivity on my wall to inspire and remind.

im also finding time to sit and breathe even if only for a short time, to sit and let thoughts settle whether on a seat in the park, the tram stop or wherever but it gives me time to listen to my inner voice.

Love to you both

Maria came from Victoria in July 2010. She wrote to us…
Dear Les and Trudy

What can I say about my time at heartlands…. It was an experience which I will never forget. I have never felt so at peace with myself.
Your words of wisdom have helped me put life in some perspective. You have inspired to me some much that I would love to get involved in spiritual retreats. To be able to help people and leave an impression on them to me is such an awesome thing.
I just love the program. It enlightened my soul and helped me to create as well explore my inner self. I just love to sing and to able to do that every day with a group of people was such a blessing. My favorite part was the hugs.
What can I say about the food but yummy yummy yummy a very big thank you to Viv. To you and all your staff I say thank you. I would love to come and visit again. I would also love to do some voluntary work with you.

Love and hugs


Angela came from Melbourne July 2010 and wrote:
Hi Trudi and Les

You are in my thoughts constantly as my clients want to know where i have been and how it was.
It is with much fondness and a smile on my face that I give them all a wonderful description of the week at heartland.
I am amazed at the response (but then maybe not) it has opened a more amazing energy throughout the salon.

Thankyou for the wonderful loving energy you have provided at heartland as i have come home feeling so centered.

The whole program was fantastic and the art workshops were so relaxing and creative, thanks Trudi. (What a view)
Thanks Les for the tools, talks, drumming, singing and inspiration you gave everyday in so many ways.

With love in my heart and a smile on my face.


Natalie spent three months at Heartland this year. She wrote:
I knew coming to Heartland was going to be life changing – but ,i had no idea that it would be to the extent that it was. .My light is shining so brightly.

Thankyou ever so much for giving the opportunity for people to go heartland and for being the love that you are. Also for your lovely supporting angel.

I loved every minute that I was there.


Penny came in July 2010. It was her third visit!
It is 10 days since the Heartland retreat and I am living in a
beautifully serene space. I kept expecting it to fade but after
talking to you, Les, I have moved perspective and now expect that is who I am and my natural state. So sweet!

Words fail to express what I feel, however, suffice it to say that being with you two (and all who are part of Heartland) in Heartland’s atmosphere of unconditional love and peace, has added a beautiful dimension of expansive love and heightened awareness to my everyday living. You have unlocked portals to my higher self that remain with me – far reaching in the humility and love I feel for being part of

Thank you, thank you so much, please try to understand the deep gratitude and love I feel for you both and for the abundant blessings I have received from being with you in your space. May you always be bathed in the God light that you radiate.

Bountiful blessings for your continued well being and the wonderful generosity of spirit that is the essence of Heartland.

Huge loving hugs



Geraldine ran a program at Heartland late 2009…..
“It was the small touches, the flowers, the artworks, the ample food, the candlelight and the anticipation of what we might need, which made the running of my “Public Speaking Goddess” retreat so effortless. Holding the space for 5 days for participants who’ve come to face fears and learn challenging skills, requires considerable energy. I was able to do it with ease, knowing I could trust Heartland to keep us all fed, watered and on time with the ringing of a brass bell! Heartland provides a unique, quirky, sweet and gentle place for guests to relax. It does not provide marble bathrooms or chardonnay at dinner! Heartland is ideal for facilitators working with small groups looking for a down to earth, “home” type space with comfy lounges and a bulging library. It also offers reverence for nature and the spirit and a chance to slow down and unfurl your deeper self on a banana chair under the bouganvillia. Thankyou Les, Trudi and staff.”
Geraldine Barkworth, Director, Cool, Calm & Connected, http://www.geraldinebarkworth.com/

Sending you blessings and love that Heartland and all those involved in it will continue to blossom and thrive as a place of love and growth.

Much Love Ella, USA

An entire hair studio visited us in February 2010…
Hello Les!

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience.

The girls and I have learnt so much from both you and Trudi and we are all planning our return visit.

Angel, Brisbane.

Justine visited us in February 2010…
Firstly I would like to thankyou for your generosity, love and support. When I first arrived at Heartland I truly felt comfortable and at peace.

The journey I embarked on over the 5 days was one of enlightenment, discovery, sadness happiness and most of all very mixed emotions which I have subsequently found to be a good thing! As you guys saw, I cried when I was leaving as I was sad to leave Heartland and the “safety”. I felt being there was something I haven’t experienced for such a long time.

It’s only been a week since I’ve been home and I am trying everyday to put everything you have taught me into practice on a hourly daily weekly and lifetime basis and have already started making the changes. Both of you and your team are the most positive uplifting people I have met. And I can sincerely say you guys practice what you preach. If only the entire world could have your perspective on life it would be such a better place.

My outlook on life has changed and I value the “simple” things much more than I used to. I also hope to have formed some lovely friendships from the Retreat also. I will be back for sure. Thank you once again for everything.

Eternal Blessings


Ruth came in 2009….
You provide thought creation and motivation to apply your teachings in a non confrontation way that doesn’t single any one out and then you follow up/debrief with individuals and fine tweak/tune to suit each person and what they are trying to sort out. Which in turn, I believe gives people some confidence in there own abitilities.

You provide the tools and it was up to the individual to apply. You don’t force any thing onto any one and you respect each person for the individual that they are. There is no stereotyping, no judging. Every one had something to offer and you recognized that.

Everyone at Heartland was welcoming and always had time to answer any questions. No one was ever fobbed off. I found my stay at Heartland a most rewarding and enlightening experience.

Thank you very much for your support and teachings.

Lot of Hugs

Ruth, NSW

Barbara came more than once during 2009. This is what she has shared with us…..
Hi. I’d like to share some thoughts with you about my journey over the last few years and to tell you that coming to Heartland was important. I was meant to find you to find my way. So I thank you with great love for the gifts you have given me. I pray that Heartland continues to flourish with love from many committed clients and partnerships.

The first healing retreat at Heartland helped me get back out of a dark tunnel that was threatening to engulf me. I started to feel stronger and healthier. Despite the messages from the retreat, there was a niggling uncertainty about how to proceed. Like a child, I was excited about the new things I had learnt but wide-eyed and nervous taking my first steps. Falling back to old practices I looked to others (and books) for answers instead of looking inside myself.

The second retreat helped reinforce the messages and helped me understand that I need patience…patience for many things including my meditation. It also helped reinforce that I need to love myself to love others. I now meditate almost every day. I’m still a beginner but I don’t push for ‘perfect’ anymore. I try, I wait, I pray, I try again, I persist.

Slowly the puzzle has been coming together. I’ve realised that my journey’s purpose is not to find me or God but to allow my spirit and the divine to shine – to love and to serve. I am not alone – the divine is me and becomes my partner with the physical me on this earth. In the difficult times, when I’m faced with angry, hateful, critical people, I find I am stronger when I remember that those spewing hatred are feeling hated so I send them love, if someone gives me a gift of criticism I don’t have to accept that gift I can leave it with the giver, that the ‘difficult’ people are my teachers. It is easy to love when you are loved, to love when you are hated is the way. I have also realised that ‘I’ am not depressed, I just had depressive thoughts – change the thoughts and change the experience. Now, I don’t linger on any depressive or worrying thoughts. It is getting easier to flip to the positive loving side.

Thank you again for helping me find my way. I still have to learn on this journey but I am no longer afraid. Have a wonderful blessed day

Barbara, 2009

Shaleen came early 2010…..
Thank you both for all your love and inspiration.
I look forward to another visit to Heartland in the future.
Love and hugs

Shaleen, WA

I feel honoured by the Namaste experience at Heartland! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the celebration of life at Easter weekend 2010.

WOW! The Divinity of the God light presence at Heartland always leaves me feeling like the very important person that we all are but, not in an ego sense but God sense! Thank You!!

Alison, Qld, March 2010

I had a fantastic time with you all…..you have really changed my life in many ways.

Lyndsie, May 2010, from western NSW.

“I have had the absolute pleasure to spend a week long healing retreat at Heartland Retreat for the third time in 3 years in March 2010.

I have felt the drawing of this sanctuary, which is like a second home, for the healing of my emotions, mind, body & spirit and to create a more sacred relationship with myself, others and the Universe, and each time my experience of Heartland has been nothing less than incredible.

The environment is so peaceful, calm yet energising, the Dyer family welcoming, warm, accepting, treating all as their own family.

I thoroughly enjoyed so many things … my private room with comfy bed, the fresh organic fruits & veges, tasty & healthy meals, relaxed pace, inspirational talks, meditations in the temple, singing, laughing, connection, peace, tranquility … the list goes on … all at very reasonable cost.

I really appreciate Trudi’s God-given gifts to create so many beautiful artworks, especially the huge Buddha on the outside of the newly painted Temple.

They create a so much beauty and serenity of Heartland.

Trudi takes the time and effort to teach a whole bunch of people how to express themselves through the medium of art and gives them the pleasure creating something beautiful that they can take home.

Les is a wise spiritual leader and guide, an inspiration and a very loving and warm person who welcomes and treats everybody exactly the same, with love and kindness.

He has a very deep understanding of people, and is truly walking his talk … living his truth and purpose in this life. Bless you all for being a part of my journey.”

With lots of love, Debbie H, Hornsby NSW, March 2010

Blessings to you and the wonderful work you bring into the world !


CH came from Brisbane in June 2010 In part she wrote….

Hello Les,

just letting you know that (…..) may ring you to see if he can refer people to you for the retreat – he is my thyroid doctor and a very interesting person – uses alternative methods and understands spirituality – he was very taken with the fact that I appeared in his office beaming and looking about 1000% on my previous visit – my b.p. was significantly reduced also – he was intrigued! Good eh?

Also you may interested to know that (…….) shoulder is beginning to move – he did so well during my absence – he has tried to do this before and never succeeded this time it is working – that in itself is a miracle.

Kath, a popular businesswoman, came in June 2010.

Dear Les & Trudi

It seems somewhat surreal to be back at work today, only a week since I arrived at Heartland. I have always had a high energy level, but in recent times have allowed everything to take its toll. However, I now feel energised, alive and I feel like I have got my old self back again.

I want to thank you both for your love, support and guidance and for creating such a wonderful environment for healing and renewal.


Karen lives in SE Qld. She wrote to us…
Hi Les,

….my life has changed since meeting you both and I look forward to constantly evolving because of your love, kindness and teachings.

Love and blessings,


Read what one happy March 2008 guest experienced…
“Thank you for opening your home and retreat to me, for your honesty, compassion and pearls of wisdom.
Not only did you wake me up again to the love of Self but you taught me techniques/understandings for clearing blocks and connecting with my Higher Self and the Divine through your simple, yet oh so powerful mediations and healing exercises.
Your wonderful talks and exercises were light yet spoke directly to my heart, and were filled with opportunities to learn and open up to the love, joy and delight which is Self.
I learnt to discriminate between “brain” (the tumultuous mix of emotions, misperceptions, general confusion!) and the mind which observes and is unchanging. What a blessing and a wonderful tool for a happier life. I appreciated the “big picture” of our place in this universe, the relationship with our own families and environment and your message of how to interact within it in a more purposeful and loving way. The exercises exploring relationships were a revelation which explained much in my own personal dynamic and opened my heart to heal.
A few days after arriving home, it is wonderful to observe the subtle changes which I intend to honour. Discontent and frustration has been replaced with delight and gratitude. Truly a new perspective.
I feel more at peace. I have faith again. Blessings indeed. I am so grateful for this opportunity ….Thanks and love to Les, Trudi and family.”

