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When the Love within speaks …
This is what participants have written about our programs.

Some people come with cancer….. this was received March 2010.
Thank you so much for the faith you had in (cancer client) to heal, and the faith you have in people in general. Just thinking about the love and peace at Heartland was a great refuge for me during the most challenging times. It has been the most intense journey but the only way is up now. He looks and feels as good as new and heads back to work mid April.Thank you thank you thank you!! Loads of love and will visit again xxoxoxox

K&R (names withheld as a courtesy).

Robyn spent a week with us in November 09
“The most amazingly positive experience I had recently – from start to finish – was when. I visited Heartland Retreat run by Les and Trudi Dyer. From my first email contact to the moment Les personally farewelled me, this couple and this retreat under-promised and over-delivered. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything and everyone was gracious, giving and reliable (as long as you understand that Les’s time is oneish, twoish… you are told that upfront and it suits the nature and ethos of this gorgeous establishment).”

Robyn Pulman, International Conference Speaker & Organisational Coach
“Creating Winning Habits” (www.robyn.com.au)

As well as touching me personally, I often refer your messages to my coaching clients for their reflection. Your words say many things that are deep within their own hearts, and not yet so courageously expressed, and I thank you for this unique gift that you so willingly share.

Fond love and blessings always,

Natalie, Fremantle, WA

Kerry visited us for a 5 day retreat in October 2009…..
I had a wonderful time during my visit to heartland. I reconnected with myself and came home a different person. Thank-you, Les, for your wonderful lessons. Thanks to you, Trudy, my creativity has been ignited and I have started making my own Christmas cards. This is a huge step for someone who struggled to get out of bed in the morning and had lost the ability to experience joy. Can’t wait to come back.”

Kerry J, Brisbane

Margaret came in September 09……
I learnt so much in the week I was with you and you are all such beautiful people it will be so lovely when the whole world learns to live in the peace that you have all manage to create in your wonderful retreat.

Gwyneth came at Easter 2009. She recently wrote to us…
“I am learning how to live with an open heart. So thankyou for the space you provide people to grow in love and truth and I hope your sanctuary Heartland is thriving!”

Love and blessings


Received 27th August 2009….
Dear Les & Trudi

Since arriving back from your heavenly retreat, I have tried so many times, to so many friends, to explain what it was like….but no words can adequately describe the calmness, the peace, the love, the safety, the teachings, Oh…..and the glorious food, the art lessons, the meditations, the singing….the hugging and laughter….the beautiful, beautiful people.

My sister and I chose Heartland because we knew we needed some time out. We were stuck in a place of grief, anger, guilt and hurt……..our spirits were fading. We couldn’t move forward…….we’d forgotten who we were….and that we were all connected. We knew it intellectually – but we just didn’t ‘get it’ so that we could live it. Immediately on arrival, we could feel the loving energy and knew we had come to the right place. Each day was a wonderful blessing, slowly, tentatively, we learnt how to connect to the spirit within and remember who we are.

Les – you truly live & breathe your passion – to see all as God. Your laughter helped us remember the joy in life. We have learnt so much from listening to your talks. You have an innate sense of how to help us all with your stories. They resonate and therefore enlighten us all. Your meditations are miraculous. I have done many healing meditations before but none have ever had the effect that yours have. Every morning I do one of your meditations and I immediately recapture the energy of Heartland and it helps me to connect to all that I am.

Trudi – your beingness was a joy to watch and your food was just amazing. Thank you for planting the seed of creativity within us once again. Nick, Kellie, Kim & Zoe – thank you for your boundless supply of beautiful smiles and nourishment. The singing bowls & drumming were so much fun even if we are still trying to find our ‘rhythm’.

I now have my little bit of heaven I can return to every time I meditate, everytime I forget for an instant who I am – I return to Heartland. It is a memory that will always be with me – will always bring a smile to my face – and I hope to return home for another visit.

Love & Blessings

name and address withheld as a courtesy.

Mary came mid 2009….
Thankyou, again, for the inspirational week I spent with you!

Mary Morrison – Chatswood, NSW

Margaret also came mid 2009….
Many thanks for a most wonderful week. To be nurtured, supported and challenged is something we all need. To be able to do this in a safe environment is rare.

Thankyou, again.

Margaret Harrip, NSW

Many thanks for a wonderful week! I am quietly restored to sanity thanks to the lovely time up in Gympie. All the staff and your kind self and Trudie made for a memorable experience.

God bless,


Jenny visited mid 2009, too….
I wanted to write and thank you for a fabulous six days last month. Being at Heartland has changed the way I see other people which makes me feel better about myself. What a great bunch of people we had too. We have been keeping in touch.

Kind regards

Jenny, Brisbane

Karen came with friends mid 2009….
Hi Les, Trudi and everyone at Heartland,
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. For the love, acceptance and peacefulness you so freely shared with us all. I was pensive of returning home and a little worried I would not be able to sustain feeling positive, free, peaceful and in harmony with God. Well I have and my family are greatful, curious and much more content and loving. I’m now focusing on driving negative thoughts from my mind and boldly walking where I feared to walk before. Each day I give thanks to God, that I was chosen to cross paths with you and to share a brief moment in time with you all.

With much love

Karren Jensen

Pina flew interstate to be with us in June 2009….
”To everyone at Heartland, especially Les, thank you for the inspirational talks, chanting/singing, music, creative sessions (a special thanks to Trudi!) and the whole vegetarian experience – the food was great! I returned home a changed woman. Being closer to the divine has already given me abundance, i.e. a clear perspective on my life; dealing better with fear; meditating on a regular basis; being more balanced and centred and overall being happier within myself. God bless you all at Heartland – PS: A special hello to Nicholas – what a well-mannered young man – he blew me away”.

Connie from North Queensland wrote….
We arrived safely back home on Saturday night…spending the whole journey back talking about how life-changing our stay was. I have already made changes to our family dynamics – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Our home is already calmer & more loving. I don’t think my husband can quite work out what is happening to me.
Thank you again for welcoming us, embracing us, teaching us and allowing us the wonderful blessing of being part of your family.
I have already recommended Heartland to those I know would benefit. The memory of our time at Heartland is one we will never forget.
Thank you

Connie Hardy

Christine visited in August 2009
Thanks very much to You and Trudy for a great week (that is still unfolding)

Much love and big hugs


Bianka wrote to us when she returned home August 2009
Thankyou for building a beautiful sanctuary and sharing it with us; for your warmth and heartfelt welcome; for your love; for sharing your wisdom; for showing me how to let go of the past; for opening my eyes and heart to living a more fulfilled and joyous life; for my new-found belief in my grand vision for the future.

I loved my time at Heartland and look forward to seeing you all again.

Bianka – Queensland.

Barbara visited us for 6 days in June 2009…..
Dear Les,

Attending my first retreat at Heartland has in many ways saved me. I know this might sound dramatic but I really was lost. Prior to coming to Heartland, whilst I didn’t have any major life threatening illness, I had a range of various health and emotional problems that had been taking all my energy. There were making me feel so tired and confused that I not only couldn’t make decisions, I couldn’t find a way out and as the days went on I became more and more panicky about losing control everything. The doctors had done many tests and I had various parts of my body scanned but they could not find any clear reason for my health problems and my GP gave me strong anti-depressants. I took one of these tablets and the horrible side effects and my research about the drug was enough to make me wake up and think about a better plan…that’s when I booked Heartland. At Heartland, you are a wonderful family and I felt honoured to be part of your lives for that week. I felt safe because I knew no-one would be judging my performance or my strengths and weaknesses as a human being. I found a way to look for and appreciate the good in me and stop worrying about being judged. I had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders – it is hard to explain – but I returned home with a passion for meditation, feeling worthwhile, healthy and happy. Every day I still choose happiness. Sometimes I go off course but I keep choosing happiness and it has made an extraordinary difference to my life.

Yours in peace and joy


Christine wrote….
I look forward to Heartland again.- I found your talks very inspiring – touching Heart & Truth. (you are welcome to use this on your website!)

In Love & Lightness of Being

Christine Dorahy

Kim visited us in May 2009….
Hi Les and Trudi

It seems like so long ago I was at Heartland with you in that wonderful light, warm, caring environment. Whenever I think of Heartland I can feel calmness and serenity. Love and thanks to both of you and all at Heartland.

Love Kim

Michelle enjoyed time with us in June 2009….
Hi Les,

I just wanted to say that my experience at Heartland was amazing and I’ve missed it a lot!! I don’t think you need to change a thing!

Thank you for your love and advice – i’ve never been happier since i left Heartland – my perspective on life is completely different and for the first time ever i’m excited and can see endless possibilities ahead of me. My self confidence is growing as well, (a work in progress!) and i’m starting to just enjoy each day. I dont think i’ll ever forget Heartland or the people i met there. : )



Mary came to Heartland for a week in July 2009…..
Hi Les

Thanks again for a wonderful week. You truly are an amazing being. I have included a testimonial that you may like to include.

Before going to Heartland I had forgotten how to love. The amazing people and surroundings at Heartland really touched my heart and by the end of the week I was ready to once again share my love with everyone. Thank you Les for the words of wisdom and life experiences that have enabled me to begin healing myself.

Love and hugs


Lisa returned recently for a second visit…..
Dearest Les & Trudi,

Life for me since I came back from Heartland after Easter has been quite magical- I feel as though I have been carried on the crest of a Divine wave, my feet barely touching the ground.
I am so clear that there is only one thing I need to work on- staying in a constant state of alignment with the Divine. It so breathtakingly simple yet so painstakingly difficult to do. But I know that is the only thing to master- everything else will unfold exactly as it’s meant to. Being in a state of love, gratitude and joy. What else is there really!

My love to you both, and I cant wait to come back to Heartland.


Jeanette from Melbourne wrote to us…..
Hi Les,

Your words were just what I needed to hear. Your words inspire me.

I achieved a lot from the time away. The discussions we all had have remained in my head and I actually listen to what people are saying (or not saying) to me a lot more clearly.

I am not such an easy target anymore. I thank you, Trudi and Heartland for this.

Love and big hugs too.
PS I miss this the most.


Gabrielle came in February 2009; and emailed us…..
Good morning Wonderful friends,
I miss you guys and Heartland so much.

So much of what i learnt there rang true to me, and I am a better person for it, but it is a constant practice to try to not fall back into the old mindsets and habits….I plan to return to Heartland to concentrate on my routines in my life and in my head.

All of you are truly an inspiration to me..

Sharron from WA spent time with us in February 2009.
My stay at the retreat certainly set me up for a brighter outlook for my future and things are moving along at a wonderful pace.

Thank you for your guidance and I look forward to receiving your wonderful words of encouragement and enlightenment from time to time.

Best wishes,


Beatrix from Sydney came to Heartland in February 2009….
It has been almost 2 months ago since I attended my first retreat at Heartland. I did not know what to expect, I just wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, reconnect with my Inner self and reflect and contemplate.

I got so much more than what I ever expected. It felt like coming home and the Love and Kindness you give to everybody is felt everywhere, where ever you go!
You genuinely care and love people and your wisdom and teachings gave me so much strengths, hope and faith in this world and myself again!

I was able to connect deeper with God and my soul, but I also felt so nurtured, nourished and full of energy and Love after the 6 day stay. It was like I had refuelled again with the best quality petrol!

Upon my arrival back into city life and into my job I have taken a new approach, I have modified my life style and I have been taking a much more positive approach into everyday situations.
I am much calmer, I have more patience and I am so much happier, enjoying every day to the fullest.

I cannot thank you enough for your Love and kindness, for all your help and support and for making my stay so special. It was my first time at Heartland, but certainly not the last time.

Please give my Love to everyone and a big hug for Will and the donkeys.

Lots of Love
God bless you all

Beatrix (Sydney)

Robyn visited us late 2008….
My life is so much fuller and richer for having been there and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to take part in the workshop. I especially loved listening to your talks and look forward to another visit down the track.

Robyn, Sydney

Lisa spent 6 days with us in January 2009…
From the depths of my heart I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coming to Heartland and having the opportunity to spend 6 days with you both was an incredible gift. I have learnt so much about love, compassion, understanding… not just from your teachings, but more importantly, by the way you treat others. You are both the embodiment of Love.

Today is my first day back at work and I was committed to simply being Love and Compassion. And it has been an incredible day! I have so many insights to share with you, but for now all I can say is Thank you for giving me my life back.

I feel so alive!!! It’s incredible!!!

Love from the bottom of my heart,

Lisa, Melbourne

Jean from Sydney wrote…
After getting past the cleansing tears toward the end I am reminded how I do not remind myself of the beauty I serve. Thank you for being the vessel of information.

Jean, Sydney

Maxeen from Sydney took part in a 12 day Retreat. This is what she wrote us…
The process of bringing a group of ‘strangers’ together and creating a ‘family’ is indicative of what I have experienced every time I visit Heartland. That sense of family, oneness and harmony are from my perspective integral to the amazing healing sanctuary you provide and actively nurture at Heartland.

Having previously been blessed to visit Heartland and participate in a couple of 5 day retreats, I was attracted to the possibility of undertaking the 12 day retreat as an opportunity to delve deeper, slow down and explore some more the many aspects of self that influence the life choices I make moment to moment.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the opportunities and divine environments provided to do just those things. Whether it was sitting in quiet contemplation enjoying the beautiful ambiance of Heartland; enjoying excursions to the beach or mountains; walks along Meadows Lane; group sessions and discussions; sharing our stories and healing journeys; spending time exploring our creative selves; joining group meditations; enjoying the great food; and the opportunity to be of service to others, it was an enriching 12 days. A retreat I would recommend to anyone willing to give themselves a gift with the potential to empower personal healing and positive change.

The 12 days was particularly rewarding in the time it afforded us to connect on a heart level and share our healing journeys. Certainly the feeling of Oneness prospers with the opportunity to appreciate how our unique stories really just bring us into closer contact with the Oneness of our being.

The effort the entire Heartland Family invests into making everybody welcome; supporting the needs of the individual and group; whilst maintaining such an amazing healing sanctuary, is to be applauded. Those early mornings, late nights, and the seemingly endless and ever expanding to do list, from where I see, is motivated by Love. In that sense I fully agree Trudi, when you say “we are living our purpose. Simply being who we are”. You are all an inspiring example of Love in Action.

Blessings to all.


Alison lives on the Sunshine Coast with her family…
It is truly wonderful to have somewhere where people can go to feel friendship, love and trust and sincerity for their wellbeing and spiritual being. The support you give people is immessurable and the many hours that you so tirelessly devote to others with your kindness, support and friendship are indeed appreciated by many people who have had the wonderful experience off attending one off the workshops you hold; or have just needed some spiritual, emotional support or simply time to be with themselves to get back on the right path to re-connecting with the inner self.

 Thankyou for being who you are and living your dream. Because in living your dreams you help others too live their dreams. You help others to be their greatness and to become whole once again with your great sense off humour, manner, wonderful words of wisdom and teaching but most off all much needed support. You’re like RACQ insurance, “I would’nt be with out you”.

With love always.


Christine hails from northern NSW…
I would like to express my deepest thanks for the gifts you have shown me this year and I feel delighted to have shared part of my journey with you this past year.

My greatest treasure of this year is that you have shown me that all of my life, its events and the people within it, is truly, simply and exquisitely a gift.

I can choose to acknowledge this or not as the case may be and I truly know within my heart now that everything and everyone is a gift whether I like it or not. So blessings, hugs and lots of laughs for the gift of this immense gift.


Another participant wrote…
There are no words that can convey how much it means to me to for the first time in my life to have somewhere to go that feels like Home and to be embraced by Love. That feeling is priceless.

“HB” visited for healing from cancer September 2008 and recently wrote….
My first thoughts are gratitude. Today I visited my Doctor and she examined me and found no sign of any lump. You said it would be gone by Christmas – well it is gone now.

In actual fact I believe it disappeared when I was staying at Heartland not so long ago.

You helped me a great deal to look at cause and effect and to deal with that. At some stage when I was there this thought came to me: well not actually a thought, not even a belief, more like a knowing: God I am and if I am God then I am love and loved more than I can ever imagine and what happens to me in life is insignificant to my being that is loved and has always been loved and always will be loved.

So in that instant I believe the lump disappeared.

Why would I ever create illness in a body that is so loved and so full of beauty?

So thank you Les for all your help.

Love HB

Debbie from Sydney last visited late 2008…
I was eager to return home for the second time to “Heartland Retreat” for some guidance and much needed respite after some recent upheavals in my life.

As I drew in my first breath on arrival I was instantly lifted by that familiar spirit of love, acceptance, peace and harmony that I’d experienced from my previous visit … I knew I had come to the right place, at the right time.

This healing week was just perfect thanks to the dedication, expertise, insight & intuition, wisdom, humour, honesty, generosity of time and energy, understanding and unconditional love that Les offers every person who visits this unique retreat.

I was warmly invited to participate in every activity & encouraged to do inner work exercises, but also time to myself to just “be” was deeply respected and honoured. The food was exceptional and I’m very thankful for Trudi’s devotion to teaching me how to do my first salt mandala and hebel totem pole.

I have recommended this retreat to every person I meet and I look forward to my next visit.

Love Debbie H (Sydney)

Jacqui came late 2008. Her email said…
“Thankyou for such an amazing week. I feel very enlightened and in tune with my higher self. I have listened to both of your meditation cd’s and will continue my journey towards a peaceful life.

Thankyou for helping me to heal and for showing me compassion and how to forgive my partner. I have hung my painting in our home, and every day I look at the words “You are Free”.