Carol (Brisbane)

Robyn spent a week with us in November 09…
“The most amazingly positive experience I had recently – from start to finish – was when. I visited Heartland Retreat run by Les and Trudi Dyer. From my first email contact to the moment Les personally farewelled me, this couple and this retreat under-promised and over-delivered. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything and everyone was gracious, giving and reliable (as long as you understand that Les’s time is oneish, twoish… you are told that upfront and it suits the nature and ethos of this gorgeous establishment).”

Robyn Pulman, International Conference Speaker & Organisational Coach
“Creating Winning Habits” (www.robyn.com.au)

Ari came from southern NSW in January 2011…
“My time at Heartland …
As soon as I arrived I was in absolute awe of the beauty all around me. The soulful gardens that were filled with flowers, art and words of wisdom, and the warmth and light of Trudi and Les when they welcomed me like I was an old friend. Heartland is a channel for the divine to communicate through and everyone who visits seems to get their own message or messages.

The little things that make Heartland special are the ‘Grace Mats’, the names of the rooms and cottages, the gifts of appreciation from visitors that are scattered everywhere, all these precious parts of the retreat were contributed with tenderness and care.

To run this retreat would take patience, dedication, physical, emotional and spiritual strength, love, joy and kindness. Luckily Trudi and Les have an abundance of these qualities!

They say their life work is easy as they are ”spending time with God”.
Through the 5 day healing retreat, I realised that this sentiment is true for every one of us, all the time, as the divine is within us.
All we have to do is remember.

There was fresh and nourishing food, water and air to heal tired bodies as well as delightful rituals to replenish our souls.

Every form of creative expression is encouraged there; singing, chanting, dancing, movement, writing and creating art – but nothing is compulsory.

At the end, every being seemed revitalised, inspired, lighter, brighter and more connected to their true selves.

We could see each others dreams reflected in our own. When you come from the place deep within your heart, you emanate truth, beauty and freedom.

Trudi, Les and all the souls who work at Heartland radiate the energy of love, and being immersed in this energy was a truly profound healing experience.

Thank you.”

Click here for more testimonials

Vivian came for a second visit in September 2019…..
What a treat to have come back and spent time with you and the group. It never ceases to amaze me how you do what you do with such ease and grace and so much love. You are a gift to humanity…
So utterly grateful and humbled once again by this process of uncover the authentic self and helping us remember who we are…
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Paula wrote August 2019……
Thank you for providing me a safe haven to help me work on negative issues holding me back in my life & turning my life into a positive, fulfilling & happy life filled with love.

John wrote August 2019…
You guys put my feet on the ground , you opened my heart and I never looked back , thank you.

Marguerette came n July 2019….
I have come away from your retreat in a much better place than when I went there. Although I have been to other retreats, workshops, counsellors etc etc over many years, I usually walk away feeling like I failed. This time I feel as if I have a greater appreciation for myself and an acceptance of myself that I have not felt before. I feel calmer and more confident that I will be ok with my decisions and catering to my own needs.

Brenda came June 2019 and later wrote……
You have made a big difference to my life, I thank you sincerely. I don’t remember ever feeling so “light” and calm inside. It’s a wonderful feeling for me.

Carol wrote to us……
I often think of Heartland and with such amazing love and gratitude for such a special time in my life.

Cathy came March 2019. She later wrote…..
Thank you once again for the healing and encouragement. Started doing some serious meditation yesterday afternoon and by today was ready for the procedure. It was wonderful, even a touch comic, to see the doctor’s face afterwards. He said he fully expected to find cancer but found none and repeated this a few times and looked a bit puzzled. I still have clearing work to do but feel more confident now and HUGHELY grateful for all the love and healing coming my way……

Simon from PNG wrote in April 2018….
In a world where we need to listen to our inner voices more than ever you are providing and sharing information and counsel we can’t buy off the rack or on shelves. I find it profound that someone can spare the time and effort to reiterate to us things we may know and that pass through our body, mind and spirit from time to time.

Ashleigh returned to Heartland in March 2018.
Hard to describe, yet share your simplicity of providing a space to explore without barriers of any particular religious focus, but deep knowledge and grace of most if not all.
One fellow asked about accommodation. I explained the private solitude you provide. No requirement to be anywhere or do anything.

Kerry has visited several times over many years. In March 2018 she came again……
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart and soul. This time i have spent with Les and Heartland has been truly transformational for me.

Denyse, a previous guest, came again in March 2018….
I just wanted to say thank you again for a most wonderful Heartland retreat. It was so different for me this time – because I wasn’t carrying all the old “baggage” (yeah!!!) I could really relax and just enjoy my special “time-out”. Each retreat has been significant, but I really bonded with last week’s group and in addition to all the healing that took place, we had such a lot of fun. They were a great group. I feel so peaceful and more in tune with myself than I have for such a long time……..

In February 2018, Ella wrote….
Thankyou for all that you both are and for everything that you both taught me.
I always remember my time at heartland, and the people I met and got the pleasure of getting to know.
I want to thank you for your time and for all that you did for me, and my journey.

Anne Marie from Kerala, India, wrote in February 2018….
Thank you so much……your messages are like stairs to the top of the mountain!

Rob, in Beijing, China, wrote in February 2018……
Just a quick email to say thank you! Thank you for helping me over the past 8 or 9 years. I am grateful for all the time and energy you have given me over the years. I am especially grateful for the deep wisdom and insights you have shared. I love your sense of humour…makes me smile. I love your clear and objective view on the world in its current state of madness. And most of all…I am grateful for caring and loving me through all my madness, disconnectedness, insecurities, victories and everything else in between.
Blasting you with a big dose of gratitude and appreciation from a cafe in Beijing

Lisa came in January 2018…….
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experience you all provided. From the wonderful art class’s (no more saying I can’t do this), to the tai chi and yoga, the most amazing massages of my life and the food oh the food, but most importantly THANK YOU for the feeling that I was safe to be me. I have never spent such a short period of time anywhere before and had such connection with people as I did in that short space of time I was there.
Heartland is not only a most beautiful physical place, it is now a place in my Heart that I know I can revisit. You have given me so much knowledge and the tools to grow.
I have come away at peace from a situation that had been tearing me apart for some time, I had tried everything to get over it, Les was amazing and in a few talks together he had made me understand what was going on and understand the why….I am refocused, lighter and making changes.
Heartland is love, safety and inner-warmth, I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to gain understanding of what is truly important in life. I am already planning my next visit.
Much love to you all

Briena came in August 2017
I hope you and Trudi are both well. I am great! I wake up with a feeling of happiness in my heart that I don’t think I’ve really felt before, how wonderful is that. I wanted to thank you both and your team so very much for a wonderful special week for me, I’ve never done a Retreat before and my heart was touched in lots of different way, I came in on Monday with a heavy heart trying my best to get on with my life but knowing I wanted and it was time for it to be about me and I left with happiness, I left feeling love of myself new friendships, a lot wiser and with tools to help me along my way, I have plans for my now and it really is a wonderful new place for me to be, thank you for giving me the safe space to be, thank you for the love the new friendships and the many many things I have learnt thank you for the amazing place of Heartland and the beautiful healthy food and thank you both for you so openly sharing yourself with me, I was cared for and loved all week.

Trudy visited in August 2017
Thankyou Les. I had a wonderful time

Lucy and Joe came from Melbourne in August 2017
Firstly let me say thank you for a wonderful week at Heartland it was enjoyable, knowledgeable, pearls of wisdom and loads of sunshine.
We would certainly recommend Heartland to anyone wanting to enhance their spiritual journey or simply needing a rest from the world.
Trudi and Staff are friendly, warm and welcoming

Neill came in July 2017
thanks for a great 5 days up at Heartland! It was just what the doctor ordered and lots to think about for my future life journey

Melissa came in July 2017
I just want to say my thanks to you again for the insights and learnings I got from your retreat earlier in July. Even others commented on how different I looked returning to work and home

Amanda visited Heartland in July 2012 …
I would like to provide some feedback on my stay with you. Today I was driving up the “Goat Track” towards Mt Tamborine from Canungra. My little boy who is 3 said to me “Look at the bewfiful (beautiful) trees”. I looked and they were indeed amazingly gorgeous, the dawn sunlight was reflecting off them in brilliant yellow flashes and combined to create a bouquet of free and readily accessible art. I knew immediately that I had brought home an incredibly special gift from my stay at Heartland Retreat. I had accumulated JOY! The reason I knew that I had accumulated this joy and retrieved it from my stay at heartland is because neither of us probably would have noticed the trees or how beautiful they were because we were such unhappy people, or rather I was unhappy and asleep in my life and this emitted from me to my son.

Before I went to stay at Heartland, I was an emotional and mental tragedy in desperate need of repair. Les taught me techniques which helped me see I didn’t need to be repaired, I just needed perspective.

My relationship with myself changed. I have since become kinder and gentler to myself. I appreciate everything that is happening to me right now, rather than dwelling on unhealthy obsessive thoughts from 20 years ago.

Now, thanks to so many spiritual epiphanies brought on by discussions with Les throughout the week, and the intense nurturing I felt throughout the process, I have gratitude..Everyday! I have so much gratitude for everything around me, and in discovering that gratitude, I now have immense joy.

People at work are amazed at the difference in my attitude and how happy I am, people always comment: “Why are you so happy and smiling all the time”. I tell them “It’s simple, I have joy!” Not many understand, but I am slowly trying to spread the joy around my workplace through the use of happiness and smiles and guiding other people to have gratitude. When I see an unhappy person, I smile at them as largely as I can and whether they return the smile or not, I send them joy from my heart energy and wish them well.

I am now allowing myself to be more vulnerable and let down walls which I had built as a child. I am surprised that once I didn’t have such a stone wall around me how much my social network expanded and how rapidly. Everyone I see walking in the halls wants to stop and chat. I think it’s because of the happy summery vibes I put out to the world. I am forgiving wrongs and looking at them from different sides and thinking, wow, why did that upset me so much. A lot of pain in my body has now subsided due to having less dis-ease inside.

I have continued eating in a vegetarian style, as it pleases me to think I may be reducing the footprint of the innocent animals who are needlessly slaughtered in fear and horrid conditions.

Oh yeah, and I have exploded with creativity. I put one of my paintings on the wall and my little boy said “That’s so pretty mummy”. I also felt brave enough to send one to my friend for her birthday.

I wish I could hold the world inside my soul so they too may feel the amount of joy which emits like a sun from the love I have for myself, my son, my world and earth and universe. Thank you Les and Trudi, thank you thank you thank you. And I thank you also for Nicholas, who is one of the purest and kindest human beings I am yet to meet, many people could
learn so much compassion from your young man.

In gratitude and joy.