Robyn spent time with us during our July ’08 trip to Perth and Sydney…..
Hi Les, I would just like to thank you so very much for giving your time, for the reading I received on Thursday and the workshop on Saturday. You are an amazing man. Everything you said, was brilliant, it’s given me so much to think about, about my life and my outlook on life and how I can make so many changes. My friends and I are definitely coming up to one of your retreats next year, as I feel I still have a lot to learn, a long way to progress. Once again, thank you so very much for everything. Love and blessings,

Robyn Jones (Sydney).

Astrid flew up from Victoria to share five days with us in July ’08….
Your retreat gave me back my fundamental living skills and a renewed passion for life. Thank you both so much for this transformational experience. Many blessings to you all at Heartland and to your good work.

Astrid Ritenis/Robinson (Victoria)

“From the moment I entered Heartland, my whole Being was uplifted, as my heart opened to this magnificent experience. The magic, beauty and peace of Heartland and the joyous, warm-hearted welcome from Les and Trudi, opened the gates for profound change. Les’ teachings and guidance are offered with deep love, humour and generosity enabling the shifts in my perspectives to occur with such clarity & understanding. After just one session of ‘Repairing the Net of Time’, a huge release of years of blocked energy created an immediate amazing change in my relationship and this continues to unfold. Les and Trudi’s embodiement of unconditional love and generosity of spirit, truly shows me the path of enlightenment. I am deeply grateful.”

Christine Brennan (Brisbane)

“I am ever thankful for the past week where I have been lovingly welcomed at your beautiful home & sanctuary “Heartland Retreat”. I originally planned to stay for the Healing Intensive from 3-7 March, but opted for three extra days. Les, when you greeted me with your warm smile, loving gaze and open embrace I knew I’d come to the right place for healing and nurturing. I felt welcomed, loved and included into your dear family, which became my family for an unforgettable 7 days. I will always hold you in my heart. The Healing Intensive week was fantastic and the program “Healing the Net of Time” was beyond words. I made some true connections this week.

Thank you so much for the tranquility, relaxed environment, cute green frogs, loving support, wonderful fresh cuisine lovingly prepared by Trudi, and for providing the perfect space for me to experience my True Self.”

With much love, Debbie H (Adelaide)

Shona drove up to visit us for five days in June ’08 from Brisbane …
Just a short note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Heartland.
The name Heartland is very appropriate as when I was there I felt thoroughly at home with very loving & caring people.
During my stay there I received a lot of love & support that enabled me to get my life back into balance & to continue on my personal journey. A new perspective on certain aspects in my life will enable me to make the necessary changes that I need.
Much Love & Light to you & your family

Shona Battersby (Brisbane)

Here’s an email from Jane who attended our “Quit Sabotage” Program in June 2008
Dear Les,

Thank you once again for a most wonderful experience. When I came home on Tuesday I felt different – more relaxed, like I was floating inside. For the first time in my life I feel some peace and no longer dread waking up in the mornings to face yet another day….

Jane, Sunshine Coast

Here’s what one of our July 2008 guests wrote to us …
Hi Les!
Hope you are wonderfully well. I find myself smiling whenever I think of you and your family, which is quite a lot since leaving Heartland a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing experience for me to stay in a place where consciousness, kindness, trust and gentle humour feel like the most natural everyday things in the world.
Thank you for giving so much to me during our personal conversations. I don’t think I realised at the time how those five days could carry on inspiring me – I know I have the option of stepping back and seeing it differently now.
With much love to you, Trudi, Peter and your beautiful family,

Rachel (northern NSW)

Maxeen took part in a 5-Day Healing Renewal during May 2008
Dear Heartland Family

When I journeyed to Heartland in May to share in your 5 Day Renewal Retreat, and then stayed on for a further 5 days, on reflection I now know I made a most special decision for myself. It was such a delight to arrive and find myself so warmly embraced by the beautiful setting, comfortable accommodation, and the most welcoming aspect of all, being the Heartland Family. It’s never been easy for me not to feel like an outsider, so it is a true testament to the sacred space enlivened at Heartland, for me to now reflect on how welcome I felt during my sojourn with you at Heartland. Bless you all for showing me that experience, it is a memory I will always treasure and look forward to repeating.

Les and Trudi, the gentle embrace of your Heartland Family is deeply appreciated as a safe place in which I was able to step into my healing journey; a truly divine experience of nurturing, acceptance and unconditional love. I thank you all for shared insights, warm company, the gift of many healing opportunities, and the chance to grow in a space of Love, to know Love.

I thank you for seeing me. I thank you for hearing me. I thank you for listening to me. I thank you for mirroring those things I found it hard to see or hear. I thank you for believing in me.

Probably the most telling testimony I can offer, is in the comment of a colleague when I eventually returned to work. In passing my work area they was compelled to stop and ask, “what are you doing sitting there sparkling in the corner”. I can never thank you enough for the sparkle I was allowed to birth from within and carry home with me from Heartland. With my deepest gratitude for that gift, from my heart I thank you all for that which you offer humanity with such Grace.

I hold you in my heart.

Love and Namaste.

Maxeen – Sydney, NSW.

Leisa, a Naturopath, wrote to us:
It was a particularly beautiful day 3 years ago when I met Les and Trudi Dyer. My friend and I attended a 5 day retreat. Not only was it thoroughly enjoyable, but I have since then been able to move through a bad state of depression, heal relationships in my life that needed mending and learn the love that I am (yes, find that peace within myself!) The food that Trudi prepares is truly magnificent – I have never tasted better vegetarian! If you are thinking of visiting Heartland, book today. You will come in contact with the the warmest, caring people and it could be the start of the biggest change in your life.

Leisa,  Gold Coast

“I have been a medical doctor for over 28 years, with a strong interest in alternative and energetic medicine as well. Several years ago I had the privilege of meeting Les Dyer and doing one of his weekend workshops, attending one of his very special 5 day retreats, and having several private consultations.
I have met many great “healers”, facilitators and motivational speakers in my time, but few measure up to the sheer magnificence of Les Dyer, both as a human being and as an enlightened and incredibly funny, light hearted, and endlessly creative teacher. His contribution to my life both in terms of these face to face guidance sessions as well as the profound wisdom found in his weekly emails and many books has changed my life forever.
So if anyone reading this testimonial ever has the opportunity to attend any of his programs or to connect with him through his books and emails, run do not walk!
Forever grateful.

Dr Judy Moss

Vanessa, Sydney, wrote….
Thankyou for a wonderfully beautiful experience and great insights. Thankyou, also for the gift of creativity! God bless you all.

Max wrote…..
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for your time, insights, affirmations, wisdom and shared beingness.
Both my head and my heart thankyou for the chance to gain both clarity and respite.
It is so amazing to contemplate my light filled experiences as Truth. Bless you.

Ruth, Adelaide, wrote….
I can’t thankyou both enough for the wonderful time I had at Heartland. You both meant the world to me.
You are in my heart and part of my family.
Looking forward to my next visit…
love you both very much.

Helena, came in April 2009 from Brisbane and wrote….
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for sharing Heartland with me. I really feel like I’ve belonged here forever.
What a special night we shared at the drumming and when we sang and danced! Thankyou for sharing your divine healing energy with me.

This was definitely the place I needed to be right now – and you were definitely the healers I was supposed to be with.

I am honoured to know you and spend time with you in this Heaven on Earth….

Joelle, revisited recently and wrote….
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for a second most wonderful visit. Something has shifted within me and now I can say with excitement to my future “Bring it on!!”. I can’t tell you how it feels to know I have what I consider to be a second nurturing home at Heartland. I am so grateful that you’ve created such a wonderful place for people to heal.

Sam, a Melbourne businessman, came in January 2009 and later wrote…
Thankyou all for a wonderful experience and for the abundance of love and hospitality that you share with each of us.
The week at Heartland provided me with exactly what I needed at this time in my life. It has helped me to create significant, wonderful change and allowed me to find within the confidence to be myself.
Heartland is a truly peaceful place and each of you is doing wonderful things for everyone who comes to be with you.

Thankyou for sharing, loving and giving of yourselves and for the amazing opportunity that has helped me to continue to grow…..

Kelly, NSW, wrote….
What an absolute pleasure to have spent time at Heartland. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful vision.

Fay, WA, wrote….
Thankyou both for our special time with you. We had a fabulous time. Until next time…..

Simonne, Qld, wrote…
Thankyou for entering my life. Your friendship, hospitality, kindness and understanding are like jewels in my heart.
I love you and your family deeply.
Bless you.

M, NSW stayed in 2009 and wrote….
With my deepest gratitude I honour that which is the Heartland experience you all give so selflessly. It was truy a blessing to enjoy the embrace of your love, nurturing and support during my stay.
Your Heartland family truly is one of nature’s masterpieces. Thankyou for sharing the journey into Love at Heartland.
I look forward to returning….