Amanda (south east Queensland)

Kylie came in April 2016 …
“To Les and Trudi Dyer and the whole Heartland team, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have recently returned from 5 days of being pampered, catered for, fed in every way thought possible. Mind, body, spirit….

I have come away feeling reconnected to me, my essence. My expectations were met and exceeded. Thank you for reminding me of who I truly am.

How WONDERFUL to know that there is a sanctuary out there-far far far removed from the madness and chaos of this world-called Heartland.

Thank you Les and Trudi for believing in and nurturing your dream and making it a reality for so many of us to enjoy. And as Les has taught me…..’thank you, thank you, thank you.’ “

Much love and light.

Kylie Sunny Coast Qld

Kathy came in April 2016……
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the retreat. I loved everything from the delicious food to the singing, chanting, yoga, tai chi, as well as the trip to Tin Can Bay to see the dolphins. I also loved the daily discussions in the library and connecting with beautiful, heart centred people and sharing. Trudi, your art classes were amazing ! Thankyou both so much for creating such a beautiful retreat where people can come together to renew their energy, share their love and heal their body mind and soul. I will be telling all my friends about what a truly special place Heartlands is. Namaste


Rosaria came from Sydney with her husband for our New Year 2013 program…..
Words are not enough for thanking you both for such an amazing New Year’s Retreat at Heartland. Once again, everything has been simply perfect, like a symphony played by an angelic orchestra (of course you do have quite a few important connections up there).

Looking after such a big number of guests is not easy task – and we are so grateful to both of you as well as Nicholas and Wayne for having done “miracles” in being sure everything was just perfect. A huge thank you for driving us to Carlos sand blow in time to welcome the first rays of the sun this year – what a memorable experience – and for the magnificent early morning picnic on Rainbow Beach! Wow! You are truly Angels on Earth!

I do believe Heartland is changing our lives – in a way no other place or therapy could ever do. Since our April visit we have already seen major changes in our lives, but we are also aware of how important it is to get some Heartland injections from time to time, as every time we learn new things and we keep growing along our spiritual path. We are now fully recharged, and our hearts are beaming with love. But we will come back and visit again soon…

With immense love and gratitude, Rosaria

S. also came for New Year 2013……
Thank you so much for the retreat. It was truly a healing experience and the very best way to start the new year. It was uplifting and life affirming. At some time every day since I was about seven I have wished I was dead at least once a day and quite often it was throughout the day in darker moments. I did not act on this as I had this sense there was a reason I was here despite my inner voice telling me repeatedly I had no reason for being. You have shown me the reason. At peace, I am. Trust and faith, I have. Together with the divine. A knowing. Intention. Confidence now to step into all that I am, without fear and with love. Thank you.

Love and light, S.

Kathy also came early 2013….
What an uplifting, wonderful 5 day retreat and to witness the sunset was magical and I would like to say Thank You. Since I have come home I find I don’t need to re-act anymore all I have to do is come back to presence and know it is as it is. There is peace and understanding now with me instead of arguing. I am filled with so much JOY, nothing else matters. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both.

Today while I was (out) ladies I know said to me, Kathy you look amazing what are you doing? I told them I went to Heartland Retreat but that was all I said ……to describe how I felt well I just can’t because they probably would not understand fully what I was saying! However I suggested to them that they have to experience the Retreat themselves. All I could be is a Beacon of Light to whomever and that is what my intention will be. Love and Light
Thank you also Trudy for those beautiful photos I am going to hang them proudly in my home and every time I look at them I will be sending you lots of love and light .
Namaste and Blessings


Kate came in January 2014…
Dear Les

Our daughter, Katherine (Kate) arrived home last night after spending the last 6 days with you. The difference in her is amazing – the furrows on her forehead have gone and she seems so much more relaxed and, what is so wonderful to see, happy and smiling.

We have spent the last 27 years trying to obtain help for her unsuccessfully – in fact a lot of the treatment prescribed by the medical profession has made her much worse. The last few months have been unbelievably bad and we have feared she would not survive. We had been told nothing more could be done for her and she would never get better. Many medical practitioners would not even return our desperate calls for help. You, however, seem to have given her a purpose for the future and hope.

Obviously one cannot erase 27 years of struggle in 6 days, but what you have accomplished in this short time has been nothing short of miraculous. We know that she will need to come back to Heartlands again for further visits and it is wonderful to know that she has your support and guidance going forward.

We wish we had known of Heartlands all those years ago. How different her life would have been.

Our sincere thanks to you both for giving us our daughter back and for the wonderful work you do.

Kind regards


Kate herself wrote …
HI Les,

Heartlands was an amazing experience for me. So much more helpful than anything I have done before. Thanks to you, Trudi, and all the other friendly helpers.

Adele came in March 2014 …
Hi Les and the Heartland family,

Wow … what a week at your amazing retreat can do…I have finally found what I have been searching for all my life … Myself , my spirit, happiness , peace and love….

I have been running through life, trying this and that, new jobs , visiting new places , meeting new friends , doing new things , travelling the world , trying to feel content , loved, secure , needed…..

All this time I just needed to find my spirit….so simple.

It’s like being born again , I am getting to know me , just me….

I am learning to be tolerant of others, to just give love, to give help to others when I can and not spread myself so thin that I have no energy for me…my perception of life has changed so much…

I don’t worry anymore , everything will be fine, I will deal with events as they arrive not a moment before…this brings so much peace it’s amazing..

I thank the Divine every day for directing me to you both…

The rest of my life is going to be peaceful, fulfilling and happy…

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart…

Adele Davie – Laidley Qld
(Please publish my comments on your web site and anywhere else you feel might encourage others to under-go a life changing week)

Greetings Les,

What a fantastic life-changing week it was. I’m still thinking over lots of it and rejoicing that I ‘stumbled” across Heartland at the time I really needed it.

Thank you both for the work you are doing – it’s priceless, literally.

Thank you again, my week at Heartland has changed EVERYTHING!

Love and Blessings,


Doreen visited us from Melbourne in July 2012 …
I recently spent 5 days at Heartland through one of those synchronistic moments where the time became available, and the dates worked within a week of booking to go there !

I have been through a challenging time over the past couple of years, and I have been ‘trying’ to ‘deal’ with it all, and ‘doing’ lots of things that would hopefully help me to reconnect to the joy within which I was afraid had left me.

I found so much peace, joy & love at Heartland that even in writing this I feel the emotion rising. There was no ‘trying, dealing, doing’ but just simply ‘being’ … first time in years I had allowed myself this gift in it’s fullness, and I even painted a beautiful sunset with Trudi’s loving guidance and soft loving heart ! (I so thought I was not creative or arty !!! Boy was I wrong !)

My mind got to be quiet, my heart opened like a beautiful flower and my joy found me again.

I found the most beautiful Soul family there too, and in all the places I have been and people that have helped me in my 49 years, I can honestly say that Les and his very open and loving heart changed my perceptions of life, with his humility & willingness to share his healing & very entertaining life with us, plus his incredible general knowledge of life itself.

Now I am home, I am incorporating more love into my everyday life, and am trying to be in more acceptance and not to get so caught up with things … my time at heartland was priceless … I really cannot compare it to anything of material value in this world … it had, for me, no equal.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Les, Trudi and Heartland xoxoxoxoxoxox

Doreen S.
Melbourne, Australia

Jennifer came in June 2016…..
I want to thank you again for a wonderful week. It has changed my life not only with my relationship towards food but also my relationship with myself. I feel so much calmer now and can recognise when I’m heading back into old habits, which is not me anymore.

Review placed on Google in July 2016….
“Best retreat ever”

Kylie came July 2016…..
What a beautiful space you provide. I am soòoòooò very grateful for you, Trudi and the Heartland team.
Thank you for ALL that you do…..thank you thank you thank you.

Narelle came August 2016…..
Hi Les I just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing week you and Trudi and the rest of the people at your retreat gave me. I thought I would send you this to say a big thank you. Your retreat has been the best thing to happen to me at the right time and meeting you all and all the other people that attended has given me such joy and hope for the future and I truly hope I can return again Take care and thank you thank you thank you.

Christin came in August 2016…..
Thank you Les. I fully enjoyed the experience.

Wendy came April 2016…..
Thank you again for an amazing week which truly brought me enlightment which I will carry with me throughout difficult times

Janine came interstate in April 2016…..
Thank you for your inspiration and to all at Heartland for a beautiful and healing time!

Rossie wrote May 2016…..
I love your horses & donkeys. At Heartlands I experienced for the first time how wonderful it feels to hug a horse. 

Kat wrote May 2016….
I came to Heartland and I am still sooo grateful and glad I made the decision to do it – thank you for my experience at Heartland I feel so lucky to have found you up there. Lots of love Kathryn

Christine came April 2016
THANK YOU! What a Wonderful week at Heartland! I am so very grateful

Moira has visited from Adelaide 4 times in 4 years……
I am so grateful I came this year……. It has been wonderful to come 4 years running and enjoy so much that you offer……

Gay has known Heartland since its beginnings…….
Heartland is an awesome place that is great to visit and the most important thing is that its life changing ! You come away with family who cares forever…….

Justine wrote in July 2015……
Hi Les and all you wonderful people! Just wanted to say thanks for another awesome retreat, and acknowledge how much I enjoyed the company of everyone in the group. I feel blessed to have met you all and spent a fabulous five days with you

Keith came in July 2015……
Thankyou for a great week……thanks so much for changing my life……

Emily came in July 2015…….
My stay at Heartland Retreat was one of the most unique and beautiful experiences of my life. I went with an open heart and was deeply touched by each aspect of the retreat. Everything from the nurturing food prepared with such love and care, to the moments of sharing between each of us (both visitors and staff alike) left a profound imprint on my heart. I found the healing programme beautifully thought through, with plenty of time for rest and integration between events. Exploring our innate creativity through the art workshops, the stunning environment and the sharing of space and love with the rescue animals was truly memorable. Thank you Les, Trudy and all your beautiful staff for the sacred five days and for your wisdom in reminding us we are already whole and have all we need within. Much love,


Juanita came in July 2015……
Thank you to you and your team for my time at heartland. I have taken on my experiences……the week was life changing for me and I look forward to coming to stay with you all in the near future again…….

Nikki came in June 2015……
I wanted to send you a quick email to sincerely thank you for my time at Heartland. You have created such a beautiful and unique space and you should be so proud of what you’ve built, I feel so blessed to have been able to be there, even just for a few short days and I genuinely look forward to coming back many times in the years to come……
Although I was only able to spend 50 or so hours at Heartland, I feel as though I have been changed in a very beautiful way! Having the freedom to sit quietly in a room, to meditate, to eat a meal with such beautiful people, to do something new like paint or learn tai chi without worrying about anyone else’s needs was such a gift for me and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity.
There are a lot of retreats out there Les, but I very much doubt that there is a single one that is run with as much love as yours. Your (non-soppy) love shines through in everything you do and I believe that you truly care for everyone who comes into your life. I am so grateful to have met you, and met all the wonderful women (and Rob!) who were at Heartland when I visited, and I look forward to visiting you again very soon…….

June visited in June 2015……
You have saved my life for me to save my life…….

Mike came from Tasmania in June 2015…….
Thank you to you all for making our retreat, at least for me, a very memorable one. I really enjoyed the time and experiences that we went through together, especially the meditation and sharing times………I will just have to return sometime in the future to get more of the ‘real’ thing.
Kindest regards,


Julie came in June 2015……
I want everyone to know about my stay at Heartland and how it changed my life..so anyone who will stand still long enough, I will tell them about the workshop…..Thankyou again for all you and your “angels” shared and did for me and my mates during our stay..Brilliant!!
Blessings and hugs

Ethne came in May 2015……
Thank you for a wonderful 5 days. This is the best “holiday” anyone can have!
I really appreciate being shown different approaches to life’s travails and the different insights they give.
I have just finished listening to your two Children’s meditation CD’s and look forward to my grandchildren listening to them. Just wonderfully delightful! I can see how helpful and calming they are, while also bringing an understanding of where the “other” person is at and how to help them! Love and thanks to everyone at Heartland for all that you do.

Rob came from Shanghai early 2015……
You’re definitely 1 in 7,000,000,000!

Donna came December 2014……
I wanted to let you know that many things have changed since attending the December retreat in 2014 ……every thing I included in my visual board has come true!……… the right university, the right time and all the other things!………

Ilsa came May 2015……
Thanks to all of you for the most welcoming, wonderous Heartland retreat experience!! I am still reaping the love-rewards and hope that all of you are doing well!

Jessica wrote in April 2015……
Thank you Heartland!! And thank you to all those that I spent the week with at heartland – what a magical place!
I truly feel we had the exact people there that we needed to connect with at the time and my life is better for it!

Janine came in April 2015……
It was really great to meet you all and…….. it was the best break I’ve had in years…still off the smokes and alcohol!!!

Gary came for a further visit in Easter 2015……..
Easter was a fantastic experience. Every visit I bring away so much. The best thing is the aura of love that surrounds Heartland and the way it infuses into everyone who visits. Love and Heartland hugs…..

July 2014
Thank you so much for last week. I felt like it was the best week of my life. I got so much out of it. I got to work on Monday so happy and a bounce in my step.


July 2014
Thank you sincerely for the time I spent last week. I truly enjoyed the time to relax and rejuvenate.


July 2014
I greatly enjoyed my time and significantly strengthened my sense of self worth and self love, which was great…..

Be well,


August 2014
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience your retreat gave me.

When my friend asked me what I had learnt I couldn’t really put my finger on it…. but I told her to listen to “Why Sufi’s Whirl” by Kirtana…and I said that just about say’s it….. the feel of that song and the lyrics . I suppose as time passes I will be able to identify more concrete aspects of my growth but I suppose spiritual growth is not always neat and tidy and evolves in random ways according to the individual and in ways that are not always easily expressed.

Hope you are both well. I suppose you are getting ready for another group now.

Love Caroline.

August 2014
Thank you again for such an amazing week, I have been raving to everyone about you and the retreat and how wonderful it was….

My friends and family have even noticed that I am different and more relaxed.

You are both the most amazing and beautiful people I’ve met and I will always remember this time I had with you both.


August 2014
Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. Previously I thought that coming to Heartland was like an injection of love; I think I now feel like it’s rather an extraction… I have all the love inside I just need periodic removal of barriers to let it flow!


August 2014
A lot of people ask me what the retreat was like and it’s hard to sum up in words but I’ve recommended people go and experience it for themselves, such a life changing week. I’ve been singing my heart out in the afternoons with the mantra cd -I ordered after trying it at Heartland, hopefully I don’t get a noise fine lol. Also ordered Chakra Dance and have been sharing that around lots of friends and they love it!

I’ve been loving Les’s meditation CDs in the mornings, such a nice way to start the day!


August 2014
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & Trudy for everything you have done to help me open up to the person I truly am. I keep saying that what ever it is you do it works, especially for me. Each time I come back from any retreat or weekend something is different & change continues long after. I feel very blessed to have been guided to you & your counseling. You are both one of the great treasures of this world. I look forward to returning to Heartland again.

Love always

Jenny xoxo

August 2014
Just want to say thank you again for an amazing journey, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience heartland retreat. You are both inspirational people and I hope to meet again one day.


August 2014
I cannot thank you enough for your kindness & gifts of life…

I absolutely loved your retreat…. It was just what I needed to put me back on the path to where I want to be & go.

I am hoping to keep this great feeling going by walking your talk! I would appreciate to receive your newsletters too thanks.

Off to do some meditation….

Love & Like ya……. Carolyn

August 2014
I can’t believe it’s nearly 2 weeks since we left beautiful Heartland! Thank you both so much for making our stay just as pleasurable as when we visited 5 years ago. I always have and always will take Heartland with me wherever I go. I feel the peace and love so intensely whenever I think of Heartland and you both. It’s funny how it hadn’t faded from our thoughts at all over that period and there were once again new learnings to be had, new people to connect with and new levels of myself to free from suffering.


August 2014
Thank you to all of you for making this last week so inspiring and transformational!!!

I’ve been raving on about how wonderful it was to anyone willing to listen to me, haha, and giving thanks nearly non-stop to everything and everyone around me

It truly can be a wonderful life if we allow it to be.


August 2014
Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful weekend retreat I shared with you and the other participants. The weekend certainly is still helping me to keep perspective and keep in touch with the light within.


September 2014
I attended one of your retreats back in July 2014 and I have been meaning to write and express a heartfelt thank you to you and Trudy for the wonderful, peaceful experience at heartland. I had been struggling for years with bouts of depression and anxiety. Heartland Retreat allowed me to really feel and experience a very peaceful and serene energy that I have not felt before.


Dagmar came November 2013 and emailed us…..
Waited until the week retreat was over as I know how busy you are when guests are at Heartland. I hope you and Trudi are enjoying a short breather after what was an absolutely amazing weekend, and certainly a fabulous week as well.

I loved the weekend – although brief in time, it felt like much longer (in a good sense). It was like filling up a cup that had been emptied over time. The teachings were insightful and this stay the favourite one yet. Not sure how others feel about weekend retreats, but I would love to be able to attend one quarterly – just to keep that cup flowing over.

Heartland is such a special place – more than a retreat, more than a healing. The ‘more’ is individual and that is what makes Les’ teachings so powerful – there is something for everyone to learn, something that touches that uniqueness in all of us. I speak of Heartland to my patients in clinic and give them the brochure – some find their way there, others may in time. I do my best to impart the wisdom I bring back but stress that “Les just knows….”

All my love to you and Trudi

Kerry came November 2013 and later wrote……
Hi Les and Trudi

Thankyou again for an amazing weekend. I am so grateful to have you and heartland in my life and can come there to just be. I feel spiritually stronger and grow within myself each time I come. Heartland is to me a place of unconditional love and peace and what a great place to meet other like minded beautiful people. I make new friends every time I come there.

Thankyou so much for bringing Sacred Earth to Heartland they were just amazing to listen to them live. Thankyou.

Oh and the food is amazing. Looking forward to my next visit.

Much love and Hugs


David came in November 2013…..
Dear Les,

Thankyou from my heart to the hearts of both yourself and your wife Trudi .

Since departing from Heartland Les I have missed you and Heartland , all the friends I bonded with on such deep levels . I can hear your voice , i am still listening to you speak your words of encouragement and wisdom . I feel this deep sense of gratitude and blessedness for finding my way to Heartland . You are simply a beautiful human being Les Dyer , this world so desperately needs good men , men like you to gently guide us all like baby lambs to our own spiritual safe pastures within and I simply say Thank You for listening to me and for sharing the life experiences that has lead you to the place of worship yet grounded-ness you are now in today so as to help others with theirs.

I am already reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ and I will strive to keep my spirit nourished by feeding it love and gratitude .

It’s quite a challenge to block the cold harshness of the world out here out as it can be quite contaminating if we lose focus and faith in the world around us but I will be as a shepherd also and gently nudge the spirit inwards and upwards of others because I know I must be strong within myself first to make the world a more loving and safer place to be and live in .

I speak highly of my experience at Heartland to others already and I will send as many in your direction as will listen and wish to come to you . Personally I feel re-born and more aware then ever before. You are the wisest , most loving , funniest , extraordinary human being I have ever journeyed upon and I can’t express enough how grateful and blessed I feel for everything I received and was able to give in this week just past .



Julie returned for another retreat in November 2013….
Les, this past week was truly inspiring, so thank you to you both.

Gloria came in November 2013 and had this to say…….
“The 7 days spent with you and Trudi were such a treat. You both embody happiness, joy and calm, all of Heartland does, as do the staff and the surroundings and yet, it’s truly alive and real. Nothing was too much trouble, you accommodated each of our needs as we needed to have them discussed with warmth and caring, yet without fanfare. The accommodation, where we could have private moments as we needed them, was extremely comfortable. The meals…delicious and sumptuous.

The times we had for contemplation were so necessary. At first, I thought they would be too many but, in reality, they were just right, just what I needed. We were all able to take from these contemplative sessions exactly what was right for us as an individual, we could swim, go for walks, chat with each other, sit and read, or just BE with the magnificence of the location. It was perfect before we came together again and enjoyed the “teachings” you shared.

The outing to Tin Can Bay (dolphins) and the beach was also organised with us in mind, not to an agenda. It was unhurried and yet, with an awareness of time.

From the depths of my heart, many, many thanks. I’ll be back.

Love, Gloria Hamilten, Brisbane, Australia.”

Mara wrote in November 2013….
Dear Les and Trudi,
I just had to email you…Last weekend was AMAZING! ALL OF IT.
The Sacred Earth performance was magical and uplifting ! It perfectly complemented Heartland.
To see the transformation in others, and feel it myself…Wow!
I hope you can both sense the depth of my love and gratitude…on so many levels and for so many reasons…
THANKYOU for your love, guidance and understanding,

Kim wrote in November 2013…..
Thank You seems inadequate for what Heartland gives us … I love being at Heartland, to me it is always challenging but so rewarding, it feels like an essential part of my journey.

Kasturi came in November 2013…..
Thank you both so much again for looking after me at Heartland and for running such a retreat. It was a truly amazing experience. I benefited and enjoyed every moment!

I will be back next year for sure…Thank you so much.

Julie came from Victoria in October 2013…..
I’d like to thank both yourself and Trudi for the amazing retreat you have and for making my birthday so special. Thank you for my gifts and thank you for being you, you are perfect the way you are.

Take care and I look forward to returning to Heartland one day soon.


Janine, a Business Leader, wrote in August 2013…..
As a relatively new comer to the exciting world of Self I cannot give enough gratitude to Les for this wonderful experience. I have a scientific background, so to feel the depth and connection that this weekend of meditations provided me was like finalising confirmation results in a laboratory experiment. I got it! The variety of meditations and the ease with which I can now apply them by myself at home has made this connection so much more relaxed to make and maintain.

Corinne from NSW also came early August 2013….. she later wrote….
Hi Les and Trudi

Thank you for a wonderful week of relaxation, enlightenment and lots of fun… I didn’t want to go home!