Shelly stayed a fortnight and wrote…
You have a fantastic place and really make us feel like friends and part of your family.

Thankyou for everything you have done for me this past two weeks. The atmosphere, the food and all the love was what I needed the most. I will always be thinking about you…

David came in 2009 and wrote…
My deepest heartfelt thanks to the both of you for a truly life-changing experience. You are amazingly beautiful…

ND, Qld, wrote a beautiful card which read….
Heartland is definitely a place with a Heart. You are greeted with Love; your accommodation is furnished with Love; the view and air is Love. It’s a place where you can learn how to Love. My heart thanks you for your Love!

“It is THE best workshop I have EVER done…I am well aware of many of my sabotages – but to be able to un-lock their relentless and merciless grip on me has been futile to say the least!! Until now…..
I am deeply grateful for meeting you Les and my respect for you (and therefore me) grows. I also am humbled by your honesty… deep honesty… you pave the way, the ONLY way for life as I feel it to go forward in a positive manner…

Viv, (Therapist) Sunshine Coast

All my anger and resentment has dissipated. Up till now I was unable to implement the basic principles of seeing the god in everyone etc. Now I see it from the heart. I feel so much more alive and content!!!

Alison, Brisbane

Hello Les,
I would like to share with you that I felt that the weekend was oh so powerful, but am sure you already know that. I am so pleased to have been able to start clarifying some of my patterns at a deeper level. I am also so thankful to have the tools to change those patterns.

Kerry, Brisbane

I was too scared to venture out into the big world for fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of not being good enough, but with reading all of your writings I found the courage from within and decided to “give it a try”, all I can think of now is “why didn’t I do it years ago”. It is the same salary level but I am rewarded 10 fold by the love and warmth others radiate.
Thank-you Les.
May god bless you too.

Carole Henry, Australia

Dear Les,
Thank you for your wisdom as always. Again thank you for being you. Light and love

Wendy Battaglene

Thanks for your endless pearls of wisdom

Lis    www.vitalingus.com

Thank you so very much for a wonderful weekend. I truly feel that you have given me the freedom to be myself, and not live life in someone else’s shadow, in the misguided belief that I had to go through bad relationships in order to make amends for my bad treatment of men in my past lives!!!!!!!!! This was told to me by a clairvoyant many years ago. I only half believed it, but as time went by and relationships all turned out to be Mr. Wrongs I really thought that that was my lot. Then on Sat. night when I started to write down all my experiences with men…….well, the light turned on! I could see it all so clearly..
I feel a big change in myself and how I feel. Bring on Mr. Right!!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to being with you again…..Fondest love and blessings to you both and your family.

Ngaire, Queensland

I want to write to say thankyou for the years and years of insight and help you have given me. I value so much your presence in my life and you are a ‘light’ in this world.

Sue, Newcastle

Thank you for your blessings and thank you for including us in your life.

Regards  Anne & Keegan, Liam & Jordan

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend of learning, sharing and spiritual awareness. It was a remarkable time for me and I am ‘literally’ on a high. I have not stopped talking about the experience and eagerly await joining everyone again later in July. Thank you Les for your wonderful teaching and Trudi and Nicholas for your hospitality and beautiful meals.

With Love Janette Johns

Thank you for a fantastic weekend. Life is certainly looking different as I try to meld back into my norm. My illusions are shattering around me and what surprises me is they are the ones that I held so true.

Suzanne Novak, Sydney

What a magic weekend. I feel totally transformed! Today I felt like I really turned a corner. My energy levels had been so low – but today I felt totally different, so alive and full of love. I felt like a sponge, absorbing it all. What you two are doing is so wonderful and amazing and your vision is beautiful.

Jenni Fish, Brisbane

Thank you again for another fabulous weekend. This weekend brought a whole new beginning to my life. I see more clearly – I hear more gently and live my love to the fullest. Each weekend brings more realisation of my wholeness and my vision that I have searched for. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Love always, Bernadette, Brisbane

Hello Divine beings Les and Trudi,
Oh dear, what have you done? I am so on fire I can never get to sleep for long. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!! Love overflowing from my abundant heart which is fully healed now – just have to go through and eradicate the scars. Thanks!

Helen, Kilcoy

Thank you for teaching me so much and for helping me to grow! Each time I come back from the weekends I feel as if I have shed another layer of fear. Sometimes (most times) I am unaware that I have been holding on to these fears, and to release them lightens my soul. So many things that I thought I had forgotten come back into my memory after each weekend. Every day I see myself as more whole than the day before. My journey is like going for a drive through the mountains, I never know what is around the next corner and some of the drop-offs look pretty scary, but it is the most beautiful journey I could ever make. I thank you from the depths of my soul for bringing this realisation back into being!

All my, Love Lee

Thankyou for a great weekend that was peaceful and rich with beautiful people and your teachings and knowledge that can’t be find anywhere else. The course is the best thing that I have ever done in my life and I am grateful that I am part of it.

Judy Fisher, Gold Coast

Oh my God, is about all I can say at this point of time after spending a couple of days at your wonderful retreat. Thank you very much for such an awe inspiring weekend.
I learnt so much in such a short time, and will now have to revise all my notes so that I can remember to live what I learned. I was on such a high when I came home, and the response from my husband made it even better. He was INTERESTED in where I had been and what I had done, and even liked my sunflower painting!
So many new insights gained!!! Thanking you eternally God and Goddess, and thanks again for the wonderful physical nourishment Trudi…..

Helen Sharp, Murgon, Qld

This journey at times is not all that easy and to have you both as friends and examples of the authentic life is an inspiration for me and the life I choose to live.
You have provided so much support and from the bottom of my heart I wanted you to know I appreciate that. love to you both, 

Nick Williamson, Sydney

I find Les’s work timely and soothing in the midst of my sometimes intense and busy commercial/private life.
I’d also like to support your comments on the value of the courses. I find the value exceptional, and the work comes across as fresh and original and real – not a rehash of other stuff out there developed by someone else
Much love

Rabbi Richard

I still find it hard to believe that I have the opportunity to do the course. It has given me a sense of belonging and also answered sooo many questions that no-one else can answer also it makes me feel that I am not weird or strange and that all the people who I know are beautiful really ARE and I am not strange thinking that they are.

Judy Fisher, Gold Coast

The ripples of positive change are being noticed and felt all through my life right now. I feel fantastic, lighter and much more in-tune. I’m in love with love, and that brings tears to my eyes even now. wow! Its as if each breathe I take now is exhaled with an embedded prayer. What a beautiful gift. I am consciously co-existing and co-creating with spirit. Thank-you, for introducing me to myself. Thank-you for holding the space for this meeting to take place. Thank-you from my glowing heart and lightened mind,
Much love

Joshua, Sydney

Just wanted to sincerely thank you all for the amazing weekend we all shared. It is not without a lot of hard work from a lot of people that such an amazing event can evolve. Thank you from my heart, I love you all. Also wanted to share my new vision of adulthood. It is this ferris wheel, when I am at my low points I bring new people and new experiences into my life as I evolve I get a better view of the beauty of life and celebrate with those around me.

Bernadette Smith, Brisbane

I did not know what to expect at Heartland. What I found was Les is a first class inspirational speaker and is comparable to those you find in the media and at speaking engagements. In fact he is very hands on. Besides his lectures he is with you all the time, even picking me up at the train station.

At Heartland, I came to find that Les, Trudi and the staff, really care about you and are not going through the motions. I am hard pressed to remember more gracious hosts.

Besides all that, their methods of perspective change actually work. I entered a half glass half empty guy and left a glass half full. My thanks over flow.

Love, Laughs and Hugs

Scott S, Miami, FLORIDA, USA.

All the best for the year and beyond, the work you both do is special and much appreciated. For some reason tears are filling my eyes as I read your e-mails, I love being in contact and will come to your retreats one day soon hopefully.
Much love and blessings to you both
Love, light and faith.


I want to thank you both for your inspiration which has helped me at different times to love myself and so love others. Lots and Lots of Love,

Derek Ellison, Sydney

I am sooooo grateful to my guidance who gave me green lights 40ft high (just so I couldn’t miss the YES they were saying) to be part of this course. There are very special people on it with immense courage. Its funny, I don’t see it as courage for myself…it’s just something I KNOW I have to do and there will be many more with you both to come.

Vivvy Adcock, Cooroibah, Qld

I have loved Les and his work ever since I first met him at one of his workshops in Kingaroy many years ago and I wish you both the very best of lives and the very best of everything. All power to you both in the work you are doing for humanity.
Love and blessings,

Gillian Hopkinson, England

“How can I (or anyone) adequately describe ‘touching the sublime’ within the limitation of words? (sublime experience is indescribable)……I would encourage (with all my heart), anyone engaged in the process of conscious living to attend Les’s workshops. The very real benefits and gifts from this unique and direct experience will continue to remind you daily, as they have me, that ‘being love’ is indeed anchored in everyday reality from the mundane to the sublime – if we choose to live it consciously and wastefully”.

Inez Geddes, Newcastle

Dear Les,
My heart felt thanks to you, Trudi and your team for your excellent workshop.
I feel most blessed and cared for, your approach is a wonderful blend of healing, teaching and fun. May your week flow well,
Love and hugs,

Heather Deighan, WA

I am not to sure how to start this letter except to say my life is getting better and better each day. All my anger and resentment has dissipated. In all the years that I have been delving into my spirituality I have never got some of the concepts and up till now was unable to implement the basic principles of seeing the god in everyone etc. I only got it on a intellectual level, but now I see it from a more spiritual level and one from the heart. Since returning home there has been a feeling of much lightness from within, as some of my burdens I carried all those years were lifted over the weekend. I feel so much more alive and content!!! The girls are adjusting to the new mummy. I am so proud of the way I am reacting and handling situations as they arise. Thanks for being one of the teachers on this path I be.

Love to you Alison, Sunshine Coast

Janet visited in May from North Queensland……
Dear Les & Trudy

Thank you so much for the week that you offered. There was something very simple and freeing about the week, so easy. And since I have been home there have been both obvious and subtle changes. I cannot put it into words. I don’t want to – I just know that I am so much calmer. Thank you so much.

Warm and loving regards


Bevan arrived in May 2010 from Tasmania….
Hi Les and Trudi

It is just over 5 weeks since my 12 day transformation retreat and I must say that the changes are quite profound and subtle. After the retreat I felt that I had had a nice time but I wasn’t sure that I had changed very much, ( my impatient self again). However there have been very subtle changes in me which are quite easy to overlook but they are continually creeping up on me and I feel that I am profoundly changed. I really want to thank you for your total love and dedication to your work and for giving me the space and safety to explore and find more of myself.

Love and light to you both


Sandy from North Queensland came in June 2010….
Dear Les and Trudi

I loved being in the space that the pair of you and all the staff at Heartlands create.
It was very caring with no expectations or judgements.

Thankyou once again from my heart, I will be back.

Love Light & Service


Helen visited from northern NSW in June 2010….
Thanks again to all at Heartland for the lovely, softly nurturing and inspirational space you have created.

My heartfelt good wishes to you all.


Andrew came with his partner from NSW in May 2010…
HI Les,

Great few days mate! Loved every minute and the people you had there, wow!!!

Love you mate, you have made such a difference to us and to me.


Suzanne came in April 2010…..
Thank you very much for the lovely week I spent at Heartland. Your warmth and hospitality are exceptional. You have created a very special environment for people to visit.

Les has certainly given me a lot to think about and work with. Trudi thank you for awakening my creativity and making me realise how important it is to include something creative in my week. I look forward to coming back one day

Warm regards


Ngaire came in February 2010…
Just wanted to say thank you for the most beautiful week. I have incorporated several change into my daily life, many more to go but little steps will last longer.

My doctor was absolutely wrapped that I had been. I am aiming to return to Heartlands every 2 months for a while. I think that it will be to easy to fall back into bad habits, also the body and mind can only take on so much at once.

I have to confess to all of you that when I first arrived I felt that I shouldn’t be there and felt really uncomfortable. If the car was there I probably would have left. But you all taught me so much about other people and about myself.

The most amazing things happened for me whilst doing the sculpting and painting. And that change has stayed with me. When every I feel challenged with anything I sit and look at my artwork. I then realise that the only way I can do things is my way, I can’t do anything the same as someone else as I am not them and they are not me.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Love always


Alan came from WA in January 2010
Thank you Les and Trudy for a fantastic stay over the new year period. It was exactly what I wanted, at a time when I really needed something to slow me down and look at where my priorities lay for 2010 and beyond. The space you offered along with the talks and fine dining where second to none and for that I am grateful. You challenged us in the talks and made them an open forum which I was impressed about, giving everyone air time to voice their opinions which in turn has everyone think differently and become open to different concepts.

The meditations and art workshops were fabulous.

Alan, January 2010

Helen came late 2009:
I wish to express my heartfelt thank you and blessings for bringing light, love and more understanding into my heart/life from time spent with you. It continues every time i listen to one of your meditations,too, Les! Makes me feel blessed.

Looking forward to the next time I see you all.


Alison came in April 2010
Hi Les and Trudy, Firstly thankyou again for your generosity hospitality and the gift of heartland, thankyou for your guidance and inspiration and wisdom. Thankyou Trudi for your love and guidance and for revitalising that creative side of me. I look forward to coming back to heartland a home away from home.

Alison, Brisbane.

Delphine came in March 2010….
Thank you again for this beautiful week. Until next time, god bless you both and Heartland

Delphine, Brisbane.

My names Narelle. I was at Heartland about a year ago doing the seven day Healing Retreat in May 2009.

I`ve been reflecting back on my journey at Heartland a lot lately.

Its only now that I can look back and see how far I have grown since my time spent at Heartland.

It was at times confrontational and painful for me, but was what I needed and you helped me re-write some damaging life patterns.

I can now say I am happier, healthier and more calm, content and am re-engaging in life from spending time with you and your family at Heartland.

Thankyou for opening my eyes even if it took awhile to realise the effects.

I will always be grateful for your help and understanding.

Thankyou again.

Narelle, SA

Dear Les, you had a big impact in my life when I needed it and I will be forever grateful for you guidance and inspiration. I remember one day the lady I was sharing a house with at the time said to me, “there is a spiritual teacher coming to Adelaide, will you come to his session with me”. Wow, was I glad I did. That was approximately 6 and a half years ago. My how time has flown.

Gratefully yours,


David, Adelaide.

Thank you for the boundless love and blessings.

Thank you for your help in giving me the strength to get to this point.

Love Elle, Sydney

Sharon came from Tasmania in August 09….
I am just thanking you for the wonderful time I have just experienced with you all..What an enlightened experience I had. It was hard getting back in to the swing of things once returning home because I was on cloud nine and had a tremendous feeling of peace..I am back into reality and embracing every opportunity (good or bad) and dealing with it in a loving way, constantly asking myself “what would love do now”, and funnily enough I still have that overwhelming feeling of peace.. Thank you so much for allowing me into your lives it was truly wonderful, see you all in the near future ,

lots of love and light

Sharon, Tasmania

“One of the signs in Heartland’s parking lot says ‘Welcome Home’ and that is exactly what Heartland feels like. From the moment you arrive you feel so welcomed. I arrived with a busy mind and within minutes all the chatter went and I felt so relaxed. Even though I am now back at home that feeling of peace is still with me. There is so much to do, wonderful people to talk to and Les is always available for a session and Trudi to assist you with your art projects. The food is divine. Heartland lives up to everything it claims to be. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to heal or simply rejuvenate.”

Anne Hartley
International Author and Life Training Coach & Trainer, Sydney.

Marian drove up from Brisbane to spend a week with us in September. This is what she wrote for this website:
“Its just over a week since I returned from Heartland and I have tried to put the experience into the perspective of my current life. I found the retreat to be a deeply moving experience where I was challenged to look deeply within my being and look at the person I desired myself to be. I was also challenged to review my relationship with the Divine (or God) and what that meant to me. I have previously dabbled and skirted around the edges, disillusioned with formalised religion with the emphasis on rules and regulations and worldly grandeur but unsure of what direction, or if, I could develop a meaningful relationship with God. It was also a privilege to share the journey with a fantastic group of participitants, who were so open and honest about their own personal journeys.

I am not sure if it was co-incidence or fate, but a week before the retreat I sat in the beautiful Church of St John in Richmond, Tasmania and quietly prayed in front of a candle I had lit for a friend and work coleague who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. For the first time in many years, I felt a peace and a Divine Presence as I sat in that pew and contemplated and prayed. In the Temple at Heartland, as I quietly meditated, I felt that presence manifest Himself/Herself again and that was a beautiful experience.

As I sit here today, I realise, I am the sum total of my life experience and a product of the influences and love I have experienced since I first came into being. I have realised that I have had to love myself and nurture myself more deeply to heal past hurts and regain the strength to move forward with love and enthusiasm. During my time at Heartland, I was challenged to look within and re-evaluate some aspects of my life (quite a lot was OK and that was re-affirmed) and particularly to look at those relationships where there was room for improvement.

I have done a lot of thinking and some meditating over the last week and I have got back into the routine of family, work meeting up with friends etc. What has changed?? I am giving more hugs. I am listening and supportive of those I am dealing with. I am working on strengthing my relationships. I am able to let go of past hurts and forgive. I am pencillling in “me time”.