Marian came early August 2013 and later wrote…..
This weekend allowed me the opportunity, within a safe and nurturing environment, to explore a variety of different meditation techniques and to decide which resonated best with me. The fellowship, great vegetarian food and interesting discussions about meditation (and other topics) were also an integral part of this weekend. Many thanks for the opportunity to share in this experiece with a fantastic and diverse group of people. It allowed me the wonderful opportunity to take some time out and re-connect with the spirit within.
Love to you and Trudi


In July 2013 Michele wrote on Facebook…….
“Loved my time at Heartlands! Do yourself a favour……go for a week”

Carol wrote in reply…..
“I agree – if you need a break from everything or just need to BE… it’s the place to go!”

In July 2013 Joanne wrote…….
“Heartland is exceptional value and an exceptional retreat!!”

Alli wrote a general testimonial in August 2013….
Hi all,

Les is personal friend of mine and I have known him for 20 yrs now…wow, that went fast!! I have gone to many of his workshops and have been to both Heartland Retreat and his previous retreat New Veda, both as stunning, loving, relaxing, nurturing, healing, fun, uplifting etc etc etc as each other. Les and his beautiful wife Trudi are two of the most genuine, loving, gentle souls anyone could ever meet in life and I simply cannot recommend them and their beautiful retreat highly or lovingly enough. As Les states, everything they do is done to assist others on their journey and done at exceptional value for money considering the costs of other retreats.(and we’ve all seen the ads and been to few too) , Please forward this on to your friends and family who may not only be interested but would benefit (everyone will at some point of their being). There have been workshops similar, but not the original and not anywhere near these realistic, affordable prices. If you are genuine about personal/spiritual growth and walking the walk, this is a must do!!!!

Love and light everyone.

Dawn, Tracey and Nicky came together in July 2013……
We had a wonderful time when we came to Heartlands, we went home refreshed and relaxed.

Trudi you have inspired us to be more creative, Tracey and I have continued with the painting and we are enrolling in a course. Mum went to Bunnings and got a load of Hebel off cuts so all 3 of us have been sculpting. Attached are a couple of photos of our latest creations. It has been lovely to do art together as a family.

Thank you for a lovely week, the food was fabulous!

Dawn, Tracey & Nikki

Renee came in June 2013…..
Hi Les,

Thanks again so much for last week. It was truly an amazing experience, I definitely did not want to leave the beautiful peaceful, non-judgemental heartland. I am trying to stay positive and connect with myself to see where to next.

Lots of LOVE

Renee x

Yvette came from San Diego, USA in June 2013…..
Dear Les and Trudi,

To experience the loving, supportive, life enhancing presence of your home and your open hearts is truly a special gift.

The friends that joined us for the week are such beautiful souls. As I witnessed some of the transformations, I have a renewed understanding of how perfect we can be when we enhance our consciousness and give that gift to others. The laughs, the tears, the dancing, the singing, the delicious and nutritious food, the talks, the meditations, and the sharing, all will be long remembered. Waking to Les’ singing made waking up early not too bad!

So, I smile each morning as I begin the day ,Zippidy Do Da, returning to my ER with a lighter feeling. Expanding my compassion and heart love and just embracing life. Les and Trudi, you have become a part of me and I carry that with pride. Looking forward to the day when we may embrace in the physical once again.

Sending you love and chi from San Diego, California.


Nic came in June 2013……
Hi Les,

Thank you for a wonderful and refreshing week. I got a great opportunity to use my new perspectives and coping skills as soon as I got back!

In all honesty Les if I hadn’t just come back from Heartland I would be a mess.

Thank you again and WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


Desley came in May 2013…..
Thanks Les and also Trudi

I can’t tell you enough how much I got out of this program. I wish I had done this years ago. When you talk and connect with the group it all just makes so much sense…. my journey has only begun, and I intend to put in practice what I have learnt and I am sure I will be back down the track. Sharing my learnings with my husband as I reflect. I congratulate you both on what you offer and I will certainly share my experience. Many thanks


Maria came in May 2013……..
Words cannot express my experience of Heartland but I’ll start with a huge thank you to both of you.

I came home to the loving licks of my beautiful dog India (photo attached!), and then later the warm and loving hugs of my husband, I have so much to be grateful for. I often forgot this before coming to Heartland.

My husband and I are on the way to creating some important practices at home together to remind us what life is really all about.

Heartland is everything – being pampered, spoilt with amazing food (thank you Wayne!) and accommodation, the beautiful animals (another photo!) but most importantly just simply being allowed to just be which allowed the deep healing to take place. I find I am now walking with my shoulders back because my heart feels so much more open and loving since coming back from Heartland.

What I really loved was the amount of fun and laughter with the group, the art which was amazing to do, visiting the dolphins, the singing and chats around the lunch/dinner table. I felt like I had gone back to my childhood where I felt uninhibited and full of joy – that has been a very precious gift from Heartland.

Les and Trudi, you truly are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and thank you for dedicating your lives to helping people heal and remind them of who they truly are. I would be happy for you to share any of this email as a testimonial. Heartland has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I am sure I will one day be back at Heartland.

Until then, much love

Maria xxx

Ellen came in 2013……
Dear Les & Trudy

I can’t thank you enough for the help & healing I was so blessed to receive when I was there.
With much love


Paula came in April 2013…..
I would like to thank you both for a truly enlightening experience at heartland. I met the most amazing women with whom I have kept in touch with and will hopefully one day unite with. Although some activities where not for me I however still came away stronger and happier within myself, all thanks to heartland.

Kind regards

Paula Tierney

Patty came in April 2013….
I’m thinking of you all at Heartlands with fond memories…and a peace within and between us. I am planning a return trip later this year and hope to bring some friends along. Thank you both so much for the love you share…it’s certainly contagious…I look forward to seeing you again soon…


Barbara came in April 2013…..
Hello Les and Trudi,

Here is the email that you were expecting – it is the usual email that you get from your newly departed Heartlandians.

I miss the place terribly, had such a peaceful and happy time there with you both and all the girls.

I am sure you have had many emails like this one. And there will be many, many more.

Today – I give Thanks, for the search that led me your way, the kindness of others, the ability to accept kindness and the fact that we as humans are capable of making new beginnings.

Love and Hugs,


Nancy came in April 2013….
What a wonderful five days I enjoyed at your amazingly loving retreat.

My immense gratitude to you both.

Thanks so much.

Much love and big hugs,


Kay came in March 2013…..
Thank you Les and Trudi

I think what helps the most is connecting to real people with real problems and knowing the author of the books.

The need to release all the tears. The power or forgiveness, the need to let go.

Forever grateful

I give thanks, I give thanks I give thanks



Natalie came in April 2013…..
Dear Les

I really enjoyed a tranquil stay recently

The juices, art time, pool and meditation were just what my spirit needed. Peace always,


With the beautiful surrounds, Viv’s wonderful meals, warm friendly people who made me feel like family and the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone through creativity, meditation and inner work, I can’t thank Les and Trudi enough for the experience at Heartland Retreat.. I never thought coming back to my everyday life with work, the rush of the City and responsibilities would be any different, but I can honestly say the benefits I gained at Heartfelt have followed me back home. I take extra time each day to slow down, appreciate life as it is, have compassion for others and things that distress me, and my work as a psychologist is taking on a much more spiritual direction. I think everyone’s heart needs a little heartland!”

Adam Fitzpatrick
Senior Psychologist, Sydney, NSW, Australia”

Martha came from North Queensland Easter 2013
Easter was amasing and I feel very blessed to have been with such a wonderful group of souls…


Annette came from Brisbane for Easter 2013
Thank you once again for an amazing few days at Heartland, it was a great experience for me and very healing.


Rosa came from Sydney at Easter…..
Words are not enough to express the way we feel leaving Heartland … It is a mix of emotions…positive but also a bit of sadness leaving our Heartland family we deeply love.
Once again, thank you thank you thank you for another amazing retreat, for all your love, guidance and support.
With much love and gratitude,


Tommy came from interstate in March 2013…..
Just a word of thanks and gratitude for the awesome week at Heartland.
My life was touched in many ways and I shall recommend you to all I meet. I left a better person than when I arrived.


Amanda came in March 2013….
Thank you so much for a wonderful week – I miss all of you already! And I am definitely coming back to stay again in the future ……so thank you for allowing me to open up the light in my life!


Justine from Sydney came March 2013 and wrote……
Just wanting to thank you both for an amazing week!


Lynne visited in February 2013…..
Firstly…thankyou, thankyou , thankyou to you and Trudi for a truly wonderful 5 days at Heartland……


Tricia came from North Queensland February 2013……
Thank you for a wonderful week, I got so much from it, I am looking forward to utilizing and taking on board the tools that l have learn this past week.


Maria has come several times from Sydney. She wrote…..
Without you love and support and wisdom I would not be the woman I am today
Thank you


Penny came early 2013 and wrote to all the other participants….
It’s been such an uplifting and healing experience and this is thanks to the incredible wisdom, love and generosity shown by Les and Trudi and creating such a marvellous centre for healing and learning. And allowing all of us to share our experiences through this medium. I picked up that one common thread for a number of us is pain. Something we unfortunately all experience some time in our lives. And I thank you all for opening up and courageously sharing your stories, it has helped me immensely. In light of this I would like to say thank you thank you thank you…..
Happy healing!


Jo came and wrote…..
I attended one of your retreats at Heartland and it was such an amazing experience and turning point for me. With the clarity I got I absolutely plan on returning to Heartland so Thank you. With much love xxx


Marlies came for New Year 2013…..
We wish to thank you again and again for the most beautiful and uplifting New year’s Retreat. We both enjoyed every moment of it and are very positive about our future. The teachings and workshops are just what we needed, the love purred in and special moments: “ Sunset & Sunrise” absolutely mind blogging. The food and speciality tea’s sooo yummy.We are looking forward seeing you again in the near future.

Marlies NQ

Raine also came early 2013…..

Love Raine

Jan came (again) in early 2013….
My last visit was a wonderful experience. I am so grateful to have met you both.
The experience with you helped me to get through…..learning to accept and acknowledge my feelings.
Thank you both so much, from my heart.


Lou came late 2012 and wrote to us….
Thank you both for giving me back to me … Thank you , thank you , thank you . Love , light n happiness .


Kerry came a few times in 2012….
I give thanks for you and Trudi making your place and your knowledge available to us to grow and learn; and I am loving the new
growth and lessons I get from you both at Heartland.

Mara also came to a few weekends in 2012….
Thank you for listening, challenging my beliefs, helping me grow spiritually and reminding me of who I (we) are.
I am so very grateful to both you and Trudi – you really are healing the world with your love and teachings.

Carol came to a spiritual weekend program, late 2012
Hi Les,
Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts for the wonderful weekend we have just had with you and Trudi


Kate came in November 2012…..
Thank you dear Trudi and Les for a very special week. Meeting you was a real pleasure. I watched you both giving everything, and appreciate and admire your love and generosity. I also felt very safe and cared about. 🙂
It’s a long time since I aspired to that sort of faith, before painful crises that I couldn’t handle pushed me into fear. I started to move back into that place of trust recently, when I finally listened to the inner voice pointing me back to a more genuine surrender. Now you’ve inspired me towards truly ‘letting go and letting God’.


Sophia came from Sydney late 2012….
Dear Les,
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for a 5 day Healing Renewal program, that has a Never-fail lifetime guarantee!
Sums it up as I drove home that’s what I came up with.
I will makes changes in my daily life thanks to the two of you
Trudi you are so Angelic and an inspiring woman – thank-you from the bottom of my heart!
Forever grateful – Love and blessings to you both!
My world is a far Better place now that I have you two in it

Jennifer came from Townsville….
Wow what can I say! You two are some of the most inspirational people I have ever met & it is really refreshing to hear genuine life stories & with the positive attitude from the outcome. Thank you.
Trudi you have brought the inspiration back to me to get back into art at least my sewing again. I bought herbs today from the markets which I have planted & my son is keen to help me build a vegi garden. Thank you so much for being such a beautiful person with such an open heart.
Les, you have made me realise that there is love there for me & that my past was for a reason which I have grown from. I no longer feel angry or bitter about my partners, I take it as a learning curb. My son is going to help me put your inspirational cd’s onto iTunes so I can listen to them easier.
If I lived closer you would see me a lot lol.
Love and blessings,


Darleen first came to our retreat about 14 years ago…..
Thank you… for touching my life in such a magical way…

Gail from Newcastle wrote…..
I really enjoyed the weekend and the space you both create – thank you for everything. GRATEFUL Your effort and attention to detail is terrific. It is a wonderful situation for some quiet internal stuff and I am GRATEFUL for that.

M has been quite a few times…
I’m amazed at how much your teachings completely resonate with me.
As I listen and learn from you, its as though I can finally breathe.
This is the best way I can describe it because words are very limiting.

Lyn has also been several times…
I wanted to thank you both and all your amazing staff for a truly wonderful stay. I know I will be back there again and always get so much from my stays. I am in such a lovely place and so many beautiful things are coming into my life and I know its because all those years ago you helped me to see things from a different perspective. Lots of love to you both always.


Dr Sam, MD, hails from New Zealand. He wrote…..
Hi Les, Les,

Thank you so much for the time at Heartland, it was life changing and I’m excited to be on this path.

Janine visited in June 2012…..
Thank you again for showing me where the real me has been hiding! I know I’m just at the beginning of rediscovery!very!
Xx Janine

Heather came for a weekend in June….
Thank you for an absolutely awesome weekend and I am looking forward to coming back

Koti flew up in June 2012…..
Dear Les & amp; Trudi, this is my testimonial to you.
After spending five days with you and Trudi, I feel like shouting from the top of a mountain that I feel so grateful to have been blessed with the experience of Heartland. Les, you captivate your listeners through your abundance of spellbound stories and deep found wisdom. Trudi, your smile lights us up and I love your gentle encouragement to open up to the divine masterful creativity that resides within each of us. Also your repeated ability to indulge our senses in inspiring nutritious creations.
Of course I will return, the only that remains is, when. It will never be too soon to again experience this life changing retreat. I thank you from the depths of my heart for your love, your smiles, your singing, the small gestures that have big impacts, Nick, Viv and for just being YOU. Till next time, Namaste.

With Love & blessings, Koti

p.s. feel free to use my name and all or part of this testimonial on your website if you like.
Pps I mean every word

Val came in May 2012……
Hi “>Hi Trudi and Les
after arriving home yesterday from my week at Heartland I felt like a new person. I miss the times spent listening to all the great stories you tell Les and having to think about the meanings of them. It has been a most enlightening and interesting week, I enjoyed every aspect and thank you and Trudi sincerely for the wonderful place you have made Heartland.
If I am able to implement even a small amount of what were heard and attempted to learn about, I will be a much happier, contented and enlightened person. I feel I could stay for several weeks just to be able to get a lot more information and take the time to really put it into action.
I have already begun to think before speaking, come from a more loving place and feel it is surely making a difference to everyone around me as well as making my life more pleasant.
Did I mention the food was sensational and I look forward to making some changes to the way we eat!

love Val

Stella came to Heartland in May 2012…..
Dear Les and and Trudi

I need to say thank you from the deepest part of my being.

When I came to Heartland, I was ready to lay down my burdens and check out. I had put my affairs in order and was kind of just waiting for it to happen.

The transformation that took place for me under your loving care and guidance at your wonderful retreat, has been life transforming to say the least.
I have a new sense of purpose and most amazingly I also have the energy and will to move forwards towards my higher purpose, and the tasks that are as yet incomplete.

Blessings on you both (and the team) and on the work that you do

Namaste- Stella

Gaye wrote in May 2012…..
Dear Lesr Les
I first found out about Heartland a number of years ago when I came across an article in a magazine. The author had spent some time at your retreat and spoke very lovingly of the experience. It sparked my interest and soon I had signed up for your newsletter which I would (and still do) look forward to. Your words touched me and were often very timely regarding my own experiences. They would turn up in my inbox at just the right time and offer solutions to problems I was facing. There were times when I battled with your words however, once I relinquished the “human” and came from a place of love, the problems would be resolved.

This philosophy, of coming from a place of love, is the greatest gift to have come in to my experience. It never fails me. It diffuses anger, heals all negative emotion, transmutes pain and really does make life so much easier and enjoyable.

The ‘Love’ experience has amped up this year as with ease and grace I embrace this philosophy. Through every trial and seeming problem, it has been the rock that gives me strength and courage and has become second nature instead of something to strive for. It overflows in to my healing sessions and infects my wonderful clients who comment on how loved they feel. For all of these reasons, Les, I am very grateful.

So a big, very big thank you for your gentle, loving guidance over the years. I do feel very drawn to Heartland

In May 2012, Steve from Adelaide wrote…..
A heartfelt thanks for providing/assisting my wife with the opportunity to rest, reflect, grow and most importantly heal. My gratitude simply can not be explained in words. rds.
Tawnie traveled over 1000km to be with us early May 2012….
I just wanted to thank you again for such a fantastic week at Heartlands. I still feel like I am on a high- I am so happy and I see everything in such a positive light. I have never felt so energetic and well before and I certainly believe the food at Heartlands had a great deal to do with that. Thank you so much to you and Trudi for creating such a wonderful place and inviting people into your loving home and sharing your wisdom. I had such a wonderful time that I am determined to go back to Heartlands again.

One happy guest wrote to us (May 2012) from the airport lounge…….
I am sitting in Maroochy airport waiting for my plane…ne…i caught sight of myself in a window & I was walking taller…& while I was in the bathroom I saw myself in the mirror, smiling…a real look of happiness, not pretend…Thank you again Les & Trudi for helping me find myself in me! X
Sarah came April 2012…….
The week leading up to me attending heartlands was very much unexpected by myself and i found myself feeling very hurt, sad, confused crying more than i think i ever have before and i was really at a loss of what to do or why i needed to do it, i do have some friends that do healing and i went to see them which helped but not in the same way yourself at heartlands were able to, for the first time i was able to understand what was going on, why and how to change/heal myself and for that I am and will always be very grateful to you.

Chris came for Easter 2012…..
Hey Les, Les,
Just wanted to touch base with you and share my thoughts and feelings. Since leaving Heartland at easter I have found a real sense of peace and tranquility. A lot of things you said this time seem to really hit home with me. I now live every day with INTENT! I start each day with gratitude and end the day with a meditation. I have found my way back to yoga sheer bliss!
I feel that I am moving on and can move on. I can almost hear you sigh from here!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

xxx Chris

Mara came February 2012…..
Thank you for your kindness and generosity during the 5 day healing retreat It was a life changing experience for me and I am so very grateful.

Sarah came Easter 2012….
Dear Les, Les,
Thank you sooooo much to you and Trudi for my time at the Heartland Easter retreat.
I wanted to say that I am so glad that I visited Heartland and I really got a lot out of it. I think I realised a lot of things about myself that perhaps I hadn’t beforehand. I also knew that my heart was not well, but I didn’t know what to do about it and I certainly hadn’t realised the extent in which I had blocked out the world. Although I was cynical at the beginning, I think I got it, and I saw my perceptions of the world change. I felt new.
I have decided when I don’t feel love, to visualise my heart as big and healthy and radiant, beaming from my body. I will certainly recommend Heartland to anyone I think would benefit from a visit.
Much love and gratitude to you and Trudi,


AW came in February 2012.
Heartland Retreat completely exceeded my expectations of a health retreat. The daily programs were tailored to meet the groups’ collective needs. Our small group has made lasting bonds and friendships. The food was tasty, hearty and nourishing. The accommodation was homely and very clean. The skills that I have learned from Heartland have enriched my everyday life. Heartland has been invaluable to me in many ways. In the past I suffered anxiety. Since Heartland I no longer feel anxious because of the skills I have learned from the meditation and relaxation sessions. Les and Trudi welcomed our group as if we were their family members. They were approachable, friendly and kind. The program allows you to do as many or as little activities as you would like. I was constantly kept busy by the variety and high quality nature of the programs offered. Every one of our group members stated that they were happy with the retreat and that their individual needs had been met. Towards the end of the retreat, each group member appeared youthful, refreshed and relaxed. Heartland is the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway.

MaryLynne came from Western NSW. She wrote,
I came for a 5 day healing retreat just over 2 years ago, I am still thankful every day that I got to spend time with you and Trudy and the others and how much you helped me.d me.
Thank you Les and Trudy for all your great work.

Love MaryLynne

Here’s a group Testimonial received from a group April 2012….
Thankyou for the wonderful journey now – and to come!


I will always hold this week in my heart and aspire to be the love I am! For this lesson you’ve taught me I thankyou dearly


Words cannot truly express how wonderful it has been to share this time together


Thank you so much for a great week in a wonderful healing place


Thankyou for this experience – your kindness will not be forgotten – your humour has been refreshing. Hope to see you both again!


Thankyou for everything!


Thankyou for the learning and peace and love


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Blessings always!


It was great!


Thankyou for your wisdom, joy and laughter!


Lessons have never been more important – and such a fun way to learn! The people you draw together is also such a blessing!


Thankyou for this week – I shall treasure it always!


Dear Les and Trudi
Thank you so much for the warmth and love that permeates from yourselves to everyone who visits Heartland.

I have now been home 2 weeks and continue to see life with clarity and sincerity. Meditation is now a new way of life and I am feeling the benefits. You introduced me to food I have never before eaten. All meals at Heartland were simply scrumptious.

I also enjoyed discovering more to my creative side in Artland. I had fun painting and my family were quite impressed with my art work. My Hebel rock piece depicting the sign for Happiness sits proudly on the bookcase for all to enjoy. Thank you Trudi for your encouragement during these sessions.

I have recommended Heartland to friends and 1 has advised that she is booked to attend in late May. I am sure her visit will be as amazing as mine.

Love and heartfelt thanks to all at Heartland.

Blessings and Namaste

Helen, Qld

Hi Les, Trudy, Nicholas and Will the wonder dog,
Thank you all for sharing your home and sharing so much of yourselves with me. On the way home I didn’t just cry, but sobbed, bellowed and blubbered all the way home in the car, and when I got home and most of this morning!!! What a wonderful release that was. A lot of sadness but some joy in there as well knowing that what I was feeling was true. What a wonderful gift that you have given me I will always be eternally grateful.

Chris Qld

Hi how are you, I’m good ! Things have been going well. More positive – amazing!