And I have re-evaluated some practical aspects of my life. I not been able to eat meat since I got back, only some fish. Does this mean I have turned into a vetetarian? I’m not sure for the long term. But for the short term, I am giving it a go. I have stocked up on vegetarian alternatives and my fridge is filled with fruit and vegies from Beenleigh farmer’s market. Its not such a radical change as all year I have been having lots of vegies and some vegetarian meals but excluding meat is a quantum leap for me. My family are somewhat bemused, but supportive, as I marinate tofu and make lentil burgers etc.–its fine by them as long as they don’t have to eat them!! I have even bought a yoghurt maker and a couple of vegetarian cook books. I have started a herb garden. The fact that the vegetarian food at Heartland was quite delicious and varied was a huge factor in influencing my decision. I have also changed my training time at the gym so I can make a yoga class this week.
Lots of love,


“Dear friends:

My time at Heartlands was the highlight of my year! I came looking for a refreshed outlook on life and to recharge after a stressful 6 months prior. I found everything I was looking for during my six days retreat. The food was fresh and healthy, the air was restorative and the hosts and staff were welcoming — nothing was too much trouble.

The guided meditation and talks opened my mind to other possibilities, and through the art sessions I found a new path for my creativity. I was able to opt in or out of activities as I saw fit, and this gave me a sense of structure while leaving me free to go within for extended periods.

I have taken all that I learned back with me to Sydney and am please to report that my attitude has shifted a great deal. I am living my new vision.

Thanks Les and Trudie (and give my love to Spiritual Willy)”

Marta Madison, Sydney.

“Thankyou for welcoming me into your home and hearts (June 2009).

From the moment Les greeted me with his warm welcome I knew I was safe and I felt like I had arrived home after a long trip away.

I can honestly say that the time I spent at Heartland was the most enlightening, amazing and life-changing 5 days in my whole life (thus far).

My time at Heartland put all the pieces of my puzzle together – I found my feet and now walk confidently through life with Love lighting my way.

My partner and I came back from Heartland shining so brightly from within that I was almost unrecognisable as the person who went there. The things I learnt whilst I was there have improved my life and increased my happiness immeasurably. I can’t thank you all enough for providing me with the support and encouragement I needed to feel secure and comfortable enough to look within and resolve issues which have been having a negative effect on my life for years. You have really made a huge difference in my life. I feel so lucky that I have been able to spend time with you, learning and loving.

Many, many thanks once again.”

Tess Peters – Sydney

Karen wrote:
Thankyou for being so inspirational!

Tina, Hunter Valley, NSW, wrote:
I feel rested and rejuvenated after my stay at Heartland. I enjoyed the beautiful connections with others….I am so grateful for the many blessings received. Trudi, you emanate loving gentleness, acceptance, truth, strength and personal empowerment – thankyou for your inspiration.

Much love, Tina.

Magda wrote:
I will treasure this week in my heart forever. Thankyou!

Wlida wrote:
You are doing a wonderful job with your lovely Centre. It was a treat to meet such beautiful loving people – thankyou for a superb six says!

I thankyou from my heart for having the vision and the courage to create this place of healing – and sharing it so lovingly.


Connie, Queensland

Rosemary was a guest in September 2009.
Dear Les and Trudy,
Just a quick note to let you know I have arrived safely home. Thank you for the work you do and supplying the space for people to heal. I feel very blessed to have met you both and your fine team of helpers. I will be back to visit and look forward to catching up again with you all.

Love and Light, Rosemary

Natalie visited from Tassie…
Dearest Les,I am just wanting to thakyou for being the Divine presence that you are and for having Heartland. Miracles can really occur.Blessings once again.We hope to come back again.


Bree came September 2009.
Hello to all of u beautiful and AMAZING people at the Heartland Retreat. I am personally wanting to give my utmost thanks and love, and appreciation, to Les, Trudi, Kellie and Chris for all your truly helpfull and such personally thoughtfull inspiration that you have all given me. ANd please let me thank you all for all of the teachings you gave.I didn’t realise nearly as much about myself until this retreat as I do now……..still a work in progress tho……thankyou.

Much Love,


Penny and Paul summed up their visit…
From a place deep in our hearts, We love you all!
The love and warmth of Heartland is carried into the world with every HUG we share with our loving and open hearts! We feel very connected to you in such an embracing way – we are part of you and you of us.

Nichola, in Adelaide, wrote:
Dear Les,
Many thanks for your beautiful gifts of time, patience, love and insight.


Helen was a most caring guest in September 2009….
I found it hard to leave Heartland. It provided me with a safe sanctuary to tap into a side of me that I had thought I’d lost. I gained a clearer understanding of why I have reacted to experiences or issues in my life and allowed me to see the importance of letting go as part of my growth. The week brought up alot of emotion that had been simmering underneath and I came away lighter and with more drive to make some changes in my life. I really enjoyed the way Les taught – it was so simple to follow and make sense of.

I hope to return again in 2010. Love to you both

Helen Graham

Another guest called Helen also came in September 2009
Les & Trudi plus all the Heartland staff, I had a wonderful experience at Heartland and felt very enriched by the teaching and camaraderie that I experienced there.
I would recommend a stay at Heartland to anyone who would like to get back in touch with themselves and their spirituality.
I will definitely be back for more of the love and care on offer there.
Thanks again to all

Helen Lever

Christine made her second visit in September 2009
Special Moments of Joy that Touched My Heart at Heartlands recently
* The beautiful heartfelt welcome on my second visit – the remedy for a long hard trip up
* Les’s talks – words of Truth – different perceptions – Wisdom – Reality- Healing * Connecting with like-minded people, making friends
* Knowing that I will be “welcomed” whenever I return

BLessings of Love & Lightness of Being to you all

Christine (NSW)

Angela came for a Healing renewal program in May 2009
Hi Les and Trudi,

I can’t believe it’s been nearly four weeks since I returned from my Heartland Retreat. Thankyou both so much for your compassion and hospitality! I am doing very well and putting many of the things into practise that I began on the retreat.
Thankyou Les for the lessons on changing your perspective – I have found that to be an incredibly useful technique and it has already helped me with a couple of key issues I have struggled with in the past
Trudi,.thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful art and creativity with us – I still think one of my favourite places at Heartland was your Art Shed!

Again, thank you both for all that I learned from you at Heartland.

Blessings of love and light


Sam recently wrote to us…..
Hi Les

I gained so much from my week with you – and the week with myself! I’m feeling really comfortable about what I’m doing and enjoying it immensely. I’m enjoying the present a lot more than I ever have and am showing more of the real me to other people. It is making a huge difference. Thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement.
My love to you all.


Kathleen was a delightful guest in May 2009….
Dear Les and Trudi,

Thank you both so very much for a week of inner peace and stillness………truly a renewal. The week was just what I needed.
My heartfelt thanks,
With love,


Joelle recently kept in touch….
This is just a note of appreciation to you and Trudi for what you do. I often think of you and my time at Heartland and feel so blessed to have met you both and know I have a second home.

Sending you much love,


Victoria flew up to spend time at Heartland in April 2009
Dear Les

I believe that my stay with you and Trudy in Heartland gave me so much strength and empowerment to deal with what I have had to deal with since I came back. I feel incredibly calm and strong and peaceful!

Love and hugs


Robyn Joy came interstate early 2009 to share time with us….
Hi Les and Trudi

Thank you so much for the experience of heartland. I find it hard to express just how deeply it has touched me and yes the tears are flowing yet again as I write this. I am actually feeling quite homesick for heartland. Your talks and one-on-one sessions answered so many of the questions I have been carrying around for so long. Thank you for restoring my faith in the power of love, thank you for the healing, thank you for the laughter and the stories. Thank you for the insights. Thank you for the beautiful food and peaceful setting. Thank you for being there . I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience everything that you bring to heartland.
Once again Thank you

With much love

Robyn Joy

Another Victoria flew up to spend 6 days with us. She wrote….
Dear Les and Trudy

for a wonderful magical week at your heavenly Heartland Retreat !
I can honestly say, that I have found home ! I must say I am feeling a lot stronger to face the world. It was a very special time for me to be there, to learn and grow in your wisdom, glorious surroundings, delicious food, meeting wonderful new friends and your lovely Nick and Will and the gang.

Looking forward to my next time

lots of love Victoria xxx

Carole visited us in April 2009….…
Dear Les &Trudi, thank you for helping me to clear the road ahead . It’s still a jungle out here but it’s great to be able to see the blue sky through the trees.
Please give everyone hugs from me

Love & light

Carole xxx

Jacqui came to Heartland late 08……
Hi Les,

I look back at my time at Heartland as such a pivotal point in my life, the beginning of a very confrontational “soul searching” journey. I wanted to say a big thankyou to you Les for helping me find my path. Thankyou for challenging me. Thankyou for being the initial driving force behind my journey towards true healing.



Heather came in August 2008.
Hello there, all you wonderful people.

I am a happy past participant of the Heartland retreat “5 day Healing Renewal”. I am writing to celebrate and promote the work that Les and Trudi Dyer do at their retreat.

It was a truly healing experience that continued long after leaving. Many changes, all positive, have been felt by me and my family.