Thanks again for my life change!

Love to all

Avrille, NSW

Thankyou for being who you are. Thankyou and Trudy for that amazing peace of heaven that you allow others to be apart of. I am sure many others are so grateful for you and what you have to offer others.

Kerry, FNQ

hi les,
Thankyou – I wanted to say how grateful I am for everything you shared and taught and inspired within me…I am deeply grateful
With love
Jacqui 🙂

Thank you for another awesome time at Heartland it was just what I needed right now.

Heather, Brisbane.

Mid to late 2011 Heartland enjoyed many full houses, and many very happy guests.
People came from every state of Australia, the US, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands….
Here’s more samples of some of their messages to us over that time…..

Thank you so much for a fantastic program, and for all the beautiful food.
I had the best time and I feel very positive about starting to (or remembering to) work on unconditional love. I know how to love, but it’s the unconditional part that I have forgotten. I know it will take time and persistence when it comes to “negative” situations, but I’m very excited about turning what would usually be a frustrated or negative reaction into a loving response (not just a non-reaction).
I really appreciate your focus on love and gratitude. It
made me realise I don’t acknowledge my gratitude enough. I’ve always thanked people for the nice things they do, but I’ve never really expressed my gratitude for being here everyday, or for the difficult times in my life that have helped my growth.
Thank you again for all the discussions, advice, learnings and wonderful love! I’m very grateful to have met you all, and to have experienced Heartland. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Love Sharyn

Just a short email to say thank you, once again, for a wonderful week.

Hugs Sharon

Thank you very much for the past week it was wonderful.
In love and light


Many thanks for a wonderful week at Heartland with some very special people (friends) – the sharing and learning’s have been immense.
I am practising the 3 minutes 3 times a day and trying to maintain my “new perspective” although the mind and the mouth still try to wander down well trodden paths so it’s a bit of a challenge to remain focussed but well worth the effort to remain centred on the work I need to do within.
Trudi, I have been proudly displaying my painting, soul imaging, hebel stone carving and sketches to my family / friends. Thank you for this special gift of helping me to create such original pieces of art – I just love looking at them all :>)
Les, your words and teaching are deep and still the message of LOVE within and without is simple. Thank you for sharing your life experiences and learning’s – you have helped to pave the way for a smoother path.
It is a real gift and a blessing to be able to embrace this knowledge and I look forward to a more peaceful and abundant future.
Sending my love and light to you all, Namaste


Thank you so much for having me at Heartland Retreat (have already recommended you to many wounded souls). I have returned home stronger and with a new attitude.
So much more to thank you both for, especially for putting the scattered pieces back together.
Much love


Dear Les and Trudi,
Thank you both for providing an environment which facilitates healing, is uplifting to the soul and brings one as close as possible to the energy of Mother Earth and her blessed gifts to humanity. My stay at Heartland is never long enough because my yearning for all the elements which create this wonderful sanctuary is hard to satiate. For me, it fulfils my need to connect with the source of all that is…through the meditations, reflection and connection to nature; my long time desire to walk softly on the Earth, through the daily practise of mindfulness; my need to express creatively, through the art and craft program; my longing for space to be what I need to be at any time; my social need to be with like minded people and share experiences/jokes in a non judgemental environment completely void of ego; and the capacity to release and heal old wounds (for me grief I didn’t know was there) and feel supported in the Spiritual energy.
I found the temple to be the Heart of the whole place and felt privileged every time I entered it.
I have been telling everybody about my “week in heaven….”
Once again thank you so much for the 5 blissful days of respite I’ve been able to enjoy in the haven that you both have created at Heartland and thanks to Mother Earth who drank my tears on the back paddock and transformed them, asking for nothing more than gratitude.

God Bless Cathy

Thanks so much for making the week a very special one. Enjoyed every minute of it and will do all I can to encourage others to come your way.
I’ll keep in touch.


Thanks so much for sharing your retreat with me. The experience I got was so different to what I was expecting. I came looking for a detox, and got it on a completely different level. I was very impressed with your retreat. It really was like a second home where I could relax and allow myself to open up. I was surprised at the effect the chanting had on me. It highlighted my need to speak my inner truth, and the difficulty I have in doing so. It is inspiring to know that in the age of greed and self-centredness that there are people like you that have a genuine desire to help others. I am really happy to have met you and spent a week in your company.


Thank you Les and Trudi again for a most amazing 5 days. I can feel the difference every day and look forward to coming back to visit you all again.
Thank you again and thanks to Viv and Nicholas and Grace and Will and all the chickens…..
Blessings to you too


Thank-you for being there so powerfully to allow me to re-connect with the true Me I thought I had buried forever….I will be back! With love everlasting….


Thank-you for a most lovely stay…..


Thank-you all for such a wonderful experience which has enabled me to connect to the Spirit Within All…..the Oneness of the Universe!
In Love and Peace,


Thank-you so much for your caring this week. The ‘Heartland experience’ has worked its magic again!
Love and Blessings,


Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Jenny, South Australia

Thank-you for a healing and soul-nurturing retreat. My compliments on your integrity and generosity of Spirit, two very important qualities that you exemplify in all you do.
Love and Peace,


Thank-you, both, for all that you do and all that you are. This week has been such an awakening – thank-you, again!


Thank-you for your hearts, wisdom, graciousness, tenderness, knowledge, creativity, laughter and specialness!


I just want to thank you all for an absolutely amazing time at Heartland! I look forward to my next experience in 2012!
With much love and light,


Thank-you for the beautiful, loving days I spent at Heartland on my recent retreat. I’ve returned home refreshed, loving, loved and loveable! I’m feeling awesome and appreciating my awesomeness.
Love to all,


I have felt joy, laughter and deep connection with those I shared the retreat with – and my gratitude overflows! Love and Joy is in abundance – and I give thanks!

Alma, Brisbane

Thankyou Heartland for being so aptly named
Thank-you for mending fences,
Thank-you for healing pain,
Thank-you for insights given,
Thankyou for putting us together, again!


Megan came in April 2011

Thank you again for a most wonderful time. I honestly feel like the time I spent at Heartland has changed me deeply and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience what you and Trudi have created. I have never felt so accepted, safe and yet curious and challenged all at once. I have been telling my friends I felt like I stepped inside a rainbow, the energy was so sublime.


John, a senior business executive, came from Sydney in April 2011. He later wrote the following testimonial for us to use.

I have to say that Heartland has been a huge eye opener for me. Not only have I got to understand spirituality, I have found my soul and gained greater balance on life – how to manage my thoughts, feelings, consider others and “put in” as opposed to focusing on outcomes….. placing the right perspective on the things that change your life and affect your decision making. Obviously I am still under ongoing development but life seems so much clearer now and I am prepared for anything – which is down to my renewed and vastly improved belief system.

I hope you choose to go for the week. You definitely won’t regret it and you may feel it is one of the most enlightening experiences of your life. I do.

Heartland is a wonderful place. As a man of the world, Les is the most inspirational person and life mentor I have met. He holds several topical spiritual “talks” in a language you can relate to and I certainly could relate to the various standpoints he spoke of in life and it’s challenges – wrong turns and rationale behind what is termed as “right thinking,” inner self, love and oneness. Additionally he has many real stories and anecdotes to share, especially about his eventful past.

Your days will be filled with a forum of interesting spiritually related “open” discussions, meditation (I’m still at the guided stage), temple services and group activities (e.g. art with Trudi). Not forgetting one2one sessions with Les – optional. Plus there are around 3000 books to ponder and study. It is deep, very deep and peaceful, very peaceful. I loved it. It is the perfect setting to align your mind and outlook. You don’t just get the spiritual knowledge – it is the love within and the love for others that really captures your heart and leads you down a fulfilling path of wellness.

You won’t get religion rammed down your throat either. Throughout the retreat and within the temple you will be exposed to spiritual awareness in a “down to earth” way. Yes Jesus is involved and you will pray, also chant etc.. Other religions will be brought up too like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity (separate to Jesus as a man and what he stood for) etc. It’s like taking the best components of each belief (whoever the God is), wrapping it into spiritualism and combining it all with the overall spiritual way of being. I never really knew this existed and for me, it was truly like a revelation… and just what I wanted to have faith in (yet never knew it until now).

John, Sydney.
P.S. Oh, and the surroundings are picturesque, tranquil and naturally beautiful. Rather like everything else at Heartland, the food too is also divine – fine dining. Vegetarianism at it’s best! Maybe it’s a mixture of my soul coming out and the food that has made my eyes change colour and go bright green!

Lisa came in 2009 and recently wrote to us:
I came to Heartland for a wonderful 5 days back in 2009 and though I haven’t been in touch, think of you all fondly and have found such glorious peace knowing that such a place exists not only in QLD, but within myself.

Jenny wrote
I still remember the retreat with a great deal of gratitude and appreciation – you are all doing wonderful work and more importantly teaching by example – it is truly a piece of paradise there.


Margaret came in March 2011.
Hi Les and Trudi,
Thank you both sincerely for a truly wonderful experience. I was very hesitant at first, however soon realized what you were offering is the only way forward…… To you both a huge Thank You.
I cannot Thank you both enough. Truly inspired.
May God bless you both.


Samantha came last year; but wanted her Mum to also visit Heartland….
It’s been a while since I attended Heartland yet the experience remains strong in my body and soul. I am still ever grateful for the experience, and I must say my life has really taken off since I attended the retreat last year……

Kelly came from Sydney Easter 2011….
I thought you should know that when I booked Heartland Retreat 5 day renewal…I did not know anything about you, your past, future, family, or your books etc.
I received a wonderful experience for what I needed to find…my inner Heart.
Thankyou and blessings,


Sandra came in January 2011.
My time spent at Heartlands was brilliant as it was exactly what I needed to help give me the direction I needed in my life. I would love to come back as it would feel like coming home.
My gratitude and thanks to Les, Trudi, Viv, Nat, Alison, Rob, Kylie and Will for making my visit so fulfilling.
I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen!
Once again thankyou from the depths of my heart.


Renade came in January 2011.
PEACE, THANKS & GRATITUDE to the BOTH OF YOU for the AWAKENINGS and LOVE that I feel after leaving your UNIMAGINABLE RETREAT. It is hard to believe how I NOW FEEL and also so HUMBLED. I AM IN AWE of what I FEEL to be a TRANSFORMATION and the GIFT from THE HEART (which you helped to awaken) to MY LIFE PURPOSE!!!!!!

A Beautiful 17 year old girl, visiting Heartland on her own (early 2011) later wrote to us…
My heart is so very open to the world and I’ve been connecting to people ever since I got home. On the plane I sat next to two beautiful boys and we had an authentic conversation.
I awoke excited about this brand, new day. I felt that there was nothing I needed to remember, no routine or rules I needed to adhere to, only a whole world to appreciate, explore and enjoy.
I truly feel that the healing experience of Heartland was magical and that this energy will continue to be felt in my life and the lives of the other radiant women.