The powerful healing energy that surrounds the property and it’s inhabitants is palpable. People blossom before your eyes and obviously, anyone who is drawn to attend will benefit.
I am still pondering some of the questions that were raised for me and there are other elements that have left me forever.

Whoo hoo! I am happier, more confident and more content than I was before I attended. I am working on a new list to work on for my next retreat – ahh the layers.
Thank you to all at the retreat. AND, the accommodation was brilliant. A lovely surprise.


Ann wrote to us…
I would like to thank you so much for everything.
It has changed my life. Trudi thanks for namaste which I share with everyone i meet and it works!

To nick you are a beautiful soul with so much love & light
Les thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

It was a wonderful time . It changes how you look at all things.

love & Light Ann

Jenna came from Sydney in February 09 and shared with us…
Hi Les,
I just wanted to thank you for all your inspiration and wisdom from our time with you and your wonderful family.

I have become a lot happier and content within myself. I am trying to see all with my heart not my eyes.

Robyn from Sydney spent 4 days in February 2009 with us…..

I would just like to give you both the biggest thank you I can.

The time spent there, was the very best in all of my life. I’ll be forever grateful, honoured and blessed, the way you opened your place and the love you gave all of us, I’ll never forget that.

I learnt so much in that space of time, I felt so enlightened on my departure. It truly did feel like it was a home coming, meeting up with ‘my family’.

It was a bit sad on the journey home, I really didn’t want to leave. I can’t wait for our next visit. Your everything, is so inspiring, thank you so, so , so much.


Elle visited from Sydney. She wrote…..
I had a wonderful time and am feeling wonderful about life. Thank you for everything you did for me, it is so beautifully appreciated.

I was hearing Heartland’s music in my head when I was walking through Sydney Terminal, it was so relaxing.

I feel so free….

Jennifer from NSW spent 4 days with us in February 09…..
I just wanted to write and express my thanks for all you have shown, shared and given me over my stay in Heartland.
I feel a better me now.

I want to also re confirm that you both are giving people the most valuable gift in that you are introducing them to the best them they can be.

You show us all the potential that we all have the ability to not only become but continue being for the rest of our days.

You both opened your heart to me and in doing so introduced me to the child I was born to this world and had left behind by the age of 6.

You both helped to return me to my family a complete person. They and I have never experienced her and we all wish to send you Thanks for that.

Sending you my best hugs & Thanks to you both. Love & Light always


JB came for 6 days from Victoria.
Thought I would contact you and tell you how fantastic I feel.
The meditation I have been doing for my throat has helped me to stop the urge. The cough is still there but it has been noticeably less.

I am a lot more positive and see the world through a different lens. Les I feel relaxed and so much more confident in myself.

I thank you so much for your care and persistence with me. I do appreciate the extra talk we had before I caught my plane. This also put my thinking in a happier place.

I can now actually feel like I have a future. Thankyou!

Lisa shared in our Easter 2009 program…
I’m doing really well and each day I feel more alive and more in the flow of life unfolding…
I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to begin to blossom into who I really am… it’s such a beautiful thing. Thank you.


Jila travelled interstate to share with us November 2008…
Thanks so much for a truly wonderful, inspirational and nurturing time. I feel that I’ve learnt a lot in the last few days and have been contemplating the insights I gained and trying to apply them to my life.

From the moment I arrived it felt like coming home, so one day I’d love to come back.

Trudi – one of my paintings is already on the wall!

All the best,
In love and light,


Shelley came in July 2008. Like some other visitors she was dealing with issues regarding cancer.
I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so booked myself into heartland on a five day healing retreat on the recommendation of a friend. I was able to look at my situation in a different light with the help of Les and whilst there met some lovely people. I have returned home with renewed strength and am basically getting on with my busy life. I will certainly be returning to future workshops. I would highly recommend this uplifting experience to any person who feels the need to rest, relax, or to journey further on their spiritual path. Les will give you some of the tools your life may be in need of .The food was lovely and there was a very homely feeling about the place with cozy little cottages to have a great nights rest. See you soon Les and Trudy. Kindest regards

Shelley Marshall ( Brisbane)

Christine and Carla spent a week with us in August 2008…
Well, it’s been a month since we left Heartland and we want to say thank you to all of you for making our stay a truly exhilarating experience.

You nourished our bodies, invigorated our spirits and polished our souls and made each and everyone of us feel so special and loved.

We laughed, cried, played, sang, created, meditated, read and talked our little heads off all in the most wonderful nurturing environment that I’ve ever only dreamed about.

And you were there for all us, day and night, offering counselling, a shoulder to lean on and tending to our every need. You can’t put a price on that kind of luxury and pampering.

And your magic stayed with me well after I got back to Sydney. I worked 12-hour days to meet tight deadlines when I returned to work and, to my surprise, I found it a breeze!

So please keep doing what you’re doing – because you’re all very, very good at it!

Christine and I both loved being at your gorgeous little hilltop Shangri-la so much that we want to come back and play some more.

Thank you again for opening your hearts and your home to us. We feel very blessed.

Carla, Sydney.

Garry from Canberra kindly wrote us…
“It was my honour to attend your retreat
Your grace and divine presence, humour and wisdom, have again allowed me to replenish my faith in spirit and find a higher respect for myself.

Heartland was so beautiful, accommodating and relaxing, just being in such a place was uplifting and rejuvenating.
Les, I thank you for your spiritual wisdom and how deftly you impart this information to make me more self aware.
I can only hope that those who are seeking a rejuvenation of their spirit, life and themselves, will take heart to their situation and seek your company.

I can only hope that those who are seeking a light at the end of a long dark tunnel will take heart to their situation and seek your illumination.

I can only hope that those who are seeking a place where acceptance, compassion and unconditional love is the energy imparted by all who live and attend Heartland will take heart to their situation and seek this place out.
They will be a better person for it, and in this the world will rejoice.

Again I thank you both for being the gracious and caring hosts of this wonderful place, and I look forward to returning with a welcome heart.
With much love and gratitude.

Garry, Canberra

Shyam visited in 2008…
O would highly recommend the healing retreat to anyone embarking on a journey towards spiritual growth and healing and requiring shift in perception. The hospitality and genuine love and compassion displayed by Les and Trudy and all the Heartand staff was so touching and comforting and i was so grateful to recieve it at a time when i needed it the most.

The group talks and the counselling sessions and the meditation and silent reflection in the beautiful surrounds helped me to finally see that healing comes from courage to love yourself , and take control of your own life and destiny.. thank you for a beautful and soul awakening week ..

love Shyam

Tracy visited mid 2008 from the Hunter Valley, NSW…
A huge thank you for your wonderful hospitality.
My journey to Heartland was a hard one,for me.
Once I arrived it was like coming home.

To be received with such love and caring, was amazing
To find peace,in such a beautiful environment.Wow

I would totally recommend Heartland Retreat to everyone.
Whether to just relax and rejuvenate, to find some inner peace,

Or to delve into our innermost fears.
Heartland is the place to be…..

Amazing food, great accommodation, peaceful setting and last
But certainly not least, amazing love and guidance from Les and Trudi,
And everyone at Heartland.

I miss it already-I definitely will be back!!

Wonderful blessings to you all

A heartfelt THANK YOU


Tracy, Hunter Valley

Charles came up from Brisbane…
I would just like to thank you, Trudi and the Heartland team for a fantastic week. I can truly say it was life-changing, and if I keep up the processes we discussed, life-shaping as well.

Friends have noticed the difference, and the comments have been very complimentary.

My partner is also interested in using the 8 step process as she feels she has hit a bit of a wall with her work etc.

Thanks again so much



Anne wrote us regarding her daughter’s visit late 2008…
The change in her since returning from your place has been nothing short of miraculous. She had a difficult time while there because she wasn’t comfortable with her mind being still, but she made it through and wow what a difference. I don’t know what the energy there does but just know it works.

We have reduced her medication even more, we are now at the lowest she has been on since she was 16

Every day I see more and more of the girl I love coming back to me, and as a mother I’m sure you understand what a joy that is.

So, I cannot thank you enough. Just keep doing what you are doing. I tell everyone about Heartland and I am going to put a link on my site to you because I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Love to you all.


Margarita and Phil, like many others, have shared their spiritual journey with us for many years now …
Thank you all for our most peaceful wonderful stay, in joining others in the Fireside Retreat, meeting delightful people who became friends.

The welcome from the time we arrived with Peter and Nicholas greeting us and taking our luggage to our cosy cabin, everything spotless and provided for, we felt really at home with all this thoughtfulness

Les and Trudy’s love all through was so genuine they are beautiful souls and we felt privileged to be in their company.

The meals were delicious and what would you expect with all the love around there.

Phil and I had a healing and hearing with amazing advice from Les also I was given some tender care from Sandy which I truly appreciated.