Jacqui came to our New Year Retreat….
Dear Les and Trudi,
I can’t find enough words to thankyou enough for everything on the retreat. I am feeling better in every way than I have in so long and know that your retreat brought be back to my truth within and deep connection to spirit. I am still waking everyday and remembering to give gratitude and keep giving thanks all throughout the day. I am so thankful I was able to come to your retreat and feel the world is a better place with you both as such amazing guides and teachers….
With thanks from the bottom of my heart….and yes a 120/20 for me – everything was perfect 🙂

Love Jacqui

Cris came to Heartland late 2010…..
I am writing to let you know that one of the best things I did this year was to come to Heartland – I hope to come again when I can – it helped me so much and a remarkable change came over my life following that time – I am also delighted that I have become close to two of the girls on the course – we remain in close touch. Love to you and Trudi for 2011 and to all at Heartland

Sally came late 2010….
Thank you both so much again for looking after me at Heartland (and for running such a retreat in the first place). It was a truly amazing experience.
Lots of love and best wishes.


Wolf came about a year ago. He wrote after some months….
….tears in my eyes now thinking of all the things heartland brought me, love you guys – thankyou.

Coleena came from New Zealand in 2010 and later wrote…
Firstly a very belated THANK YOU for the wonderful retreat I attended July/August. I benefited and enjoyed every moment!

Neil came late 2010.
I loved my time at Heartland and everything in that week really touched me. I look forward to returning and referring others as well.
With love and peace,


Leanne came in 2010.
Dear Les & Trudi

Thank you for your email and thank you so much for opening your home and hearts to us, allowing us the privilege to share in the experience that is Heartland.

I felt as though I had come home – warm, welcoming, caring hosts, your wonderful story-telling Les which had me laughing and crying, Trudi’s beautiful smile, gentle nature of your wonderful assistants, beautiful scenery, delicious healthy meals, a comfortable warm bed, joy of companionship, freedom to be me, inspired by creativity, heart-touching insights, moving the body in new ways, sharing the joy of music, delightful wildlife friends and so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed trying Tai Chi and Chakra Dance for the first time and intend to work with them regularly, and thank you for helping me remember how I love meditation. I would have been happy to stay at Heartland, and stay…..and stay. Had I seen your email request for a new helper before I’d left home, I very well might have asked Bernard to come back to pick me up in six months time!!

I am planning towards visiting Heartland again as I enjoyed sharing your company and yes, many lessons to learn – in spirit, in body, in reigniting passion for life, in artistic creation. I am grateful to have been reminded once again that my little spark deep within deserves to be nurtured and nourished so as to glow at its brightest.


Sheila came late 2010…
I want to thank you and all the staff of Heartland for a memorable time I spent there a couple of weeks ago.
I didn’t really know I was in such a bad place until I got there and the healing started.
I came away with a different perspective and things are much better for me now. I now feel like I am ready to take the next step of my journey into light.
Many thanks.


Marian came (again) late 2010….
Dear Les
I wish to thank you, Trudy and all the staff at Heartland for an inspirational 12 days. It gave me the chance to recharge my batteries and work through issues I needed to work through.
I am feeling happier and more positive. Many thanks
Love and cyber hugs to you and Trudi.


Monika visited late 2010….
Dear Les and Trudi,

Thank you for giving me back my heart. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for having met you and the wonderful new friends I have made last week. Heartland is magical. I wish I could have stayed for longer and already asked my husband to accompany me for a visit next year.
This has been a transforming week for me in more ways than you can ever imagine.
I send you love, friendship and gratitude for doing what you do and being who you are.

Monica also came late 2010…
The week was wonderful, very inspiring and uplifting. I have been reviewing now some teachings of the Buddha, especially Tibetan Master’s Sogyar Rinpoche ‘Tibetan book of living and dying’. I had already started this journey, and the retreat reaffirmed it in every way.

Camilla came October 2010
Hi Les and Trudi,
I wanted to thank you both very much for the wonderful experience you provide at Heartland. I was somewhat anxious upon my arrival, as I didn’t quite know what to expect and I had a feeling that my insides would get a little shaken up! And I was right! But it all happened in such a positive, safe and supportive environment. You provided such a great range of activities to partake in and I particularly loved the singing and chanting. I’ve created a ‘Heartland’ playlist on my Ipod and I’m now woken by it each morning. I then sing or chant for about 20 minutes. It’s a great way to start my day and I wouldn’t be exercising my vocal cords as much were it not for you. The art classes were wonderful and I was especially hesitant to initially start the soul collage but I persevered and I’m so glad I did, as it sits by my bed and I can read all of the key ideas that I learnt at Heartland. One of those is “Give thanks.” I really liked doing this each day after our chanting session and I’ve noticed that when I now do it in the evening, my list gets longer each time. On the first evening during your talk, Les, you asked us if we truly wanted to be happy, and my body and mind responded no. I was quite shocked. But over the course of the week, I had a resounding feeling of wanting to be happy and of taking your advice to assist me on my journey. Les and Trudi, you both have such a lovely presence and you make people feel at ease. I admire what you’re doing each day and I feel blessed to have been on one of your retreats.
With love,


Pauline came October 2010…
Bless you and your passion for extending Joy and Peace.


Carole came from NSW in October 2010
Dear Les and Trudi,
I am sending this email to say THANK YOU so much for a most inspirational weekend (29th-31st October). I am so full of gratitude for your teachings, your warmth and compassion for all of us who shared the time with you. I can’t wait to meet again. I felt I had come home.
Love and Blessings,


Maria came from Sydney in September 2010…
Dear Les, Trudi and all the wonderful staff at Heartland,
Thank you so very much for all your wonderful hearts and hospitality.

I had such a wonderful experience at Heartland In September. I didn’t know what to expect apart from that I needed to connect back to my source( my true self) after some of life’s challenges and I certainly knew I was in a safe and loving environment from the first moment I arrived. I am truly blessed to have spent 5 days with such wonderful people with whom I’ve connected with so well. I have never smiled so much in 5 days. Also I continually sing’ Let Your Love Flow ‘and it reminds me of the bonding of souls I was blessed to be with and I will cherish those memories dearly and keep them close to my heart through my life’s journey. I certainly will come back for another visit and take a dip in the new pool.

Kind and loving blessings


Stefanie arrived in September 2010 from Victoria.
It was a wonderful lovely experience for me to meet with you and all the beautiful people of Heartland.

Carmel arrived from interstate in September 2010 for 12 glorious days…
Hi Les and Trudi,

WOW’ what else can I say but a BIG thank you. My time at Heartland was very timely and I continue thanking the Universe for guiding me to your wonderful Home/Retreat. Your patience, guidance and understanding was very much appreciated. Before arriving at ‘Heartland’ (so appropriately named)at the time I know I was very stressed and had gone off my Spiritual path, thank you, thank you, thank you for guiding me back.

The food: who could enjoy or want a better cuisine than we enjoyed. I was one of the privileged to be able to sample both Viv’s and Trudi’s individual cuisine. ‘WOW’ .

Trudi your playing of the crystal bowls still reverberates around me whenever I visualise them (daily) and the lessons and laughter in the ‘art shed’ how wonderful were they. The budding artist is still coming out in me, I did not realise I could draw or paint. My sculpture has pride of place on our front veranda and my ‘possum’, well he is just beautiful and is on prominent display and will accompany us on our trip around Australia, (no more stressing about when!)

These days when people ask me how I am going? my response is ‘excellent and getting better’ (to quote you Les. Lots of great things have happened since leaving ‘Heartland’, thanks to your teachings I now have a different outlook on life (or back on track).

Di returned for another visit in October 2010….
Heartfelt Gratitude ~ To ALL at Heartland

Words are totally inadequate to express my gratitude for the enriching & transformational experience at Heartland Retreat. From the moment I arrived, I felt very much like I had returned home, I immediately sensed & felt the interconnected living spirit of Love & Acceptance that dwells at heartland, embracing all who enter & naturally re-connecting one to their soul.

Les, Trudi & their family are the infinite Well from which this spirit of Unconditional Love, Acceptance & Wisdom flows! All of which is also reflected through all that are an intricate part of the heartland community, Viv, Jan, Nicholas, Grace, Kim & of course, Will, the heartland pet & self appointed greeter & guardian of All.

The ongoing support, sharing, friendship, laughter, comfort, encouragement, excellent nutrition, creative expression , and accommodation ensured one was immersed within the nterconnected oneness that is a paramount example of spirit in loving action and which serves to inspire all who enter to embrace their true nature an BE all that One IS.



Colleen visited from New Zealand in mid 2010…..
Even though a couple of months have gone by since I attended the wonderful retreat at Heartland, the positive effects of my time there are still emerging…..

So thanks ever so much to you both for sharing your time, gifts and space with me. The way you adapted the food for our individual needs was amazing and the nourishing of our minds, creativity and souls was most appreciated. (My painting hangs with pride in my house for all to see and share.) The introduction to tai chi was a great idea, the
massage superb and I’m sure the new pool will also help to add to the physical aspect of a very well balanced retreat centre which I will continue to tell others about.

Susan visited in October 2010…..
Hi Les & Trudi

Thankyou for such a wonderful time shared at heartland at the beginning of October. My kids didn’t believe i did the painting we all did – they said it was excellent, i felt very proud of myself.

Thank you les for your guidance and love it has helped me view things from a different perspective and i will continue healing with the knowledge and support i now feel i have.
I will recommend heartland to everyone i meet.



Connie from North Queensland shared with us….
I am so grateful that my searching led me to your Heartland and it has certainly been a portal for me to trust my instincts which lead me to where I need to go next.

Debbie came to Heartland in October 2010. She wrote….
Dear Les & Trudi,

Many thanks to you both for a very special week at the beautiful Heartland.

Your retreat has such a nurturing energy and your many nuggets of wisdom are a tonic to the heart.

I hope to return to Heartland one day.

Thank you for the special souls you are and for all you do, you are an inspiration to the world.

Keep well, keep happy,

Love, Debbie

Val visited from Sydney in October 2010.
I feel so glad to have felt the energy and found myself at Heartland when I really needed it.

Rita came from Toowoomba in July 2010….
Dear Les & Trudi,

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to both of you and your wonderful band of helpers for allowing me to utilise your time, energy and beautiful space during my week with you. I felt safe and truly loved. I still can’t get over the varied and tasteful dishes made with just plain veges. There were many “highlights” for me during the week but two stand out for me as inspirational and profound,,, firstly when we paired off and held hands while listening to a prayer then gazing into the other persons eyes and seeing not only myself within them but recognising the divine within both of us.,,, the 2nd was the lighting the candles on the tree of life,,, I feel so truly blessed to have been able to share and witness such love.
Les, if I had any regrets during the week it would be to say that I would like to have heard you play the singing bowls.,, but I know there are only so many minutes (ish) in each day so I look forward to hearing them next time I visit your little piece of paradise.

With fondest memories and love,


Chris came from WA and shared Heartland with us in July 2010….
hi Les, Trudie and all staff

Wow, what can i say- from the moment i stepped off the plane to stepping back on the plane, i was looked after-the friendliness, the information, the patience, the view, the accomodation, the food, the quietness, the people, the meditation, the art and the dolphins, um what else, the other guests, the inspirational talks and individual sessions with Les. Everything was awesome.

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!



Kate came in June 2010.
Dear Les & Trudi,

I had an incredibly healing time with you, and look forward to coming back soon for the 12 day retreat!


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