I even did some painting which I had no intention of doing – and l loved it! Phil went strolling through the Macadamia Nut orchard……

He is very wary of all this “stuff”, (if I can put it like that) but he can’t wait to get back and be with the Heartland family again, we would recommend a stay with Les and Trudy to everyone looking and searching and healing.

Margarita & Phil Pardy (Gold Coast)

Penny took part in a weekend workshop in May 2008.
I wish to personally thank you for being wonderful hosts during my recent stay at Heartland. I came away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and so much more confident I was moving in the right direction in life, especially spiritually. I am so very grateful you allowed your home and family to become part of my journey. Driving home after my stay, I must admit, I felt a little sad ….. this was only because however, I didn’t really want to leave.

I want to make special mention of the absolutely scrumptious food. Delicious! It was honestly some of the best food I have ever had!

Also a very big thank you to Les for your knowledge, wisdom and insight.

Heartland will always have a special place in my life.

Warmest Regards, Penny Guthrie

Sheridan joined us in May 2008 for a 5-Day Renewal program….
Thank you for a wonderful week, I feel renewed, revitalized, and rejuvenated. I am still floating around on a cloud…..

I enjoyed everything from the delicious organic vegetarian food provided by Trudi, the painting, the sculpture, the beautiful environment where I could look at the stars or sit in the field looking at the clouds. Trudi you are truly a marvel and I don’t know how you do it all, and with such love….

I also enjoyed the solitude, with no demands, and the beautiful bed and cozy rooms.

Les I cannot express how much I have learned from you, you are so wise and caring and giving of yourself. You also have that special ability to make everyone feel that they are part of the group.

So I feel like a new woman, your generosity was greatly appreciated, I felt at home the minute I arrived, which is fairly unusual for me. I really enjoyed meeting you all, especially Peter, who I think is a great asset to your team. Could you please keep me informed of when your next healing course will be starting?

Much Love, Sheridan

Jenny came to a 5-Day Program in April 2008 and told us
“I AM happy for you to include my name and town. I mean every word I have written and there is so much more I feel but words sometimes cannot convey this…..

Wow, GOD really got it right when he/she united Les and Trudi together. You are such a unique blending of the feminine and masculine guiding and assisting many with their personal and spiritual healing. Les and Trudi both of you together and in the healing sanctuary of Heartlands are in my opinion a complete package of healing.

Les you are truly an amazing Soul walking the earth – your commitment, dedication and energy you give to others is beyond what I have experienced. There is no agenda other than to serve and to heal and this you do with such loving generosity, truth and compassion.

Trudi, your Presence is strongly felt at Heartland with the love, warmth and compassion that emanates so genuinely from you, the delicious foods and the logistical organisation of Heartland. You are a beautiful Earth Angel.

During my Retreat I experienced so much in such a short amount of time. I intuitively knew when I arrived at Heartland that if I was to let go and trust the energies of this land and the beautiful people who run this retreat that I would surely open myself to tremendous healing and spiritual connection – and this I did. My retreat experience was very profound and continues to be for me as I integrate the changes occurring within my Being! I have a renewed love, respect and honour for the Soul I AM.

With much love and gratitude to Les, Trudi & Family

Jenny Glover, Moonta Bay, SA

Just letting you know, if I haven’t before
That the strength love and support you have given to me is very much appreciated The world is a better place because of you
So instead of celebrating a long dead man this year, I am celebrating all that you have given to me in so many ways.

Thank-you – Barbara, Gold Coast

“To simply be in his presence is, itself, an awesome spiritual experience! His unselfish and loving help is something to behold!”

Dr Frank Wadsworth, Sydney

“Thank you for your wonderful YOU Les. It was again for me, a deeply nurturing time to spend time with you, and the environment you create. You truly feel like a brother to me; you boundlessly affirm me and boundlessly inspire me. I thank you for the considerable number of miracles that have come my way through the work I have done with you. I am boundlessly grateful.”

Merri Mulherrin, Newcastle

“I came home with an incredible light within, once again… Les the light in your soul charged my tired batteries.. and reminded me of all the wonderful love and strength within. Thank you.”

Deborah Barry, Terranora Heights

“I have finally got REAL!
He unlocked my true spirituality” 

Marea, Airlie Beach

“I am so very positive about life now!”

Elsbeth Roth, Melbourne

“He made me see that I felt that I was on an island and nobody could come and save me – but he has inspired me to rescue myself! I felt as if we’d been friends for years!” 

Leanne, Nth Qld

“Thankyou for the magical time, made even more special by your lovingness and realness.”

Alan, Rockhampton

“I am such a different person now: I am so much clearer in what I want. Thankyou!”

Jack K, Parramatta

“Thankyou for helping me re-connect with my spiritual self.”

Margarite P, Gold Coast

I would like to thank you, Les and Trudi for such a beautiful week. It was one of the most wonderful things I have done in my life. To share such an experience with such understanding and loving people has enriched my mind, body and my soul! You have helped me to set my feet on my path that I would have previously feared to take and I know that I would have thought of 101 reasons to delay. But I now find opportunities popping up in front of me and to be aware of them and seize them with passion is the most valuable experience I have gained.
Before I arrived for the week I felt a piece of a jigsaw was missing within me, but Les helped me realise that it is always with me, if only I stop and look within. I had always felt that I didn’t quite belong in ‘normal’ religion and beliefs, as I would always question, thinking some ideas felt right but others would go against the grain. But Les taught and verified to me that it is all the same, we are all one and all connected to this infinite universe! And for this I am always grateful. My journey since I visited you has been magical.
Thank you Trudi again for your love and kindness and also for sharing your beautiful boy with me. Send him my love, he is such a gift to anyone he meets! Please send my love and thanks to Les, if I had not met him I would still be just plodding along, wishing for more but not realizing I can change this by my thoughts and my love. I hope within his busy timetable he finds space and time for himself.
All my love.

Lee Caulkett

I just want to say thanks to you both for the most wonderful week. It was such a special part of my journey and yet again I have been blessed to have had people like you touch my life.
You let me feel totally comfortable in being who I really am. I love fun and laughter and most of all new people, sharing and learning all the time. Thankyou. Your set up is amazing, it is something to be so proud of and I think the whole of Mackay will be coming soon, I’ve told everyone…
Cheers for now you beautiful people.

Lyn Ackerman, Mackay, Qld

The days at the Retreat and at your home were filled with so much love and magic that I can’t remember when I’ve last been so happy and relaxed. Thanks you for this memorable time.
The unconditional love which you and your beautiful family, including your four-legged friends, gave so freely to me, was absolutely heart-warming and exhilarating. I am still walking on air.
Many heartfelt thanks for this beautiful experience which I will always carry in my heart.

Fridelle Stanwix, Hervey Bay, Qld

I love you Les and Trudi. You are doing a lot of good work. Some seeds can lay dormant for years before they decide to grow but even as fodder for other seeds, they are a part of the cycle. And you are part of the cycle of awakening, of love, of light, of healing.
Hugs to you sweet people. In finance, you might consider yourself not too wealthy but if thoughts of love were coins, you would be amongst the Oprah and the Bill Gates of this world.
hugs and have a beautiful week-end.

Betty, Qld

Dear Trudi,
I am now able to get these things (Les’s messages) and they are beautiful I look forward to the next…. I would like to personally thank both you and your husband as without this site I may never have recovered from the loss of my grandchild. It has been a rough road but with the inspiring words I have received through the years from your works, I have come to my place where I can be ok with it……. If it were not for people like yourselves that truly care for others more than yourself many lives would not be where they are today…… I am honored to have been led to your works and will cherish the names of you and your husband… Please let Les know this as I am alive today because of his ability to channel such lovely words from Source…………

Joan Fleck

Dearest Les, Trudi,
A warm thank you to each of you for having been so welcoming, warm, understanding, encouraging and thank you, too, for the necessary but gentle confrontations.
I am so glad my heart led me to you and to the truths that lie therein (and within each of us).
Everything – Les’ loving and beautiful teachings, Trudi’s and Samyos’ lovingly prepared meals and snacks, Nick’s lovingly squeezed juices, my fellow travellers’ loving company – was perfect. I may not be able to experience it or indeed show it as well as some yet, but the Love that is lived and experienced at your Retreat is true Love and one cannot help but be touched by it.
Les, yesterday morning at 4:30 am, I had a strong impulse to go to the beach at Coolum and cleanse myself in the ocean. The sun was high and bright in the sky and it cast a beautiful golden path all the way from the horizon to my body. With each large wave, I imagined it was a past hurt. Sometimes the waves were enormous and the one I imaged to be Boo’s death dumped and knocked the breath ouf of me. I was reminded how if one turns one’s back to the waves or runs away, any wave, even the smaller ones, can catch one off guard and bring one to one’s knees. But if one faces the hugeness of the wave, if one doesn’t run or hide and if one dives into it without fear, one usually escapes relatively unscathed.
You haven’t seen the last of me yet!!

G F-L, Bundanoon, NSW